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Dr. Zhivago | Characters

Character Description
Yuri Zhivago Yuri Zhivago, the protagonist of Doctor Zhivago, is a doctor and writer who experiences life, loss, and love during Russia's tumultuous journey from imperialism to communisfm. Read More
Lara Antipova Lara Antipova is Pasha's wife and Yuri's lover. Read More
Pasha Antipov Pasha Pavlovich Antipov is Lara's husband. As a child, he larrived with the Tiverzins. Read More
Tonya Gromeko Tonya Gromeko is Yuri's childhood friend and wife. Read More
Viktor Komarovsky Viktor Komarovsky (also known as Viktor Ippolitovich and Comrade Komarov) is Lara's father's lawyer, her mother's sometimes lover, and Lara's lover. Read More
Evgraf Zhivago Evgraf Zhivago, Yuri's half-brother, is the son of Princess Stolbunova-Enrizzi and the elder Zhivago. He and Yuri meet as adults, and he serves as Yuri's protector throughout the story. Read More
Vassily Afanasievich Vassily Afanasievich (also known as Uncle Vassily) is the signalman who raises Tanya.
Angilar Angilar, a Croatian medic and Austrian prisoner of war, works alongside Yuri in the Forest Brotherhood.
Katenka Antipova Katenka Antipova (also known as Katya) is Lara and Pasha's daughter.
Pavel Antipov Pavel Antipov (also known as Pavel Ferapontovich and Pashka), Pasha's father, is the foreman of the Moscow railway station area who is sent to prison after the railway strike.
Tanya Bezocheredeva Tanya Bezocheredeva (also known as Tatiana, Tanka, Tanyusha, and Bezotchaya), an orphan, turns out to be Yuri and Lara's child.
Blazhein Blazhein is the student who works at the photography studio in Krestovozdvizhensk and the object of Ksiusha's affections.
Briukhanov Briukhanov is a shopkeeper in Krestovozdvizhensk who deals in leather, harnesses, oats, and hay.
Vasya Brykin Vasya Brykin, 16, is tricked into conscripted labor by his scheming aunt and uncle. He escapes in the Ural Mountains.
Buiskoe widow The Buiskoe widow gets help from Vasya and Kharlam, and then Kharlam betrays her and kills her.
Liudmila Chepurko Liudmila Chepurko (also known as Liudmila Kapitonovna) is the mother of Lara's classmate Tusya and an organizer of Lara and Pasha's wedding.
Tusya Chepurko Tusya Chepurko is one of Lara's classmates.
Olya Demina Olya Demina is an apprentice in Amalia Guichard's dress shop and Lara's friend.
District Soviet Representative The District Soviet Representative, who runs the meeting at the Tiverzins' former home, tells the residents that the government is taking over the building and everyone must move out.
Dementy Dudorov Dementy Dudorov, Nika's father, is a terrorist serving time in a labor camp.
Nika Dudorov Nika Dudorov (full name: Innokenty Dudorov), the son of a convict and a revolutionary activist, is Yuri's childhood friend who finds his niche in academia.
Nina Dudorova Nina Dudorov (also known as Nina Galaktionovna), Nika's mother, is a revolutionary activist.
Agrafena Egorovna Agrafena Egorovna is the Gromekos' maid.
Emma Ernestovna Emma Ernestovna is Komarovsky's housekeeper.
Faina Fetisova Faina Fetisova (also known as Faina Silantievna) is Amalia's assistant at the dress shop.
Filat Filat is the Guichards' yard porter.
Mademoiselle Fleury Mademoiselle Fleury was the governess to the daughters of Countess Zhabrinskaya. She serves as the estate/hospital caretaker. She is the last person to see Yuri alive.
Liberius Forester Liberius Forester (given name: Liberius Mikulitsyn; also known as Liberius Averkievich and Libka) is the commander of the Bolshevik Forest Brotherhood.
Kolya Frolenko Kolya Frolenko manages the telephone line and control room in the Meliuzeevo train station.
Fuflygin Fuflygin is the railway expert at the Moscow railroad junction.
Fuflygina Fuflygina is Fuflygin's wife.
Galeev Galeev, a Cossack on the side of the Whites, is Strelnikov's target in Yuriatin.
Gimazetin Galiullin Gimazetin, father of Yusup, is the yard porter at the Tiverzins' house. He is killed during World War I.
Marfa Galiullina Marfa Galiullina is the mother of Yusup.
Yusup Galiullin Yusup Galiullin (also known as Osip Gimazetdinovich, Yusupka Gimazetdin, and Galiullin) serves as an apprentice mechanic at the Moscow railway station; as an adult, he is a lieutenant in the Imperial Army unit led by Pasha during World War I and leads a regiment of the White Army during the Russian Civil War.
Olga Galuzina Olga Galuzina (also known as Olga Nilovna, Olya, and Galuzina), the sister of Palasha Tyagunova, is Terenty's worried mother and Vlasushka's wife.
Terenty Galuzin Terenty Galuzin (also known as Teresha and Tereshka) is the son of a shopkeeper along the Siberian highway. Expelled from high school, he is conscripted into the White Army, gets in trouble, and then joins the Red Army's Forest Brotherhood, where he is convicted of treason. He survives the firing squad and later squeals about Strelnikov's hiding place.
