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Charles Dickens

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Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe explains the main characters in Charles Dickens's novel David Copperfield.

David Copperfield | Characters

Character Description
David Copperfield David Copperfield, an orphan, later renamed Trotwood Copperfield, is the narrator and protagonist of the novel. Read More
Peggotty Peggotty is David's nurse. Read More
James Steerforth James Steerforth is an aristocratic older schoolmate of David Copperfield. Read More
Uriah Heep Uriah Heep is Mr. Wickfield's clerk. Read More
Dora Spenlow Dora Spenlow, the daughter of David's employer, marries David Copperfield. Read More
Miss Betsey Miss Betsey Trotwood is David's great-aunt. Read More
Agnes Wickfield Agnes Wickfield is the daughter of Miss Betsey's lawyer. Read More
Adams Adams is the head boy at Dr. Strong's school.
Captain Bailey Captain Bailey is one of Miss Larkin's suitors.
Barkis Mr. Barkis, a stage driver, marries Peggotty.
Charley Charley is the owner of a used clothing shop.
Mr. Chestle Mr. Chestle is the hop-grower who marries Miss Larkins.
Mr. Chillip Mr. Chillip is the doctor who delivers David Copperfield.
Miss Clarissa Miss Clarissa Spenlow is Dora's aunt, who takes her in after Dora's father dies.
Clickett Clickett is the Orfling (orphan) girl from the workhouse who is the Micawbers' servant.
Clara Copperfield Clara Copperfield is David's mother who was a governess before her marriage.
Mr. Creakle Mr. Creakle is the headmaster of Salem House school who later becomes a magistrate.
Mrs. Creakle Mrs. Creakle breaks the news of his mother's death to David.
Miss Creakle Miss Creakle, Mr. Creakle's daughter, has a crush on Steerforth at Salem House.
Sophy Crewler Sophy Crewler, a parson's daughter, is the fiancée and later the wife of Tommy Traddles.
Mrs. Crupp Mrs. Crupp is David's landlady on Buckingham Street.
Miss Dartle Rosa Dartle is Mrs. Steerforth's ward and companion.
Mr. Dick Mr. Dick, whose real name is Richard Babley, is Miss Betsey's ward, whom she rescued from an insane asylum.
Emily Emily is Mr. Peggotty's orphaned niece and David's childhood sweetheart.
Martha Endell Martha Endell is a disgraced friend of Emily's who becomes a prostitute.
Grainger Grainger is one of Steerforth's Oxford friends who attends David's housewarming dinner.
Mr. Grayper Mr. Grayper is Clara Copperfield's neighbor at Blunderstone.
Mrs. Grayper Mrs. Grayper is Clara Copperfield's neighbor who holds the party where Clara meets Mr. Murdstone.
Gregory Gregory is the foreman at Murdstone and Grimly's warehouse.
Mr. Gulpidge Mr. Gulpidge, a guest at the Waterbrooks' dinner party, is connected with banking and the law.
Mrs. Gummidge Mrs. Gummidge lives in Mr. Peggotty's house and is the widow of Mr. Peggotty's former partner.
Mrs. Heep Mrs. Heep, Uriah Heep's mother, is a widow.
Captain Hopkins Captain Hopkins, an acquaintance of Mr. Micawber, is an inmate in debtor's prison.
Janet Janet is Miss Betsey's maid.
Jip Jip, short for Gipsy, is Dora's little dog.
Master Jones Master Jones is a student at Dr. Strong's school whom Miss Shepherd likes more than David.
Joram Joram is Mr. Omer's coffin maker who later manages the business.
Mr. Jorkins Mr. Jorkins is Mr. Spenlow's partner who is falsely reputed to be a ruthless manager.
Mrs. Kidgerbury Mrs. Kidgerbury is a maid employed by David and Dora Copperfield.
Miss Kitt Miss Kitt is a young woman David flirts with at Dora's birthday party.
Miss Larkins Miss Larkins is David's love interest at age 17.
Miss Lavinia Miss Lavinia Spenlow is Dora's aunt, who takes her in after Dora's father dies.
