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Anne Moody

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Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe explains the main characters in Anne Moody's memoir Coming of Age in Mississippi.

Coming of Age in Mississippi | Characters

Character Description
Anne Moody Anne is a young black woman whose childhood in rural Mississippi inspires her to work for the civil rights movement; Anne's character is distinct from the adult Moody who narrates the book. Read More
Mama Mama is Anne's mother and a domestic worker in Centreville, Mississippi; she goes by the nickname "Toosweet." Her given name is Elnire. Read More
Adline Adline is Anne's younger sister. Read More
Raymond Raymond is Anne's stepfather and Mama's second husband; he's a farmer in Mississippi. Read More
Daddy Daddy is Anne's father and Mama's first husband; he goes by the nickname "Diddly." His given name is Fred. Read More
Miss Adams Miss Adams is the strict girls' basketball coach at Natchez College.
Alberta Alberta is Mama's sister and Anne's aunt.
Louis Allen Louis Allen is a black man murdered in Mississippi.
Bill Bill is a white boy Anne befriends as a child.
President Buck President Buck is the president of Natchez College in Mississippi.
Mrs. Burke Mrs. Burke, mother of Wayne and Linda Mae, is a white woman who employs Anne as a housekeeper; she is Anne's first employer who makes blatantly racist remarks.
Aunt Caroline Aunt Caroline is the midwife who delivers Mama's children.
Mr. Carter Mr. Carter is the white man who owns the plantation where Anne's parents work in Part 1, Chapter 1.
Sheriff Cassidy Sheriff Cassidy is the white sheriff in Centreville; he openly condones crimes in town against black people.
Aunt Celia Aunt Celia is a relative Anne stays with in New Orleans.
Cherie Cherie is a girl on Raymond's side of the family; Anne and Adline are competitive with her in childhood.
C.O. Chinn C.O. is a respected black leader, business owner, and civil rights activist in Canton; he loses his businesses and goes to prison because of his civil rights work.
Mrs. Chinn Mrs. Chinn is C.O. Chinn's wife; she's admired and feared by everyone in town.
Mrs. Claiborne Mrs. Claiborne is Anne's first white employer; she treats Anne well and encourages her to study hard in school.
Clift Clift is Emma's relative; he's killed in a "terror killing" by white supremacists.
Mrs. Cook Mrs. Cook is a white woman Mama works for when Anne is young.
Mrs. Crosby Mrs. Crosby is the mother of Mrs. Burke, a haughty white woman Anne works for as a young adult; Mrs. Crosby admires Anne and supports her.
Darlene Darlene is a girl in Raymond's family; she and Anne are in the same grade and academically competitive.
Dave Dave is Anne's boyfriend at Tougaloo College; she loses interest in him quickly.
Dave Dennis Dave Dennis is a civil rights worker in Mississippi.
Emma Emma is Daddy's second wife and Anne's stepmother; she's temperamental but loyal.
Doris Erskine Doris is a black civil rights worker in Mississippi who is close to Anne; Doris's fear and anxiety increase as the protests become more dangerous.
Mrs. Evans Mrs. Evans is a teacher at Natchez College.
Medgar Evers Medgar Evers is a NAACP leader in Mississippi; his assassination unites the local civil rights movement.
Florence Florence is a light-skinned black woman Daddy has an affair with.
Gene Gene is a young activist who tries to encourage Anne on the bus to Washington in the book's last chapter.
George Lee George Lee is Anne's uncle and Mama's brother; he resents watching Anne and her siblings as a child, but lets her visit him in New Orleans as an adult.
Grandma Winnie Winnie is Anne's grandmother; despite her hard work, she's never gotten what she wanted out of life, and Anne notices the physical toll stress has taken on Winnie.
Miss Harris Miss Harris is the head cook at Natchez College; her unsanitary practices lead to a student boycott.
Mr. Hicks Mr. Hicks is Anne's high school basketball coach; he briefly develops a romantic interest in Anne.