Vlasushka Galuzin Vlasushka Galuzin (also known as Vlasushka Pakhomovich and Vlas) is a shopkeeper in Krestovozdvizhensk who moonlights rallying the White Army.
Gavrilka Gavrilka is the engineer in charge of the train the Zhivagos take to the Ural Mountains.
Commissar Gint Commissar Gint is a young and self-absorbed political commissar tasked with talking local rebels and Imperial Army deserters out of revolution. He is lynched at the Meliuzeevo train station.
Zakhar Gorazdykh Zakhar Gorazdykh is one of the Forest Brotherhood orderlies accused of making and selling moonshine. He is part of the plot to give Liberius to the Whites.
Grigory Gordon Grigory Gordon (also known as Grigory Osipovich), Misha's father, is an attorney.
Misha Gordon Misha Gordon (also known as Gordosha) is Yuri's best friend.
Alexander Gromeko Alexander Gromeko (also known as Alexander Alexandrovich), Tonya's father and Anna Ivanovna's husband, is a chemistry professor.
Anna Gromeko Anna Gromeko (also known as Anna Ivanovna) is Tonya's mother and Alexander's wife.
Nikolai Gromeko Nikolai Gromeko (also known as Nikolai Alexandrovich), Alexander's brother, is a chemistry professor at the university.
Amalia Guichard Amalia Guichard (also known as Amalia Karlovna), Lara's mother, is a widow who relies on Komarovsky for emotional and financial support.
Rodion Guichard Rodion Guichard (also known as Rodya) is Lara's brother.
Jack Jack is Komarovsky's bulldog, who is jealous of Lara.
Kamennodvorsky Kamennodvorsky is Liberius's chief liaison officer who conscripts Yuri into service with the Forest Brotherhood.
Kaminsky Kaminsky is the engraver in Krestovozdvizhensk.
Rotten Kharlam Rotten Kharlam, Vasya's enemy, murdered the widow who lives near Buiskoe.
Khrapugina Khrapugina is the loud, fat woman who interrupts the meeting in the Tiverzins' former home where Yuri cares for the woman with typhus.
Pyotr Khudoleev Pyotr Khudoleev (also known as Pyotr Petrovich, Khudolei, and Khudoleev) is the old master mechanic at the Moscow railway station who torments young Yusup.
Alexander Kolchak Admiral Alexander Kolchak (known primarily as Kolchak) is a real person who was a naval officer during World War I, and then led the Whites during the Russian Civil War. He was recognized as the Whites Supreme Ruler from 1919 to 1920.
Lavrenty Kologrivov Lavrenty Kologrivov (also known as Lavrenty Mikhailovich) is a millionaire who sympathizes with the ideas of the revolution. He is Nadya's father, Ivan's host, and Lara's employer.
Lipochka Kologrivova Lipochka Kologrivova is Nadya's younger sister, whom Lara tutors. As an adult, she cares for Lara's daughter while Lara serves as a nurse in the army.
Nadya Kologrivova Nadya Kologrivova is Lara's high school friend and Nika's childhood friend.
Serafima Kologrivova Serafima Kologrivov is Nadya's mother and Lavrenty's wife.
Koka Kornakov Koka Kornakov dances with Lara at the Sventitskys' Christmas party before she accidentally shoots him.
Lidochka Kostoed Lidochka Kostoed (also known as Kostoed-Amursky, Berendey, and Comrade Lidochka), a revolutionary cooperator, is one of the conscripted laborers on the train to the Ural Mountains.
Ivan Kruger Ivan Kruger (also known as Ivan Ernestovich) is Anna Ivanova's father and the former owner of a factory and dacha in Varykino.
Ksiusha Ksiusha is the adopted/illegitimate daughter from Vlasushka Galuzin's first marriage.
Kubarikha Kubarikha (also known as Medvedikha and Zlydarikha) is a Red Army wife known to be a veterinarian and witch doctor.
Lagodina Lagodina, an attendee at Lara and Pasha's wedding, is the mother of one of Lara's classmates.
Kerenyi Lajos Kerenyi Lajos (also known as Comrade Layoff) is a doctor and prisoner of war from the Hungarian Communist Party who works alongside Yuri and Marina's younger daughter.
Lyubeznov Lyubeznov is a merchant in Krestovozdvizhensk.
Senya Magidson Senya Magidson is the photograph retoucher in Krestovozdvizhensk.
Marfa Marfa (also known as Auntie Marfusha) is the signalman's wife who raises Tanya and goes insane.
Vakkh Mekhonoshin Vakkh Mekhonoshin transports the Zhivagos from the Torfyanaya train station to Varykino.
Ararky Mikulitsyn Ararky Mikulitsyn (also known as Averky Stephanovich, Mikulich, and Siverka) is the manager of the factory in Varykino and a member of the Constituent Assembly.
Elena Mikulitsyn Elena Mikulitsyn (also known as Elena Proklovna, Mikulichna, Lenochka, and Lenok) is Mikulitsyn's second wife.
