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Joseph Heller

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Catch-22 | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1942–1943

    Yossarian is in training in California.

    Chapter 1
  • Early 1944

    Yossarian arrives in Pianosa, the imaginary island where he is stationed.

    Chapter 1
  • Spring/summer 1944

    Milo is appointed mess officer and subsequently bombs the squadron.

    Chapter 7
  • Spring/summer 1944

    Yossarian meets Luciana in Rome.

    Chapter 16
  • Spring/summer 1944

    Yossarian goes into the hospital.

    Chapter 16
  • Summer 1944

    Snowden is killed.

    Chapter 5
  • Summer 1944

    Yossarian is back in the hospital and meets the chaplain.

    Chapter 1
  • Fall 1944

    Orr is shot down and disappears on a Bologna mission.

    Chapter 28
  • December 1944

    Nately dies.

    Chapter 35
  • December 1944

    Yossarian refuses to continue flying and deserts.

    Chapter 42

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Yossarian (whose first name is not revealed for some time) is an air force captain in Italy during World War II. When th... Read More
Chapter 2 Fresh from the hospital, Yossarian returns to active duty. The reader meets his squadron roommate, Orr, who has added st... Read More
Chapter 3 Like Chapter 2, this one opens with Yossarian's post-hospital return to the squadron; but this time the perspective is d... Read More
Chapter 4 Next up in Catch-22's parade of characters is Doc Daneeka, "whose idea of a good time was to sulk." He continuously worr... Read More
Chapter 5 Doc Daneeka is given even more space as this chapter opens. It turns out that his shifty Staten Island medical practice ... Read More
Chapter 6 Hungry Joe has had more tours of duty than any other air force hero, but he's a mess. He's cracking under the stress of ... Read More
Chapter 7 McWatt is usually Yossarian's pilot. He is "the craziest combat man of them all probably, because he was perfectly sane ... Read More
Chapter 8 Not even Clevinger understands how Milo can make the profits he does, "and Clevinger knew everything." Clevinger is a ge... Read More
Chapter 9 Major Major has had a tough life, and being made a major has only made it worse. There's his ridiculous name, for starte... Read More
Chapter 10 Clevinger is dead—vanished, along with his plane, on an otherwise uneventful mission. No trace of the plane has been fou... Read More
Chapter 11 Captain Black is delighted that Yossarian's squadron is being sent to Bologna. They're really in for it now! Still bitte... Read More
Chapter 12 The mission to Bologna keeps being postponed because of rain. This only makes things worse for the combat men in the squ... Read More
Chapter 13 To his squadron, Major ___ de Coverley is a revered patriarchal figure—a handsome, imposing elderly man whose demeanor g... Read More
Chapter 14 After days of anxious waiting, the mission to Bologna is finally taking place. Kid Sampson is the pilot of Yossarian's p... Read More
Chapter 15 Although the second mission to Bologna is successful, the flight is nightmarish. Yossarian's plane comes under heavy fla... Read More
Chapter 16 At the officers' nightclub in Rome, Yossarian meets up with a woman named Luciana. She lets him buy her dinner but refus... Read More
Chapter 17 Yossarian is determined to stay in the military hospital forever rather than fly another mission. In the hospital people... Read More
Chapter 18 In a flashback to Yossarian's cadet days, the reader learns how he manages to be hospitalized whenever he wants. Soldier... Read More
Chapter 19 Colonel Cathcart is vain because he's already a full colonel and ashamed because he's not yet a general. Wondering if re... Read More
Chapter 20 The chaplain leaves Cathcart's office dejectedly, disappointed in himself for not having been more forceful about the 60... Read More
Chapter 21 Hearing Yossarian's name reminds Colonel Cathcart what a problem Yossarian is. Yossarian showed up naked to receive an a... Read More
Chapter 22 At last the reader gets a much more detailed description of the accident that killed Snowden. On the mission to Av... Read More
Chapter 23 In Rome, Nately finally tracks down the prostitute he's in love with. Nately, Yossarian, and a few of the other men go t... Read More
Chapter 24 Milo's black-market business is thriving. Every European country has signed up for a share in the syndicate. He's even m... Read More
Chapter 25 The chaplain is starting to worry that maybe he did sign Washington Irving's name to the letters Whitcomb told him about... Read More
Chapter 26 Nately is miserable. He's in love with "his" whore, and she doesn't care about him at all. Aarfy jeers at him for not pi... Read More
Chapter 27 When Yossarian makes a rude pass at Nurse Duckett, he's sent to the staff psychiatrist, Major Sanderson, who behaves lik... Read More
Chapter 28 While Yossarian was in the hospital, Orr's plane was shot down. Orr managed to land it in the ocean so skillfully that n... Read More
Chapter 29 Unfortunately for the men on Pianosa, Lieutenant Scheisskopf is sent overseas to work under General Peckem at Special Se... Read More
Chapter 30 Dunbar doesn't care what kind of pattern his bombs make. He drops them well past the mountain village that was the targe... Read More
Chapter 31 It's reported that Doc Daneeka was also killed when McWatt flew the plane into the mountain, but Doc was not actually in... Read More
Chapter 32 When winter comes, Orr's stove keeps Yossarian's tent perfectly warm. Unfortunately, Yossarian can't appreciate the comf... Read More
Chapter 33 In Rome Yossarian and four other airmen make a foray to rescue Nately's whore "from the middle-aged military big shots h... Read More
Chapter 34 It's Thanksgiving Day. Milo outdoes himself with a "fantastically opulent" dinner and passes out unopened bottles of whi... Read More
Chapter 35 Nately wants to keep flying missions so as to keep seeing his girlfriend. When Yossarian begs him to get himself grounde... Read More
Chapter 36 News of "Nately's death almost killed the chaplain." When he gets the call telling him that 12 men have been killed, the... Read More
Chapter 37 Scheisskopf, a man without talent or intelligence, has just been promoted to lieutenant general. All combat operations h... Read More
Chapter 38 Yossarian now walks around backward so that no one can sneak up on him. He's announced that he's done flying combat miss... Read More
Chapter 39 Milo flies Yossarian to Rome but scolds him all the way there. Yossarian nods absently, his mind running through images ... Read More
Chapter 40 Colonel Korn tells Yossarian that they're sending him home because "there's nothing else we can risk doing to you at thi... Read More
Chapter 41 Yossarian revives in the hospital. Two doctors are hovering over him, ready to make an incision. A colonel and a clerk a... Read More
Chapter 42 Major Danby agrees that the deal Korn offered is odious, but he begs Yossarian to accept it rather than being court-mart... Read More
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