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Philip K. Dick

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • January 3, 2021

    Deckard wakes up and squabbles with his wife.

    Chapter 1
  • Later the same day

    Deckard gets a new case, tracking six rogue androids.

    Chapter 4
  • Later the same day

    Deckard visits the Rosen Association to get help tracking the androids.

    Chapter 4
  • A few minutes later

    Deckard reveals Rachael Rosen is an android.

    Chapter 5
  • That same day

    Isidore meets the new person in his building.

    Chapter 6
  • Later the same day

    Deckard kills the android Polokov.

    Chapter 8
  • Later the same day

    Luba Luft calls fake police on Deckard.

    Chapter 9
  • Later the same day

    Resch the bounty hunter kills fake Inspector Garland.

    Chapter 11
  • Later the same day

    Resch kills Luba Luft.

    Chapter 12
  • Later the same day

    Isidore befriends Pris and the other androids join them.

    Chapter 13
  • Later the same day

    Deckard buys a goat.

    Chapter 15
  • Later that night

    Deckard sleeps with Rachael Rosen.

    Chapter 16
  • Later that night

    Buster Friendly reveals that Mercerism is fake.

    Chapter 18
  • Later that night

    Deckard kills the remaining three androids.

    Chapter 19
  • Later that night

    Rachael kills Deckard's goat.

    Chapter 20
  • Early the next morning

    Deckard flies into the wasteland.

    Chapter 21
  • That same morning

    Deckard fuses with Mercer and finds a toad.

    Chapter 21
  • Later that morning

    Deckard takes the toad home and learns it is artificial.

    Chapter 22
  • Later that morning

    Deckard goes to sleep and his wife watches over him.

    Chapter 22

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Rick Deckard wakes up on January 3, 2021 (in earlier editions of the novel it's 1992), when his mood organ goes off and ... Read More
Chapter 2 John Isidore is getting ready for work. He is the only person living in his apartment building. He listens to the televi... Read More
Chapter 3 Rick Deckard stops briefly at a pet store on his way to work at the Hall of Justice. Deckard's boss, Harry Bryant, tells... Read More
Chapter 4 Harry Bryant briefs Rick Deckard on the new job. There were eight advanced androids, and Dave Holden killed two of them.... Read More
Chapter 5 Rick Deckard attaches a sensor to Rachael Rosen, and sets up a light to shine in her left eye. He asks her several emoti... Read More
Chapter 6 John Isidore goes downstairs to greet the new person in his building. When he knocks on the door, the TV goes off. He in... Read More
Chapter 7 As John Isidore hurries to get ready to work, he keeps thinking about Pris Stratton, and what she does and doesn't know.... Read More
Chapter 8 Rick Deckard arrives at work. His boss briefs him on which android to go after first, and tells him a Soviet cop will be... Read More
Chapter 9 Since Luba Luft is pretending to be a human opera singer, Rick Deckard goes to the opera house. When he arrives, they ar... Read More
Chapter 10 At the new Hall of Justice, the police book Rick Deckard for suspected homicide and representing himself as a police off... Read More
Chapter 11 Garland agrees to the test. When Phil Resch leaves to get the gear for their Boneli Reflex-Arc Test, Garland pulls a las... Read More
Chapter 12 Phil Resch and Rick Deckard look for Luba Luft at the opera house, then at a nearby museum. They track her through an Ed... Read More
Chapter 13 When John Isidore flies home after work, he takes expensive groceries with him. He offers them to Pris Stratton, but she... Read More
Chapter 14 Roy and Irmgard Baty brief Pris Stratton on what has happened since they last saw her, and check out Pris's situation in... Read More
Chapter 15 Irmgard Baty votes to hide in the apartment. Roy Baty votes to kill John Isidore. Pris Stratton votes to stay, and accep... Read More
Chapter 16 Once Rick Deckard checks into the hotel, he reviews the background information on the remaining androids. When Rachael R... Read More
Chapter 17 After Rick Deckard and Rachael Rosen have sex, they enjoy room service and talk. Rachael shares the fact that androids h... Read More
Chapter 18 Pris Stratton guides John Isidore in moving the rest of her belongings. She especially wants the TV set up. The other an... Read More
Chapter 19 John Isidore realizes he is holding the handles of the empathy box. The androids pressure him to deal with the bounty hu... Read More
Chapter 20 After he gets off the phone with Harry Bryant, Rick Deckard suggests that John Isidore move to another apartment, becaus... Read More
Chapter 21 Rick Deckard lands in the wasteland. He thinks about being the "greatest bounty hunter" ever, and decides to call Dave H... Read More
Chapter 22 Rick Deckard puts his phone down without finishing the call to Iran because he sees a toad on the ground. He is incredib... Read More
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