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Joseph Heller

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Catch-22 | Characters

Character Description
Yossarian Captain John Yossarian is a worn-out 28-year-old whose one goal is to get out of combat and go home, and he won't rest until he gets what he wants. Read More
Snowden Snowden is the gunner whose death traumatized Yossarian so badly that he has never recovered. Read More
Doc Daneeka Daneeka introduces Yossarian to the crucial rule known as "Catch-22." Read More
Milo Minderbinder Milo, the squadron's mess sergeant, sets up a black-market syndicate that brings him worldwide adulation—even though it's hard to understand how he makes such staggering profits. Read More
The Chaplain Chaplain Tappman is a shy, awkward Anabaptist who is beginning to question everything he's ever believed. Read More
Nately Nately is an innocent 19-year-old lieutenant who is hopelessly in love with a prostitute in Rome. Read More
Aarfy Lieutenant Aardvark, known as Aarfy, is a blandly pleasant sociopath. Read More
McWatt Yossarian's favorite pilot, McWatt is a cheerfully reckless young man who loves to buzz his plane too close to the ground and whose favorite expression is "Oh well, what the hell."
Major Major A hapless and talentless squadron commander, Major Major (his middle name is also Major, but he is known as Major Major) is mistakenly promoted to major on his first day in the army, thereby becoming Major Major Major Major.
Major Danby Major Danby wants to help his country and believes that trusting his superiors is the best way to do it.
Dunbar Dunbar is a friend of Yossarian's who is mysteriously "disappeared" by his superiors.
Orr Orr is Yossarian's tentmate, whose plane seems to crash on every mission he flies.
Colonel Cathcart Colonel Cathcart continually increases the number of combat missions his men must fly: he thinks it will help him become a general.
Soldier in White The silent, motionless Soldier in White, who shows up at the hospital occasionally, has been so badly burned that he is completely bandaged from head to foot—a sight none of the other patients can bear.
Appleby Appleby is the squadron's best table tennis player.
Captain Black Captain Black is a mean-spirited man who loves seeing his men suffer.
Clevinger Clevinger is Yossarian's most intelligent and idealistic friend; he believes the war they're fighting is justified.
Colonel Korn Colonel Korn, the assistant to Colonel Cathcart, does most of his superior's work.
Dobbs Dobbs is the copilot who causes the accident that kills Snowden.
General Dreedle A cranky wing commander, General Dreedle awards Yossarian the Distinguished Flying Cross even though Yossarian is wearing no clothes at the time.
General Peckem General Peckem is the special services officer who lusts after General Dreedle's job.
Havermeyer A bombardier, Havermeyer is notorious for never taking evasive action and for shooting field mice with his .45.
Hungry Joe A former Life magazine photographer, Hungry Joe has screaming nightmares whenever he isn't scheduled for a combat mission.
Huple A 15-year-old pilot, Huple is flying the plane on the day Snowden dies.
Kid Sampson Kid Sampson is a pilot who is cut in half by the propeller of McWatt's plane.
Kid sister The unnamed kid sister is the 12-year-old sister of Nately's whore.
Kraft Kraft is a young pilot who is killed in one of Yossarian's raids.
Major ________ de Coverley Nobody knows Major ________ de Coverley's first name or what he is meant to do, but everyone is afraid of him.
Major Sanderson Major Sanderson, a psychiatrist, feeds into the catch-22 logic trap by thinking Yossarian is crazy because he acts sane.
Michaela Michaela is the innocent housemaid whom Aarfy rapes and kills.
Mudd An airman who was killed in action before his name could be entered as part of the squadron, Mudd is also known as the dead man in Yossarian's tent.
Nately's whore Nately's whore is the unnamed young woman whom Nately loves.
Nurse Duckett A nurse in the Pianosa hospital, Nurse Duckett is the closest thing Yossarian has to a real girlfriend.
Scheisskopf Scheisskopf's name is German for a profane term, and all he cares about is military parades.
Whitcomb Whitcomb is the chaplain's odious assistant.
The old man The old man is an Italian man who argues with Nately.
Luciana Luciana is a woman with whom Yossarian is briefly in love.
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