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Miguel de Cervantes

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Don Quixote | Characters

Character Description
Don Quixote Don Quixote is a Spanish gentleman obsessed with chivalric romance stories who decides to become a knight- errant. Read More
Sancho Panza Sancho Panza is a farmer-turned- squire for Don Quixote. Read More
Pero Perez Pero Perez is a local priest who tries to help Don Quixote become sane again. Read More
Dulcinea del Toboso Dulcinea del Toboso is the name Don Quixote gives a peasant woman whom he casts as his ladylove. Read More
Altisidora Altisidora is the young woman at the Duke and Duchess's estate who pretends to be in love with Don Quixote.
Andrés Andrés is a 15-year-old boy who is severely whipped after Don Quixote threatens his master, Juan Haldudo.
Anselmo Anselmo is the character in The Story of the Man Who Couldn't Keep From Prying who asks his best friend Lothario to seduce his wife, Camila, to test her virtue.
Anselmo #2 Anselmo #2 is one of the men who fell in love with Leandra, then left town to tend a flock of sheep.
Antonio Antonio is the goatherd who sings for Don Quixote as they sit beside the fire after Don Quixote defeats the Basque.
Princess Antonomasia Princess Antonomasia is the princess whom Lady Dolorida married off to a commoner.
Basin Barber The Basin Barber is the person from whom Don Quixote takes a brass basin, mistaking it for Mambrino's helmet.
Basilio Basilio is the childhood love of Quiteria and tricks her into marrying him before she can marry Camacho.
Sidi Hamid Benengeli Sidi Hamid Benengeli is the fictitious Moorish author of History of Don Quixote of La Mancha.
The butler The butler serves Sancho while he is governor of Barataria Island.
Camacho Camacho, also known as Camacho the Rich, is supposed to marry Quiteria before they are both tricked by Basilio.
Camila Camila is the character in The Story of the Man Who Couldn't Keep From Prying who is seduced by her husband's best friend.
Cardenio Cardenio is the "madman" Don Quixote and Sancho Panza meet in the woods.
Samson Carrasco Samson Carrasco is a college graduate who has read the first part of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza's adventures written by Sidi Hamid Benengeli. He later poses as the Knight of the Mirrors and as the Knight of the White Moon.
The cathedral priest The cathedral priest does not approve of chivalric romances, nor of modern dramas. He falls in with Pero Perez and Master Nicolas as they take Don Quixote back home.
Tomé Cecial Tomé Cecial is Sancho Panza's neighbor who agrees to be the squire for Samson Carrasco's Knight of the Mirrors.
Doña Clara Doña Clara is Juan Pérez de Viedma's daughter who is in love with Don Luis.
Don Clavijo Don Clavijo is the commoner who seduced Princess Antonomasia.
Clavileño Clavileño is the name of the wooden horse Don Quixote and Sancho Panza "ride" at the Duke and Duchess's castle.
Corchuelo Corchuelo is one of the university students who tells Don Quixote and Sancho Panza about Quiteria and Camacho's wedding.
Don Diego de Miranda Also referred to as the Knight of the Green Overcoat, Don Diego de Miranda is a well-off man whom Don Quixote and Sancho Panza meet following their run-in with the Knight of the Wood/the Knight of the Mirrors.
Lady Dolorida Lady Dolorida, also known as the Countess Trifaldi, is a character played by the Duke and Duchess's steward during an elaborate joke at the expense of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. This same man later serves as Sancho's steward on Barataria Island.
The donkey Sancho Panza's donkey serves as both a pack animal and Sancho's transport during his adventures with Don Quixote.
Dorotea Dorotea is the farmer's daughter who acquiesces to Don Fernando's advances after he pledges to marry her.
The Duchess The Duchess, married to the Duke, has a special fondness for Sancho's stupidity.
The Duke The Duke, married to the Duchess, hosts Don Quixote and Sancho Panza so he and his friends can play tricks on them.
Duke and Duchess's priest The Duke and Duchess's priest strongly advises them not to become acquainted with Don Quixote, then gets so enraged by the Don's madness that he refuses to be at the castle as long as Don Quixote is a guest.
Emerencia Emerencia is Altisidora's friend.
Eugenio Eugenio became a goatherd after his beloved Leandra decided to run away with Vicente de la Rosa.
Anna Félix Anna Félix is the daughter of Ricote the Moor; a pirate, she is in love with Don Gaspar Gregorio.
Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda is the real-life person who wrote a second, unauthorized account of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza's adventures.
Don Fernando Don Fernando is the man who promises to marry Dorotea, dumps her after they sleep together, then goes on to marry Luscinda.
Don Gerónimo Don Gerónimo is one of the men reading Don Quixote de La Mancha: The Second Part in an inn.
Ginesillo de Parapilla Ginesillo de Parapilla is the "king of the thieves," a known escape artist and one of the prisoners Don Quixote mistakenly frees.
Don Gaspar Gregorio Don Gaspar Gregorio is the man Anna Félix loves.
Roque Guinart Roque Guinart, a historical figure and folk hero from the 16th century, is the commander of the bandits Don Quixote and Sancho Panza meet on their way to Barcelona.
Juan Haldudo Juan Haldudo is the farmer who whips Andrés while he is tied to the tree.
