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Demian | Study Guide

Hermann Hesse

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Demian | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1904–05

    Frank Kromer begins to blackmail young Emil Sinclair about a lie.

    Chapter 1
  • Weeks later

    Max Demian arrives and shares with Sinclair his views about Cain's strength and Abel's weakness.

    Chapter 2
  • Several weeks later

    Bearing the sign of Cain, Max Demian helps free Sinclair from Kromer's influence.

    Chapter 2
  • Soon after

    Not believing in gratitude, Sinclair separates himself from Demian.

    Chapter 2
  • Several years later

    Emil Sinclair and Max Demian are in confirmation class together and become good friends.

    Chapter 3
  • The next year

    Sinclair's parents send Emil Sinclair to boarding school.

    Chapter 4
  • November, a year later

    Alfons Beck invites Sinclair to go drinking, the first of Sinclair's many binges.

    Chapter 4
  • That spring

    After seeing Beatrice, Sinclair stops carousing and tries to paint her likeness.

    Chapter 4
  • Sometime after

    A year before graduation, Emil Sinclair meets Pistorius and begins learning about Abraxas.

    Chapter 5
  • Later that year

    Knauer approaches Emil Sinclair, who ultimately saves and guides him.

    Chapter 6
  • The next year

    After graduation from boarding school, Sinclair goes to university to study philosophy.

    Chapter 7
  • Soon after

    By chance, Emil Sinclair meets and is reunited with Max Demian.

    Chapter 7
  • Soon after

    Emil Sinclair meets Mother Eve, the face in his painting.

    Chapter 7
  • July 1914

    As World War I begins, Demian is set to serve as a lieutenant.

    Chapter 8
  • The next spring

    Called to serve, Sinclair is wounded in battle.

    Chapter 8
  • Shortly after

    Visiting the wounded Sinclair, Demian says he won't return, for he is no longer needed.

    Chapter 8

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth Addressing the reader, Emil Sinclair, the mature narrator, claims he needs to begin far back in time. His story is uniqu... Read More
Chapter 1 Emil Sinclair says he is going to begin by telling about something that happened when he was about 10 years old. Before ... Read More
Chapter 2 Emil Sinclair begins this chapter by saying "deliverance" and "something new" entered his life unexpectedly. He then des... Read More
Chapter 3 Emil Sinclair mentions other events that moved him forward toward self-realization as he left the bright world of his ch... Read More
Chapter 4 Emil Sinclair goes off to boarding school. Because he has been feeling indifferent toward his family for a while, leavin... Read More
Chapter 5 One day Emil Sinclair finds a piece of paper in the pages of a book. On the paper is written, "The bird fights its way o... Read More
Chapter 6 Emil Sinclair's time learning about Abraxas from Pistorius is another step toward self-realization. Among other teaching... Read More
Chapter 7 Home during the summer holidays, Emil Sinclair goes to visit the house where Max Demian had lived. When an old woman liv... Read More
Chapter 8 While Emil Sinclair has passed a peaceful summer at Mother Eve's, he knows he is not destined to live always in peace. O... Read More
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