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Ray Bradbury

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Dandelion Wine | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Early Summer 1928

    Douglas wakes up and pretends to wake the town to the beginning of summer.

    Chapter 1
  • Later that morning

    Douglas realizes he is alive and wants to feel all there is to feel.

    Chapter 2
  • That afternoon

    Douglas and Tom pick dandelions with which Grandfather starts the first batch of dandelion wine.

    Chapter 3
  • Day or two later

    Douglas proposes a deal to Mr. Sanderson and gets the new sneakers.

    Chapter 5
  • That night

    Douglas and Tom begin recording the rites and discoveries of summer in a tablet.

    Chapter 6
  • Early summer evening

    Tom and Mother search for Douglas in the ravine.

    Chapter 10
  • Later that month

    Leo Auffmann builds the Happiness Machine, which catches fire and makes no one happy.

    Chapter 13
  • Midsummer

    Douglas, Charlie, and John discover Colonel Freeleigh and his time machine.

    Chapter 17
  • Later in midsummer

    While riding in the Green Machine, Miss Fern and Miss Roberta hit Mr. Quartermain.

    Chapter 19
  • Later in midsummer

    The trolley is taken out of service, and Mr. Tridden takes the children on a picnic.

    Chapter 20
  • Some days later

    John tells Douglas he is moving away and leaves that night.

    Chapter 21
  • Some days later

    Elmira Brown goes to battle with Clara Goodwater, whom Elmira claims is a witch.

    Chapter 23
  • Later in midsummer

    Colonel Freeleigh dies while listening on the phone to the sounds of Mexico City.

    Chapter 25
  • August 1, 1828

    Helen Loomis meets Bill Forrester, who fell in love with her photo, and dies later that month.

    Chapter 28
  • Later in August

    The Lonely One tries to murder Lavinia Nebbs, who stabs and kills him.

    Chapter 30
  • Later in August

    Douglas and Tom's great-grandmother dies.

    Chapter 32
  • Later in August

    Douglas and Tom try to rescue the Tarot Witch from the curse of being a penny arcade attraction.

    Chapter 34
  • Later in August

    Douglas is stricken with a high fever and is cured, apparently by Mr. Jonas's bottled air.

    Chapter 37
  • Later in summer

    Douglas helps Grandma return to her old ways after Aunt Rose's unwelcome reorganization.

    Chapter 39
  • End of summer

    School supplies appear in the drugstore, the porch swing is put away, and summer is over.

    Chapter 40

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Introduction Ray Bradbury states that this book was a surprise to him, something he learned to embrace as a writer. Before appreciati... Read More
Chapters 1–2 It is a quiet dawn morning, and summer is beginning. Douglas has just woken up, excited about summer. One night each w... Read More
Chapters 3–4 Grandfather stands on his front porch later that day, with Douglas and Tom in front of him on the lawn. They ask Grand... Read More
Chapters 5–6 On the way home from seeing a movie with his family, Douglas spies a pair of tennis shoes in the shoe store window. He... Read More
Chapters 7–8 Summer is a time of rituals, "each with its natural time and place." The ritual of the porch swing is significant, spa... Read More
Chapters 9–10 As Leo Auffmann bicycles away, he considers "the shocks of life," such as being born, "growing up, growing old," and "... Read More
Chapters 11–12 Late at night on his front porch, Leo Auffmann writes a list in the dark. He can't see it. Lena Auffmann comes out to ... Read More
Chapters 13–14 Leo Auffmann looks through his garage on Sunday morning, pondering how to begin building a happiness machine. He wande... Read More
Chapters 15–16 One day during summer Mrs. Bentley comes outside to find Tom and two girls—Jane and Alice—on her lawn. An ice cream wa... Read More
Chapters 17–18 Douglas, Charlie Woodman, and John Huff look inside an old house, Colonel Freeleigh's place. Charlie claims that it co... Read More
Chapters 19–20 Miss Fern and Miss Roberta are in their attic, breathless and worried. Their major worry is that they have killed a ma... Read More
Chapters 21–22 Douglas's friend John Huff is one of the fastest, smartest, kindest people Douglas knows, "the only god living in the ... Read More
Chapters 23–24 Elmira Brown is startled when a mail carrier walks in her front door, forgetting that delivering mail is her husband's... Read More
Chapters 25–26 Colonel Freeleigh dreams of apples falling from a tree until only one remains. In the dream, the narrator speaks direc... Read More
Chapters 27–28 Grandfather and Douglas begin making the second harvest of dandelion wine for the summer. Douglas examines the bottles... Read More
Chapters 29–30 Douglas, Tom, and Charlie Woodman discuss whether happy endings happen in real life or only in the movies. Douglas is ... Read More
Chapters 31–32 When Douglas, Tom, and Charlie Woodman reconvene the next day, Douglas tells them what he saw in the ravine. They disc... Read More
Chapters 33–34 Douglas catches a jar of fireflies for him and Tom to use while reading and writing in the dark at night. They add mor... Read More
Chapters 35–36 Douglas comes upon Tom counting the number of times the cicadas buzz every 15 seconds in the trees. He claims this num... Read More
Chapters 37–38 Douglas and Tom wake up in the morning to very hot weather, and Tom notices that Douglas doesn't feel well. After he t... Read More
Chapters 39–40 The Spaulding family begins arriving at Grandma's house, and Douglas wants to ask his grandmother if this is where the... Read More
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