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Daniel Deronda | Characters

Character Description
Deronda Daniel Deronda is an intelligent and compassionate young man looking for a vocation. Read More
Gwendolen Gwendolen Harleth is a spoiled and selfish woman who is transformed through hardship and tragedy. Read More
Grandcourt Henleigh Mallinger Grandcourt is an immoral and passionless aristocrat who asserts his power over others to take the edge off his boredom. Read More
Mirah Mirah, also called Miss Lapidoth, is a musician who is rescued by Deronda and falls in love with him. She comes to London searching for her lost family. Read More
Mordecai Mordecai, also called Ezra by his sister, is the brother of Mirah Lapidoth and a Jewish mystic. Read More
Mr. Arrowpoint Mr. Arrowpoint is the father of Catherine Arrowpoint.
Mrs. Arrowpoint Mrs. Arrowpoint is the mother of Catherine Arrowpoint and a novelist.
Miss Catherine Arrowpoint Miss Catherine Arrowpoint is the only child of the Arrowpoints, an heiress to her family's considerable fortune, and an aspiring musician.
Mr. Bult Mr. Bult is a politician who is invited to the Arrowpoints as a possible suitor for Catherine.
Mr. Daniel Charisi Daniel Charisi is Deronda's grandfather.
Mr. Ephraim Charisi Ephraim Charisi is Daniel Deronda's father.
Mrs. Cohen Mrs. Cohen is the mother of the pawnbroker, Ezra Cohen.
Mrs. Addy Cohen Addy is the wife of the pawnbroker, Ezra Cohen.
Adelaide Rebekah Cohen Adelaide is a toddler and one of the Cohens' daughters.
Eugenie Esther Cohen Eugenie Esther is the youngest child of the Cohens.
Mr. Ezra Cohen Ezra Cohen is the head of the Cohen family and a pawnbroker by trade.
Jacob Alexander Cohen Jacob is the eldest child of the Cohens. He is tutored by Mordecai.
Mrs. Davilow Mrs. Davilow is the mother of Gwendolen Harleth and her four sisters.
Miss Alice Davilow Alice is Gwendolen's sister and the eldest of four sisters.
Miss Bertha Davilow Bertha is one of Gwendolen's sisters.
Miss Fanny Davilow Fanny is one of Gwendolen's sisters.
Miss Isabel Davilow Isabel is the youngest of Gwendolen's sisters.
Mr. Henry Gascoigne Mr. Henry Gascoigne, also called "the Rector," is Gwendolen's uncle and Mrs. Davilow's brother-in-law, married to her sister. He helps Gwendolen's family establish themselves at Offendene.
Mrs. Gascoigne Mrs. Gascoigne is Mrs. Davilow's sister and Mr. Gascoigne's wife. She is Gwendolen's aunt.
Mrs. Anna Gascoigne Anna is Gwendolen's cousin. She is extremely close to her brother Rex.
Mr. Rex Gascoigne Rex is Gwendolen's cousin and a college student whose heart is broken when she rejects him.
Mr. Warham Gascoigne Warham is the eldest of the Gascoigne children who goes to India to make his fortune.
Mrs. Lydia Glasher Mrs. Lydia Glasher is the wife of an Irish officer who runs away with Grandcourt when she is a young woman and has four children with him.
Mr. Joseph Kalonymos Mr. Joseph Kalonymos is an old friend of Deronda's grandfather. He holds the trunk of papers Daniel Charisi has left to his grandson.
Herr Klesmer Herr Klesmer is a famous musician and tutor to Catherine Arrowpoint. He and Catherine end up marrying.
Baron von Langen Baron von Langen is the husband of Madam Langen.
Baroness von Langen Baroness von Langen is Gwendolen's cousin, who invites her to Leubronn.
Mr. Lapidoth Mr. Lapidoth is the irresponsible father of Mirah and Mordecai and a compulsive gambler.
Leonora Leonora, also known as Alcharisi and Princess Halm-Eberstein, is Deronda's mother and the daughter of Daniel Charisi. She used to be a famous singer.
Mr. Thomas Cranmer Lush Mr. Lush is a sycophant who has been Grandcourt's sidekick for 15 years. His job is to carry out Grandcourt's unpleasant tasks.
Sir Hugo Mallinger Sir Hugo Mallinger is a landowner who raised and cared for Deronda. He was once in love with Deronda's mother.
Lady Louisa Mallinger Lady Louisa Mallinger is Sir Hugo's wife.
Miss Merry Miss Merry is the governess for the Davilow girls.
Mrs. Meyrick Mrs. Meyrick is the mother of Hans Meyrick, Deronda's school friend.
Miss Amy Meyrick Amy is the sister of Hans Meyrick. She helps support the family by doing embroidery.
Mr. Hans Meyrick Hans is Deronda's school friend. He falls in love with Mirah.
Miss Kate Meyrick Kate is the sister of Hans Meyrick. She is an illustrator who works for a publishing house.
Miss Mab Meyrick Mab is the sister of Hans Meyrick. She has a strong appreciation for music and also does embroidery to help support the family.
Mr. Middleton Mr. Middleton is Mr. Gascoigne's curate who has a crush on Gwendolen.
Bishop Mompert Bishop Mompert is an acquaintance of Mr. Gascoigne's.
Mrs. Mompert Mrs. Mompert is the wife of Bishop Mompert who agrees to hire Gwendolen as a governess.
Signora Signora is an unnamed Italian woman and musician who lives with Mirah and her father for a time and gives Mirah lessons.
Captain Torrington Captain Torrington is Mrs. Torrington's husband.
Mrs. Torrington Mrs. Torrington is Grandcourt's cousin who helps him act as host at Diplow.
Mr. Vandernoodt Mr. Vandernoodt is an acquaintance of the Mallingers' whom they meet at Leubronn. He is also a gossip who spreads information.
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