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Ray Bradbury

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Dandelion Wine | Characters

Character Description
Douglas Douglas Spaulding is a 12-year-old boy who has lived his whole life in Green Town, Illinois. He is observant, inquisitive, and close with his family. Read More
Tom Douglas's 10-year-old brother, Tom Spaulding is mathematical and interested in facts, yet he still retains much of the magical thinking of childhood. Read More
Grandfather Grandfather is Tom and Douglas's cheerful and optimistic grandfather. Read More
Colonel Freeleigh Colonel Freeleigh is an elderly veteran of the Civil War whose life is often lonely and confined to one room. He is nicknamed the "Time Machine" because of his ability to recall memories. Read More
Bill Forrester In his early 30s, Bill Forrester is a boarder who lives at Grandma and Grandfather's home. A newspaper reporter, he was once in love with a younger version of Helen Loomis seen in a photograph. Read More
Alice Alice is a friend of Tom's who befriends Mrs. Bentley.
Joseph Auffmann Joseph Auffmann is Leo and Lena Auffmann's son.
Lena Auffmann Lena Auffmann is Leo Auffmann's down-to-earth, sensible wife, who finds that the Happiness Machine makes her sad.
Leo Auffmann Leo Auffmann is Green Town's jeweler and self-styled inventor. He is married to Lena, and they have six children.
Marshall Auffmann Marshall Auffmann is Lena and Leo Auffmann's son.
Naomi Auffmann Naomi Auffmann is Lena and Leo Auffmann's daughter.
Rebecca Auffmann Rebecca Auffmann is Lena and Leo Auffmann's daughter.
Ruth Auffmann Ruth Auffmann is Lena and Leo Auffmann's daughter.
Saul Auffmann Leo Auffmann's son, Saul tries out the Happiness Machine and worries his parents.
Mrs. Bentley Mrs. Helen Bentley is an elderly woman in town who befriends Alice, Jane, and Tom. Mrs. Bentley comes to realize she can't preserve the past by keeping old things.
Mr. Black Mr. Black is the proprietor of the town's penny arcade.
Elmira Brown Married to the Green Town postman, Elmira Brown is clumsy, disagreeable, and unlucky, believing herself cursed by Clara Goodwater.
Sam Brown Green Town's mail carrier and Elmira's husband, Sam Brown is nosy. His slowness to deliver mail results from his reading other people's correspondence.
Frank Dillon A local man, Frank Dillon taunts Lavinia Nebbs, Francine, and Helen Greer that he is the Lonely One. Frank may be Miss Fern and Miss Roberta's younger brother or another Green Town resident named Frank.
Father Father, or Mr. Spaulding, is Douglas and Tom's father. He is easygoing, helpful, and a good listener, though he is still an adult in their eyes.
Miss Fern The sister of Miss Roberta, Miss Fern is an unmarried older woman who, along with her sister, purchases the Green Machine.
Roberta Ferry Roberta Ferry is a woman allegedly murdered by the Lonely One.
Francine A friend of Lavinia Nebbs, Francine is with Lavinia on the night the Lonely One tries to kill her. With Lavinia, she discovers a body in the ravine.
Clara Goodwater Clara Goodwater is president of the Honeysuckle Ladies Lodge. Elmira Brown believes that Clara is a witch.
Grandma Grandma is Tom and Douglas's grandmother, who runs a boardinghouse. She is an excellent cook with poor vision who doesn't use recipes.
Great-Grandma Tom and Douglas's great-grandmother, Great-Grandma is the backbone of the family, until she decides she is ready to die. One of the tasks she enjoyed was fixing the roof shingles every year.
Helen Greer A friend of Lavinia Nebbs, Helen Greer goes to the movies with Lavinia on the night the Lonely One tries to kill Lavinia.
John Huff Douglas's close friend, John Huff suddenly moves away to Wisconsin with his family.
Jane Jane is a friend of Tom's who at first challenges and then befriends Mrs. Bentley.
Mr. Jonas Green Town's junk dealer, Mr. Jonas, wanders between both sides of town so people can donate and take what they need. A man of mysterious origins—though he may be rich—he helps break Douglas's fever by giving him two bottles of cool "air" to breathe.
Jorge Jorge is Colonel Freeleigh's Mexico-based friend who accepts his phone calls and opens the window for him to hear the sounds of Mexico City.
Officer Kennedy Officer Kennedy is a police officer who arrives at the crime scene when Elizabeth Ramsell's body is discovered. He offers to walk Lavinia Nebbs home.
The Lonely One A mysterious, unnamed figure who is accused of having murdered several women, the Lonely One tries to murder Lavinia Nebbs. She stabs him instead, and he dies.
Helen Loomis Helen Loomis is a 95-year-old resident of Green Town. Single all her life, she meets Bill Forrester during the summer shortly before she dies, realizing the romantic connection they might have had if they had met earlier. She hopes they will reunite in another life.
Hattie McDollis Hattie McDollis is believed to have been murdered by the Lonely One.
Mother Mother, or Mrs. Spaulding, is Douglas and Tom's mother. Usually calm and confident, she is rattled with fear one night when Douglas disappears into the ravine.
Lavinia Nebbs Single, courageous, and headstrong, 30-something Lavinia Nebbs is a target of the Lonely One. She survives an attack by stabbing him to death in her house.
Mr. Quartermain Mr. Quartermain is a neighborhood man whom Miss Fern and Miss Roberta accidentally hit while driving the Green Machine on the sidewalk.
Elizabeth Ramsell Elizabeth Ramsell is a woman who disappears and whose body is discovered in the ravine by Lavinia Nebbs and Francine. The Lonely One is suspected of having killed her.
Miss Roberta The sister of Miss Fern, Miss Roberta is an unmarried older woman who purchases the Green Machine in which to ride around town.
Aunt Rose Aunt Rose is Douglas's aunt who tries to overhaul Grandma's kitchen, to ill effect.
Mr. Sanderson The owner of the shoe store, Mr. Sanderson accepts Douglas's offer for purchasing new sneakers.
Mrs. Singer Mrs. Singer is the owner of the local corner store.
William Tara William Tara is the traveling salesman who sells Miss Fern and Miss Roberta the Green Machine
Mr. Tridden Mr. Tridden operates Green Town's trolley until he is retired for a bus service to begin. He takes the children on a free last ride and on a picnic.
Charlie Woodman Daredevil Charlie Woodman is Douglas and Tom's close friend.
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