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Philip K. Dick

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? | Chapter 16 | Summary



Once Rick Deckard checks into the hotel, he reviews the background information on the remaining androids. When Rachael Rosen joins him, she reviews the information as well. She opens a bottle of bourbon. Once they are sitting on the bed together, Rachael shares the fact that Pris Stratton is the same model android as she is and suggests Deckard will have trouble destroying her because of this. She also suggests she will be able to help Deckard find the androids because she knows how their minds work. This slides into a conversation about the nature of android reality, and why she is there. She will help Deckard find the androids, but she will also report back to the corporation so they can make better androids that are harder to detect. Rachael also comments on her own lack of empathy, and how she really doesn't care if the other androids live or die.

When Rachael realizes Deckard is worried about Roy Baty, she removes a device from her purse that will let Deckard paralyze androids for 5–6 seconds, giving him a crucial edge. They then go to bed. As they undress, they continue to talk about the upcoming encounter. Rachael tells Deckard she loves him, and says he would make her score really well on the Voigt-Kampff test. Deckard says he cannot kill Pris, because Pris is too similar to Rachael. Rachael tells Deckard if he sleeps with her, she will kill Pris for him. Still thinking, Deckard gets into bed.


There is a long history of using informants to reveal plot points unknown to the main character. In this chapter, Rachael Rosen offers to fill that role. And she is right: she offers an insight into the android mind Rick Deckard can't get anywhere else. She isn't just a member of the same group or community—one of the androids Deckard is hunting is literally the same model. This could make Deckard feel like a hero, especially after the mixed reception Iran Deckard gave him. His wife criticizes him when he shifts his position and agrees with her. Rachael, by contrast, is willing to kill someone who is exactly like her for him. Not only is she not criticizing him, she is joining him on his mission. Rachael seems to be sharing openly with Deckard, and to be more self-aware than the other androids. She acknowledges she has other motives than he does, and that in the long run, they will be working against one another.

The chapter's final pages paint a tragic picture of how Rachael is and is not like other women Deckard has known, and how Deckard is and isn't like other men. When Deckard is rummaging through Rachael's purse, it seems like any other woman's purse, full of odds and ends he doesn't know what to do with. When she tells him she loves him, and refers to her potential score on the Voigt-Kampff test, it's another way of saying that love—her love for him—makes her human. However, she also refers to herself as ant-like and urges Deckard not to think about what he is doing or he will find himself unable to go on. For his part, this is when Deckard realizes Phil Resch was right: the other bounty hunter could read him as well as he could an android. Both lovers waver in and out of humanity.

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