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Truman Capote

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Breakfast at Tiffany's | Characters

Character Description
Holly Golightly Holiday—Holly— Golightly, formerly known as Lulamae Barnes, lives in the same brownstone apartment building as the narrator. She earns a living preying on wealthy men. Read More
Narrator The unnamed male narrator of Breakfast at Tiffany's is a writer living by himself for the first time. Several elements of the story imply he is gay. Read More
Doc Doc Golightly, a "horse doctor" from Tulip, Texas, is Holly Golightly's much older husband. He comes to New York to find her. Read More
José Ybarra-Jaegar José Ybarra-Jaegar is a Brazilian diplomat who divides his time between New York City and Washington, DC. Though once engaged to Mag Wildwood, he ends up in a relationship with Holly Golightly. Read More
Joe Bell Joe Bell owns and manages the bar around the corner from the brownstone. He has a deep, paternal affection for Holly Golightly. Read More
Mag Wildwood Mag Wildwood is a loud-mouthed fashion model with a stutter. She marries Rusty Trawler. Read More
Rusty Trawler Rusty Trawler is a wealthy, thrice-divorced Nazi sympathizer. He dates Holly Golightly for a while, then marries Mag Wildwood. Read More
Sid Arbuck Sid Arbuck is rebuffed during his attempts to get inside Holly Golightly's apartment after a date because he gave her only 20 cents for a trip to the powder room.
O.J. Berman O.J. Berman is Holly Golightly's agent. He thinks Holly is a fake but still feels obligated to help her.
Fred Fred Barnes is Holly's older brother who is serving in the military during World War II. It is implied that he has some type of intellectual disorder. Although Fred never appears in the story, he is an important emotional anchor for Holly. When she hears of his death in the war, she becomes hysterical and breaks down—leading José to move in and take care of her.
Dr. Goldman Dr. Goldman is the physician who treats Holly after she learns about her brother's death.
José's cousin José's unnamed cousin collects José's belongings when he moves out of Holly's apartment.
Mr. O'Shaughnessy Oliver "Father" O'Shaughnessy is Sally Tomato's drug smuggling partner who poses as his lawyer. Holly Golightly gives him the "weather report" after her weekly visits with Tomato.
Benny Polan Benny Polan, whom Holly Golightly describes as a "rat," wanted to marry her when she lived in California.
Quaintance Smith Quaintance Smith lives in Holly Golightly's former apartment after she moves to Brazil. The character's name alludes to George Quaintance, a painter of homoerotic art in the 1940s–50s.
Madame Sapphia Spanella Madame Sapphia Spanella lives on the first floor of the brownstone. She is known for roller-skating in Central Park and her extreme dislike of Holly Golightly. She circulates a petition to have Holly evicted.
Sally Tomato Salvatore "Sally" Tomato is the head of an international drug smuggling racket, serving a prison sentence in Sing. Holly Golightly visits him every week in exchange for $100.
Mr. I.Y. Yunioshi Mr. I.Y. Yunioshi lives in the loft apartment on the top floor of the brownstone. A professional photographer, he is from California but often mischaracterized as being native Japanese. He encounters an Africa wood carver with a carving that strongly resembles Holly. His photos of the carving inspire the narrator to recount his remembrances of Holly.
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