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Childhood's End | Study Guide

Arthur C. Clarke

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Childhood's End | Chapter Summaries


Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 The novel opens in the early 21st century with two people—a female Russian cosmonaut and a male American commander—prepa... Read More
Chapter 2 It is many years later, and the Overlords have taken over Earth. They began by blocking out the sun for half an hour ove... Read More
Chapter 3 Shortly after his meetings with Karellen and the Freedom League, Stormgren goes missing. In his absence, Van Ryberg take... Read More
Chapter 4 Stormgren asks his friend Pierre Duval to help him spy on the Overlords. Duval sets up a scanner in Stormgren's briefcas... Read More
Chapter 5 Twenty years after Stormgren denied having seen Karellen, the Overlords are preparing to reveal themselves. They tell th... Read More
Chapter 6 This chapter explains the changes that have taken place since the Overlords arrived. In the 50 years between arriving on... Read More
Chapter 7 George Greggson and Jean Morrel, a couple who have lived their whole lives under Overlord rule, arrive at the home of Ru... Read More
Chapter 8 Jan is 27 years old with degrees in mathematics and physics and is also at Rupert's party. He feels that the Overlords a... Read More
Chapter 9 After the party, Rashaverak tells Karellen about what he has seen. He indicates that some of the books he looked at coul... Read More
Chapter 10 Rather than moving the plot forward, this chapter explains the conditions on Earth, which remain uneventful. Most day-to... Read More
Chapter 11 Jan is trying to learn more about the Overlords, so he visits with Rupert to try to find out why they are interested in ... Read More
Chapter 12 Fully aware of the risks involved, the two men devise a plan to get Jan to the Overlords' home planet. The journey will ... Read More
Chapter 13 The whale in which Jan is hiding is part of a larger display at Professor Sullivan's lab that shows the whale and a gian... Read More
Chapter 14 During a press conference on Earth, Karellen announces that Jan has been discovered on the Overlord supply ship. Althoug... Read More
Chapter 15 While Jan is on the ship moving toward the Overlords' planet, George and Jean make plans to move to New Athens, a two-is... Read More
Chapter 16 One day a tsunami strikes New Athens. George and Jean's son Jeffrey tells his parents that he had been playing near wher... Read More
Chapter 17 An Overlord named Thanthalteresco, called the Inspector, arrives on New Athens to observe what humanity has been creatin... Read More
Chapter 18 Jeffrey begins to have dreams about a strange planet, with mountains in blue flame and a blue sun. The Overlords discuss... Read More
Chapter 19 Jeffrey and Jennifer become more and more detached from human life. While Jeffrey still acts normally, Jennifer stops mo... Read More
Chapter 20 As the children evolve, the Overlords begin making plans to complete their mission, which Karellen explains to humanity.... Read More
Chapter 21 The children are taken on the Overlords' ship, leaving their parents behind. On New Athens, the colonists decide to use ... Read More
Chapter 22 Eighty years after leaving Earth, Jan is returning. He spent a few days on the Overlords' planet, which was futuristic a... Read More
Chapter 23 Karellen shows Jan what has taken place while he was away: the children who were taken have become more powerful than th... Read More
Chapter 24 Jan has been living among the Overlords, but Rashaverak tells Jan that it is time for them to leave when the children be... Read More
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