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Philip K. Dick

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? | Chapter 11 | Summary



Garland agrees to the test. When Phil Resch leaves to get the gear for their Boneli Reflex-Arc Test, Garland pulls a laser on Rick Deckard. Garland says he and Resch are both androids, but only Garland knows. He also knows the rogue androids Deckard is hunting.

Resch returns and starts plugging in the equipment for the test. Garland points a hand at Resch, and he rolls to the side and fires a laser at Garland. Garland's hand opens as he dies, revealing a laser. Resch and Deckard consult about what to do next. Deckard tells him the building is full of androids, but not that Garland said Resch was one. They leave the office. Resch handcuffs them together so it looks like he is escorting a prisoner. As they walk to Resch's hovercar, Resch wonders why he didn't identify Garland before, and wonders if someone had implanted false memories in him. Because this can only be done to androids, he questions his own humanity. As they leave to track down the android Luba Luft, Resch asks Deckard to test his humanity after they finish.


Before Phil Resch returns, Rick Deckard asks why his phone call didn't reach his wife. Garland tells him they have set up a "closed loop," with no interaction with the rest of San Francisco. Philip K. Dick doesn't do much with this in this novel, but this small detail is very insightful. Once people interact electronically rather than directly, a third party can redirect those communications or replace them with fake digital realities.

Resch's response when Garland points to him parallels Deckard's earlier response. These human bounty hunters are good at reading clues in a situation and responding directly. Rationally, there is little reason to think someone pointing a hand at another person is a threat. However, as Deckard correctly read the signs with the Soviet cop, Resch does the same here. This establishes a pairing or doubling between the two men. Dick will reinforce this later in the novel when Rachael Rosen reveals she also slept with Resch.

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