Mrs. Hunt Mrs. Hunt is a white woman who employs Anne at a department store.
James James is one of Anne's younger brothers.
Linda Mae Jenkins Linda Mae (Burke) Jenkins is a young white woman who employs Anne as a housekeeper and babysitter.
Jennie Ann Jennie Ann is one of Anne's younger sisters.
Johnny Johnny is a relative in New Orleans who discourages Anne and Sis from breaking the strike at the chicken factory.
Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Johnson is one of Mama's white employers.
Junior Junior is Anne's younger brother; he works in New Orleans as a young adult and remains close to Anne and Adline. Anne notices a rebellion and restlessness in him similar to her own.
Katie Katie is a white girl Anne befriends as a child.
Keemp Keemp is Anne's first boyfriend and a basketball player at Natchez College.
Reverend Ed King Ed is a white civil rights leader in Mississippi who provides support for student-led movements.
Lenora Lenora is a civil rights worker who joins Anne and Doris in the Canton Freedom House.
Leon Leon is a young neighbor of Anne's in Mississippi who provides for his family at 12 years old.
Lily White Lily White works at the Maple Hill restaurant in New Orleans; he also goes by James, his given name. He's nicknamed "Lily White" because of his light skin.
Lola Lola works at Maple Hill restaurant in New Orleans; she befriends Anne and encourages her to wear sophisticated clothing.
Memphis Memphis is a student activist who joins Anne at the Woolworth's sit-in and is badly beaten.
Grandfather Moody Grandfather Moody is Daddy's elderly father; he dies early in the book.
Bob Moses Bob Moses is the director of the SNCC in Mississippi; Anne looks up to him as a civil rights role model.
Miss Ola Miss Ola is an elderly white woman who babysits Anne.
Samuel O'Quinn Samuel O'Quinn is a black Centreville resident who is murdered for his involvement with the NAACP.
Miss Pearl Miss Pearl is Raymond's mother; she's aloof and never accepts Mama as part of her family.
Pearlena Pearlena is a student activist who joins Anne at the Woolworth's sit-in.
Reverend Polk Reverend Polk is the minister at Centreville Baptist Church, where young Anne attends.
Bettye Poole Bettye is a young civil rights worker in SNCC.
Carolyn Quinn Carolyn is a young civil rights worker in SNCC.
George Raymond George is a black civil rights worker in Mississippi; he and Anne debate the effectiveness of nonviolent direct action after a church is bombed in Alabama.
Mrs. Rice Mrs. Rice is a high school teacher who tells Anne about the NAACP's anti-racist work.
Rose Rose is a Tougaloo student who joins Anne at a bus station sit-in.
Sam Sam is Anne's uncle; he is mixed race with one white and one black parent, but he physically presents as white.
John Salter John is a civil rights worker in Mississippi and a social science professor at Tougaloo College; he participates in many demonstrations with Anne.
Sis Sis is a relative who works with Anne at the chicken factory in New Orleans.
Mayor Thompson Mayor Thompson is the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi.
Joan Trumpauer Joan is a white civil rights worker in Mississippi; she and Anne participate in many protests and demonstrations together.
Reverend Tyson Reverend Tyson is the minister at Mount Pleasant Church, where Anne is baptized.
Trotter Trotter is Anne's roommate at Tougaloo College who invites her to join the local NAACP.
Uncle Ed Ed is Anne's uncle; he takes Anne and her siblings to meet several other family members. Anne describes him as her favorite relative.
Walter Walter is Anne's uncle; he is mixed race with one white and one black parent, but he physically presents as white.
Wayne Wayne Burke is Mrs. Burke's son; he and Anne become friends when she tutors him in algebra, but Mrs. Burke disapproves of their friendship.
Principal Willis Principal Willis is the principal of Anne's high school in Centreville; he's an "Uncle Tom" or a black person who works to maintain the approval of white people.
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