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Roald Dahl

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • One evening after supper

    Charlie asks his grandparents about Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

    Chapter 2
  • The next night

    Grandpa Joe tells Charlie about the secret workers in the factory.

    Chapter 4
  • That same night

    Mr. Bucket tells the family about the Golden Ticket contest.

    Chapter 5
  • The next day

    Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt find the first two Golden Tickets.

    Chapter 6
  • The following day

    There is no Golden Ticket in Charlie's birthday chocolate bar.

    Chapter 7
  • The same night

    Violet Beauregarde and Mike Teavee have found two more Golden Tickets.

    Chapter 8
  • The next afternoon

    Grandpa Joe gives Charlie money for another candy bar—but it doesn't contain a ticket.

    Chapter 9
  • A few weeks later

    Cold and starving, Charlie finds a dollar bill in the snow.

    Chapter 10
  • A few minutes later

    Charlie buys two candy bars; the second bar holds a Golden Ticket.

    Chapter 11
  • February 1

    Charlie and Grandpa Joe meet Mr. Wonka and the other four contestants.

    Chapter 14
  • Not long into the tour

    Augustus Gloop falls into the chocolate river and is sucked up a pipe.

    Chapter 17
  • After the boat ride

    Violet Beauregarde chews a piece of gum that turns her into a giant blueberry.

    Chapter 21
  • A little later

    Veruca Salt is thrown down the Nut Room's trash chute by trained squirrels.

    Chapter 24
  • After the first elevator ride

    Mike Teavee shrinks to tiny size when he tries the Television Chocolate.

    Chapter 27
  • Later that day

    As the only child left, Charlie is promised a wonderful surprise.

    Chapter 28
  • Minutes later

    The other contestants leave; all have been changed.

    Chapter 29
  • Directly after that

    Mr. Wonka tells Charlie he'll inherit the factory.

    Chapter 30
  • Minutes later

    Charlie's family is about to move into the factory with him.

    Chapter 30

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 begins with an introduction to the oldest members of Charlie Bucket's family—and they are old. Then the reader... Read More
Chapter 2 Every evening after supper Charlie goes into his grandparents' bedroom to chat before saying goodnight. The four old peo... Read More
Chapter 3 Grandpa Joe recounts the story of Prince Pondicherry, who brings Mr. Wonka to India and hires him to build an entire cho... Read More
Chapter 4 The next evening Grandpa Joe explains why no one is ever seen going into or coming out of Mr. Wonka's factory. It seems ... Read More
Chapter 5 Mr. Bucket excitedly reads the newspaper article aloud. Willy Wonka has decided to allow five children to visit his fact... Read More
Chapter 6 The day after the Golden Ticket contest is announced, a nine-year-old boy named Augustus Gloop finds a ticket. Augustus ... Read More
Chapter 7 It's the next morning, and Charlie has just come into his grandparents' room with his annual birthday candy bar. His fam... Read More
Chapter 8 When Mr. Bucket comes home from work on the night of Charlie's birthday, he brings news that the third and fourth Golden... Read More
Chapter 9 When Charlie comes home from school the next day, Grandpa Joe is the only grandparent who's awake. He whispers to Charli... Read More
Chapter 10 The weather turns cold, and after a big storm, the Bucket house is four feet deep in snow. The snow is followed by days ... Read More
Chapter 11 Clutching his dollar bill, Charlie goes into the store and buys a Wonka's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight. He wo... Read More
Chapter 12 Charlie bursts through the front door, calling out his fantastic news. For 10 seconds, his mother and grandparents stare... Read More
Chapter 13 Huge crowds have gathered in front of Wonka's factory to watch the Golden Ticket holders go in. Charlie and Grandpa Joe ... Read More
Chapter 14 Mr. Wonka is standing just inside the gates. His appearance is extraordinary. He's wearing a top hat and sporting a gold... Read More
Chapter 15 An amazing sight greets the visitors when Mr. Wonka opens the door to the Chocolate Room. They're looking down at a beau... Read More
Chapter 16 Mr. Wonka explains he brought the Oompa-Loompas all the way from Loompaland, a terrible country inhabited by dangerous b... Read More
Chapter 17 When Mr. Wonka realizes what Augustus is doing, he begs him to stop. Augustus pays no attention. He is now lying full-le... Read More
Chapter 18 Mr. Wonka promises that Augustus will be all right. He urges the rest of the group to follow him to the next room, where... Read More
Chapter 19 The sign on the red door reads "Inventing Room." Mr. Wonka explains it's the most important room in the whole factory. U... Read More
Chapter 20 A gigantic machine stands in the center of the Inventing Room. When Mr. Wonka presses a few buttons, the machine rumbles... Read More
Chapter 21 Mr. Wonka explains the little gray stick of gum is a three-course dinner. When this gum hits the market, "It will be the... Read More
Chapter 22 Before anything else can go wrong, Mr. Wonka hurries everyone out of the Invention Room. Once more he's in a tremendous ... Read More
Chapter 23 The top half of the door is made of glass, and everyone peers in to see the Square Candies That Look Round. They're whit... Read More
Chapter 24 When the group reaches the Nut Room, Mr. Wonka suggests they peek through the glass panel of the door. But he warns them... Read More
Chapter 25 "My feet are getting tired," whines Mike Teavee. "I want to watch television." In that case Mr. Wonka suggests, th... Read More
Chapter 26 The Television Chocolate room is so bright that Mr. Wonka presses sunglasses on everyone. When his eyes have adjusted, C... Read More
Chapter 27 It's not too hard to guess by the title what happens in this chapter. Mike is thrilled about the possibility that he, to... Read More
Chapter 28 "How many children are there left now?" asks Mr. Wonka. He pretends to be surprised when Grandpa Joe tells him Charlie i... Read More
Chapter 29 Mr. Wonka insists on lowering the elevator so they can see the other contestants and their parents. He points to a row o... Read More
Chapter 30 As the glass elevator hovers over the town, Mr. Wonka comments that he loves his chocolate factory. Then he turns to Cha... Read More
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