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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | Study Guide

Robert Louis Stevenson

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1880s

    Mr. Hyde tramples a little girl.

    Chapter 1
  • Some time later

    Utterson meets Mr. Hyde at Dr. Jekyll's dissecting room door, finds him repulsive.

    Chapter 2
  • A year later

    Mr. Hyde beats Sir Danvers Carew to death.

    Chapter 4
  • The next day

    Utterson realizes Dr. Jekyll forged a letter for Mr. Hyde.

    Chapter 5
  • Two months later

    Lanyon dies after passing a letter to Utterson describing Mr. Hyde's transformation into Dr. Jekyll.

    Chapter 6
  • Some time later

    Dr. Jekyll loses control over Mr. Hyde, transforming randomly.

    Chapter 7
  • Some time later

    Utterson and Poole break down the door to Dr. Jekyll's lab.

    Chapter 8
  • Moments later

    Dr. Jekyll kills himself.

    Chapter 8
  • A short time later

    Dr. Jekyll's written account explains his research and transformation.

    Chapter 10

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 While taking a walk one Sunday, Mr. Utterson and his friend, Mr. Enfield, pass through a quiet London neighborhood. Enfi... Read More
Chapter 2 Once he is home Mr. Utterson reviews Jekyll's will. It leaves everything to Edward Hyde and says that if Jekyll disappea... Read More
Chapter 3 Two weeks later Jekyll has a dinner. When the other guests leave, Utterson remains in order to talk to Jekyll about his ... Read More
Chapter 4 A year passes without incident, but then a savage murder occurs. A young maid servant is looking out the window at the m... Read More
Chapter 5 Utterson visits Jekyll, who receives him in his laboratory, to ask if Jekyll has heard about Carew's murder. When Jekyll... Read More
Chapter 6 Two months pass without news of Hyde, and Jekyll settles into a routine, spending time with friends and engaging in reli... Read More
Chapter 7 One Sunday Utterson and Enfield go for a walk. As they pass by the door into which Hyde had gone in the first chapter, t... Read More
Chapter 8 Some time later Utterson is sitting home alone when Jekyll's butler, Poole, visits him. Poole is afraid something has ha... Read More
Chapter 9 The narrator changes abruptly as this chapter opens, with Dr. Lanyon picking up the story. He begins by explaining how h... Read More
Chapter 10 Dr. Jekyll narrates this final chapter by way of a letter explaining what he did and why. It starts with a brief biograp... Read More
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