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Defense of the Boston Massacre Soldiers | Study Guide

John Adams

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John Adams

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  • On March 5, 1770, an outraged mob of colonists swarmed through the streets of Boston. The colonists were angry about treatment by the British Crown, including the imposition of new taxes.
  • Fearing the angry mob, a group of British soldiers fired into a crowd, killing five and wounding several others.
  • This was one of several events that served as a prelude to the American Revolution (1775–83). Americans who protested British actions in Boston labeled this particular event the Boston Massacre.
  • The soldiers were charged with murder, a crime that carried the death penalty.
  • Massachusetts lawyer John Adams (1735–1826)—who was part of the anti-British movement—gave a spirited defense of the soldiers.
  • Adams argued that the situation leading to the shooting was chaotic and confusing, making a charge of murder unjust.
  • He emphasized the difference between murder and manslaughter, or killing without malicious forethought.
  • The jury acquitted Captain Thomas Preston and six of the eight soldiers, finding two guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.
  • Adams's defense enhanced his reputation as a skilled lawyer and man of principle. The massacre, however, fueled further anti-British feeling and helped pave the way for the outbreak of the American Revolution five years later.


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