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Edmond Rostand

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Cyrano de Bergerac | Scene Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Summer evening 1640

    Christian de Neuvillette talks about his love for Roxane and fear of rejection because he's stupid.

    Act 1, Scene 2
  • Later that evening

    Cyrano de Bergerac talks about his love for Roxane and fear of rejection because he's ugly.

    Act 1, Scene 6
  • Next morning

    Roxane tells Cyrano of her love for Christian; she's convinced he is both handsome and clever.

    Act 2, Scene 6
  • Later that morning

    Cyrano offers to provide Christian with love letters to help him woo Roxane; Christian accepts.

    Act 2, Scene 10
  • Weeks later

    Roxane tells Cyrano that she loves Christian because of his love letters.

    Act 3, Scene 1
  • Minutes later

    Count De Guiche expresses love to Roxane and plans to keep Cyrano's cadets out of battle.

    Act 3, Scene 2
  • Minutes later

    Christian tries to speak for himself as he woos Roxane; she rejects him because he sounds stupid.

    Act 3, Scene 5
  • Minutes later

    Christian has Cyrano feed him romantic lines to woo Roxane; then Cyrano pretends to be Christian.

    Act 3, Scene 7
  • Minutes later

    Swept off her feet, Roxane agrees to marry Christian.

    Act 3, Scene 11
  • Minutes later

    De Guiche learns Roxane has married Christian; he orders the cadets, including Christian, to battle.

    Act 3, Scene 14
  • Months later

    At the battlefront, Cyrano delivers a ghost-written love letter through enemy lines for Roxane.

    Act 4, Scene 1
  • Minutes later

    Inspired by the love letters, Roxane arrives at the battlefront to see Christian.

    Act 4, Scene 5
  • Minutes later

    Roxane tells Christian that she would love him even if he were ugly.

    Act 4, Scene 8
  • Minutes later

    Christian tells Cyrano that Roxane said she would love him even if he were ugly.

    Act 4, Scene 9
  • Minutes later

    Cyrano tries to tell Roxane of his love but is interrupted when Christian is carried in, near death.

    Act 4, Scene 10
  • Minutes later

    Christian dies; Cyrano tells grief-stricken Roxane that Christian was a sensitive poet.

    Act 4, Scene 10
  • 15 years later

    In a convent, Cyrano visits Roxane, who mourns Christian; Cyrano hides that he's mortally wounded.

    Act 5, Scene 5
  • Minutes later

    Cyrano reads aloud Christian's last letter; Roxane realizes Cyrano wrote the letters and loves her.

    Act 5, Scene 5

Scene Summaries Chart

Scene Summary
Act 1, Scenes 1–3 The play opens on a set designed to resemble a 17th-century theater, which has been converted from an indoor tennis co... Read More
Act 1, Scene 4 Cyrano insults Montfleury's appearance and acting and commands him to leave the theater. The audience, however, wants Mo... Read More
Act 1, Scenes 5–7 As Cyrano eats his dinner of one grape, half a macaroon, and a glass of water, he explains to Le Bret that he makes en... Read More
Act 2, Scenes 1–4 At a cook's shop at dawn various cooks sell their wares, such as peacock and mince pies. Meanwhile Ragueneau tries to ... Read More
Act 2, Scenes 5–6 Cyrano says to himself that he'll give his love letter to Roxane if she shows the slightest sign of returning his love... Read More
Act 2, Scenes 7–8 Carbon de Castel-Jaloux and his cadets come to the cook's shop to congratulate Cyrano for his amazing triumph over 100... Read More
Act 2, Scenes 9–11 At the cook's shop, the cadets tease Christian about being "wet behind the ears." Christian wants to prove them wrong.... Read More
Act 3, Scenes 1–2 Outside Roxane's house, Ragueneau describes to Duenna how Lise ran off with a musketeer. In despair Ragueneau attempte... Read More
Act 3, Scenes 3–7 Roxane tells Cyrano that she and Duenna are going to a talk being held in the house across the street. Roxane says Chr... Read More
Act 3, Scenes 8–14 A monk enters, looking for the house of Madeleine Robin. Christian wants Cyrano to get rid of the monk. Cyrano misdire... Read More
Act 4, Scenes 1–3 At Arras Cyrano's cadets sleep in their encampment. Carbon and Le Bret complain about the lack of food. Carbon asks Le... Read More
Act 4, Scene 4 De Guiche arrives at the encampment of Cyrano's cadets. He tells the cadets that he has heard of their complaints about ... Read More
Act 4, Scenes 5–8 Cyrano, de Guiche, Christian, and the cadets are all shocked to see Roxane arrive by carriage. De Guiche tells her she... Read More
Act 4, Scenes 9–10 Christian meets with Cyrano near his tent. Christian says Roxane doesn't love him, but instead loves Cyrano. Cyrano re... Read More
Act 5, Scenes 1–3 This act takes place 15 years after the end of the previous act, in autumn. In the garden of a convent, nuns walk here... Read More
Act 5, Scenes 4–6 As Roxane waits for Cyrano at the convent, she expresses surprise that he is late. Soon a nun announces him. C... Read More
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