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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | Study Guide

Roald Dahl

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | Quotes


This is Charlie.

Narrator, Chapter 1

It's rare for a book to open by directly introducing readers to the main character. By doing so, Dahl creates an immediate feeling of intimacy between the reader and the characters.


Within sight of the house in which Charlie lived, there was an ENORMOUS CHOCOLATE FACTORY!

Narrator, Chapter 1

Poor Charlie is always hungry, and chocolate is what he craves the most. It tortures him to be so near his favorite food, but he can't resist stopping to inhale the wonderful smell.


Grandpa Joe ... was ninety-six and a half ... about as old as anybody can be.

Narrator, Chapter 2

Grandpa Joe's years seem to fall off him when he's with Charlie, which is why he makes the perfect companion for the visit to the chocolate factory.



Narrator, Chapter 4

This is the newspaper headline announcing the contest to find one of the five Golden Tickets. The lucky finders will spend a day at Wonka's Chocolate Factory.


Slowly but surely, everybody in the house began to starve.

Narrator, Chapter 10

This is the bleakest section of the book. Hunger makes Charlie weaker and weaker. Luckily, he's about to find a Golden Ticket.


Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this golden ticket, from Mr. Willy Wonka!

Narrator, Chapter 12

Charlie had given up completely. As his father reads from the Golden Ticket, it begins to dawn on Charlie that his wish is actually about to come true.


This is the nerve center of the whole factory, the heart of the whole business!

Mr. Wonka, Chapter 15

"This" is the beautiful valley, deep underground, through which the chocolate river flows and is distributed to the other "departments" in the factory.


It's a little person! It's a little man! Down there below the waterfall!

Veruca Salt, Chapter 15

Veruca Salt is the first in the group to spot an Oompa-Loompa. These tiny people from Loompaland work in the chocolate factory. Veruca describes them as if they were toys, providing readers with insight into her self-centered personality.


For who could hate or bear a grudge/Against a lovely bit of fudge?

Oompa-Loompas, Chapter 17

This is the final couplet in the Oompa-Loompas' song about Augustus Gloop, who is at that moment being sent through a pipe to the Fudge Room—perhaps to be mixed in with the fudge.


I feel most peculiar!

Violet Beauregarde, Chapter 21

Violet feels strange because at that very moment, she's turning into an enormous blueberry. Her understated expression creates humor and undercuts the severity of her treatment.


I am very proud of my square candies that look round.

Mr. Wonka, Chapter 22

Square candies that look round are one of Mr. Wonka's best inventions. They actually look 'round, a shortened way of saying around.


My goodness, she is a bad nut after all.

Mr. Wonka, Chapter 24

Mr. Wonka keeps 100 trained squirrels to open walnuts for his candy. When Violet barges into the Nut Room, the squirrels decide she's a bad nut and throw her down the garbage chute.


I'm going to be the first person in the world to be sent by television!

Mike Teavee, Chapter 27

Mike Teavee can't restrain himself when he learns Mr. Wonka has created a TV that can send chocolate right through a person's TV screen. He has to try it.


As soon as you are old enough to run it, the entire factory will become yours.

Mr. Wonka, Chapter 30

Mr. Wonka explains the real reason he held the contest of the Golden Tickets was to find a worthy successor to his chocolate business. Charlie is that person.


'Anything to eat?' cried Charlie, laughing. 'Oh, you just wait and see!'

Charlie, Chapter 30

As the novel closes, Charlie and his family are about to move into Wonka's Chocolate Factory, and Grandma Josephine is wondering if there will be any food there. The last sentence provides a satisfying ending and suggests that the family's adventures will continue beyond the confines of the novel.

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