Littimer Littimer is Steerforth's servant who helps him run away with Emily.
Jack Maldon Jack Maldon is Annie Strong's cousin and childhood companion with whom she's suspected of having an affair.
Markham Markham is an Oxford friend of Steerforth who attends David's housewarming dinner.
Mrs. Markleham Mrs. Markleham, called the Old Soldier, is Annie Strong's mother.
Mr. Mell Mr. Charles Mell is an assistant master at Salem House.
Mrs. Mell Mrs. Mell is Charles Mell's mother who lives in the poorhouse.
Master Micawber Master Wilkins Micawber Jr. is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Micawber.
Miss Micawber Little Miss Emma Micawber is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Micawber.
Mr. Micawber Mr. Wilkins Micawber, a family man constantly in debt, rents a room to David in London and later reenters his life.
Mrs. Micawber Mrs. Emma Micawber believes in Mr. Micawber's ability to succeed.
Julia Mills Julia Mills is Dora Spenlow's bosom friend and confidant.
Miss Mowcher Miss Mowcher, a dwarf, is a traveling hairdresser.
Mr. Murdstone Mr. Edward Murdstone, Clara Copperfield's second husband, is cruel and controlling.
Miss Murdstone Miss Jane Murdstone is Mr. Murdstone's sister, who moves into the Copperfield home.
Minnie Omer Minnie Omer, a seamstress and the daughter of Mr. Omer, marries Joram.
Mr. Omer Mr. Omer is the undertaker who arranges Clara Copperfield's funeral.
Mary Anne Paragon Mary Anne Paragon is one of David and Dora's incompetent maids.
Mr. Passnidge Mr. Passnidge is an associate of Mr. Murdstone.
Ham Peggotty Ham Peggotty, Mr. Peggotty's nephew, is a fisherman and boat builder who is jilted by Emily.
Mr. Peggotty Mr. Daniel Peggotty, Clara Peggotty's brother, is a fisherman who lives in a converted boat and adopts his orphaned niece and nephew.
Mealy Potatoes Mealy Potatoes is a boy who works at the Murdstone and Grinby's warehouse.
Mr. Quinion Mr. Quinion, an associate of Mr. Murdstone, is the manager of the Murdstone and Grinby's warehouse.
Mr. Sharp Mr. Sharp is first master at Salem House.
Miss Shepherd Miss Shepherd is David's dancing school partner and his first love in Canterbury.
Mr. Spenlow Mr. Francis Spenlow is David Copperfield's employer at Doctor's Common, and Dora's father.
Mr. Spiker Mr. Spiker is a solicitor and a guest at the Waterbrooks' dinner party.
Mrs. Spiker Mrs. Spiker, dubbed "Hamlet's aunt" by David, holds forth on the merits of aristocracy at the Waterbrooks' dinner party.
Mrs. Steerforth Mrs. Steerforth is James Steerforth's doting mother.
Annie Strong Annie Strong is Dr. Strong's much younger wife, who is falsely suspected of being unfaithful to him.
Doctor Strong Doctor Strong, the headmaster at David's school in Canterbury, is writing a Greek dictionary.
Mr. Tiffey Mr. Tiffey is a clerk at Spenlow and Jorkins.
Tipp Tipp is a worker at the Murdstone and Grinby's warehouse.
Tommy Traddles Tommy Traddles, David's schoolmate at Salem House, becomes a close friend.
Tungay Tungay, Creakle's assistant at Salem House, has a wooden leg.
The waiter The waiter at the Golden Cross in London makes David feel young and inexperienced.
Mick Walker Mick Walker, the oldest of the boys who work at the Murdstone and Grinby's warehouse, is the son of a bargeman.
Mr. Waterbrook Mr. Waterbrook is Mr. Whitfield's agent in London.
Mrs. Waterbrook Mrs. Waterbrook, the wife of Mr. Waterbrook, invites David to a dinner party.
Mr. Wickfield Mr. Wickfield, Miss Betsey's lawyer in Canterbury, is Agnes's father and Uriah Heep's employer.
William (1) William is the waiter at the Yarmouth inn who tricks David out of his meal.
William (2) William is the coachman who convinces David Copperfield to give up his seat.
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