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Thady Quirk's extreme devotion to the Rackrent family is sometimes a fault. He does not shy away from the mistakes the Rackrent lords make but also does not hold them accountable for their errors. Thady believes that the family should be honored for the nobility and traditional way of life they symbolize. He also believes his family's long history of serving the Rackrent family has created a bond of honor and destiny between the two families. Thady's loyalty to the Rackrent family is so strong that he laments the downfall of the family even though his own son Jason Quirk has taken over the estate and appears to be a much more competent leader. Thady's loyalty represents a loyalty to the past and old-fashioned ideas which conflict with the political and social changes Ireland faces.


During the late 1800s when the book was written it was Irish custom for the upper classes to be hospitable to the working class. Sir Patrick Rackrent is well-liked and respected because he freely shares alcohol and entertainment with his tenants and servants. Sir Patrick's hospitality reflects the goodwill between the upper-class lord and the lower-class workers. It shows a level of partnership and respect between the two groups. Sir Patrick's hospitality is so respected that he is praised after his death despite leaving Castle Rackrent in deep debt. The subsequent Lords of Rackrent stop providing alcohol and entertainment to their tenants and are judged harshly for breaking the social contract.

Sentimentality versus Practicality

Thady Quirk and Jason Quirk represent opposing values of sentimentality and practicality. Thady's emotions influence his opinions of the Rackrent family. He feels sympathy for the Rackrent lords when they make mistakes or act irresponsibly. He laments the downfall of the Rackrent family even though the family brought on their own downfall because of the poor management of the estate. Thady cannot celebrate the fact that his son Jason has taken over the Rackrent estate and is poised to become a wealthy and respected landlord.

Jason values practicality and shrewd business choices. Jason has earned the lands he now possesses through smart investments and wise decisions. He makes a steady and fair income off of the lands he leases and treats the tenants fairly. Jason values change and judges people based on the outcomes of their choices rather than their family history. Jason's feelings do not interfere with his decision making and his practicality positions him to become a successful man in the changing political and social landscape.

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