Tenorio Hernández Tenorio Hernández is one of the men who tosses Sancho Panza on the blanket.
The innkeeper #1 A former petty thief, the first innkeeper Don Quixote meets pretends to be a knight and "bestows knighthood" upon the Don.
The innkeeper's daughter Don Quixote mistakes the innkeeper's daughter for a princess who is in love with him.
The innkeeper's wife The innkeeper's wife gives her prized donkey tail to Pero Perez and Master Nicolas to use as a disguise.
Claudia Jerónima Claudia Jerónima is the young woman who asks for Roque Guinart's help after she mistakenly kills her fiancé.
The Knight of the Mirrors The Knight of the Mirrors is Samson Carrasco in disguise. He is referred to as the Knight of the Wood before his real knightly moniker is revealed. Samson also appears as the Knight of the White Moon.
The Knight of the White Moon The Knight of the White Moon, who is really Samson Carrasco in disguise, defeats Don Quixote in Barcelona. Samson also appears as the Knight of the Mirrors.
Don Juan Don Juan is one of the men reading Don Quixote de La Mancha: The Second Part in an inn.
Leandra Leandra is the desirable young woman of Eugenio and Anselmo #2's affections who decides to run away with Vicente de la Rosa.
The lion keeper The lion keeper warns Don Quixote not to challenge the lion to a fight.
Little Sancho Little Sancho is Sancho Panza's 15- year-old son.
Alonso López Alonso López is the member of the funeral party who gets trapped under his own mule.
Lothario Lothario is the character in The Story of the Man Who Couldn't Keep From Prying who falls in love with his best friend's wife and seduces her.
Don Luis Don Luis is a boy of noble birth who wishes to marry Doña Clara.
Luscinda Luscinda is the woman who pledged herself to Cardenio but was forced to marry Don Fernando.
Queen Maguncia Queen Maguncia is Princess Antonomasia's mother and the person whom Lady Dolorida served and mourns.
Malambruno Malambruno is the late Queen Maguncia's cousin and a wizard who places a curse on Princess Antonomasia, Don Clavijo, and all of the queen's ladies-in-waiting.
Maritornes Maritornes is a maid at the inn who pays late-night visits to "needy" guests.
Pedro Martinez Pedro Martinez is one of the men who tosses Sancho Panza on the blanket.
Montesinos Montesinos is an ancient knight whom Don Quixote dreams about in a cave.
Don Antonio Moreno Don Antonio Moreno is Roque Guinart's friend who hosts Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in Barcelona.
Master Nicolas Master Nicolas is the local barber-surgeon who helps Pero Perez in his quest to bring Don Quixote back to sanity.
Juan Palomeque Juan Palomeque is the owner of the second inn Don Quixote and Sancho Panza visit.
Teresa Panza Teresa Panza, also sometimes called "Juana," is Sancho Panza's wife.
Sanchica Panza Sanchica Panza is Sancho Panza's daughter who guides the Duchess's page to their home.
Maestro Pedro Maestro Pedro is Ginesillo de Parapilla disguised as a puppeteer with a prophetic monkey.
Juan Pérez de Viedma Juan Pérez de Viedma is the judge looking for lodging at Juan Palomeque's inn who also happens to be Ruy Pérez de Viedma's long-lost brother.
Ruy Pérez de Viedma Ruy Pérez de Viedma is the Christian captive who helps Zoraida escape to Spain.
Quiteria Quiteria, also known as Quiteria the Beautiful, is the intended bride of Camacho but happily marries Basilio instead.
Antonia Quixano Antonia Quixano is Don Quixote's niece, who lives with Don Quixote and thinks he's crazy because of all the books he's read.
Don Quixote's housekeeper Don Quixote's housekeeper blames his collection of books for her master's insanity.
Dr. Pedro Recio de Agüero Dr. Pedro Recio de Agüero is the doctor who limits Sancho Panza's meals while he is governor.
Ricote the Moor Ricote the Moor is Sancho Panza's former friend and neighbor who had to leave Spain due to the king's decree that all Moors be expelled.
Rocinante Rocinante is Don Quixote's elderly horse.
Mari Sancha Mari Sancha is Sancha Panza's daughter, who wishes to be married.
Don Sancho de Azpetia Don Sancho de Azpetia is the Basque page whom Don Quixote bests in Part 1, Chapter 9.
The steward The steward is an employee of the Duke and Duchess who serves as Sancho's assistant and confidant while he is the governor of Barataria Island. The steward is the same man who played Lady Dolorida.
Don Vicente Torrellas Don Vicente Torrellas is Claudia Jerónima's late fiancé.
Tosilos Tosilos is the Duke and Duchess's footman who pretends to be the poor farmer Don Quixote must fight for Doña Rodríguez's daughter.
Trifaldín the White-Bearded Trifaldín the White-Bearded is Lady Dolorida's squire.
University Student The University Student bests Corchuelo in a fencing match.
Vicente de la Rosa Vicente de la Rosa is a supposedly decorated soldier who woos Leandra, runs away with her, and takes all of her jewelry, money, and clothes.
Vivaldo Vivaldo is the attendee at Grisóstomo's funeral who tries to poke holes in Don Quixote's beloved chivalric romances.
Zoraida Zoraida is the Moorish woman who escapes to Spain to become a Christian.
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