Koska Nekhvalenykh Koska Nekhvalenykh, an Ermolai fistfighter, flees to the Forest Brotherhood with the other White recruits after being wanted for treason. He is executed for planning to sabotage Liberius.
Nyusha Nyusha is the Zhivagos' nanny.
Katya Ogryzkova Katya Ogryzkova is Palasha Tyagunova's rival for Prokhor Pritulyev's affections.
Vonifaty Orletsov Vonifaty Orletsov, Christina Orletsova's father, is Nika Dudorov's cellmate in prison.
Christina Orletsova Christina Orletsova is Nika's fiancée who became a martyr during World War II.
Fedka Ostromyslensky Fedka Ostromyslensky briefly took care of Yuri between his stay with his Uncle Nikolai and his residence with the Gromekos. Fedka used the money earmarked for Yuri's care for himself.
Otviazhistin Otviazhistin, a fishmonger, is the village head of Maly Ermolai, where the Easter riot takes place.
Pachkolia Pachkolia is one of the orderlies in the Forest Brotherhood who made and sold moonshine.
Sanka Pafnutkin Sanka Pafnutkin started the Easter uproar by refusing to take off his clothes for the White Army medical examination. He flees to the Forest Brotherhood and is executed for his role in the attempt to sabotage Liberius.
Pamphil Palykh Pamphil Palykh, a member of the Forest Brotherhood, is so terrified that the Whites will kill his wife and children that he does it himself.
Pavel Pavel is the handyman and watchman at the publishing house where Nikolai works.
Petenka Petenka is Marfa and Vassily's son who dies at the hands of a robber.
Pogorevishkih Pogorevishkih (full name: Maxim Aristarkhovich Klintsov-Pogorevshikh) is the deaf-mute of Zybushino lore whom Yuri meets on the train home to Moscow.
Povarikhin Povarikhin is the station master at the Meliuzeevo train station.
Prokhor Pritulyev Prokhor Pritulyev (also known as Prokho Kharitonovich), a former cashier in a state wine shop, is one of the conscripted laborers who escapes from the train in the Ural Mountains.
Prosector The prosector, who is responsible for dissecting corpses for display and demonstrations, tells Yuri how to prepare his home and office for winter since there are no longer any tradespeople in Moscow.
Seryozha Rantsevich Seryozha Rantsevich is the White soldier Yuri shot by accident during his only frontline combat during the civil war.
Robber The robber kills Vassily Afanasievich and Petenka.
Gushka Ryabykh Gushka Ryabykh is Terenty Galuzin's friend who flees to the Forest Brotherhood with the other White recruits after being wanted for treason. He is executed for planning to sabotage Liberius.
Rzhanitsky Rzhanitsky, an anarchist, is executed for his involvement in the plans to sabotage the Forest Brotherhood.
Anfim Samdevyatov Anfim Samdevyatov (also known as Anfim Efimovich) is the know-it-all lawyer the Zhivagos meet on the train to the Ural Mountains. He takes care of them, and many others, during the civil war.
Efim Samdevyatov Efim Samdevyatov, Anfim's father, donated a house that became the Institute of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Yuriatin.
Shura Schlesinger Shura Schlesinger is Anna Ivanova's best friend.
Agafya Shchapova Agafya Shchapova (also known as Agafya Tikhonovna) is Markel's wife.
Marina Shchapova Marina Shchapova (also known as Marinka) is Markel's daughter and Yuri's third common-law wife.
Markel Shchapov Markel Shchapov is the Gromekos'/Zhivagos' yard porter and a rumored drunk.
Shmulevich Shmulevich is the ladies' tailor in Krestovozdvizhensk.
Shtrodakh Shtrodakh is a photographer in Krestovozdvizhensk.
Sivobluy Sivobluy is Liberius's personal agent who double-crosses the men involved in the scheme to hand over Liberius to the Whites.
Prov Solokov Prov Solokov (also known as Prov Afanasyevich) is a distant relative of Marfa Tiverzin.
Colonel Strese Colonel Strese is the leader of the White Army regiment that rioted on Easter.
Princess Stolbunova-Enrizzi Princess Stolbunova-Enrizzi is the elder Zhivago's lover, who lives in Omsk.
Stove man The stove man is a doctor of philosophy who poorly installs Yuri's stove.
Strelnikov "Strelnikov" is Pasha's revolutionary pseudonym. Locals call him "the Executioner" for all of the destruction wrought by his artillery train.
Stydobsky Stydobsky is a homeopath who used to treat Olga Galuzina.
Svirid Svirid is a hunter/trapper who attends the illegal Bolshevik meeting in Krestovozdvizhensk.
Tarasiuk Tarasiuk is the former hospital maintenance worker, a jack-of-all-trades who left his employment to join the Red Army.
Kiprian Tiverzin Kiprian Tiverzin (also known as Kiprian Savelyevich, Savelyevich, Kuprinka, and Tiverzin) is the employee at the Moscow railway station who protects Yusup from Khudoleev.
Marfa Tiverzina Marfa Tiverzina (also known as Marfa Gavrilovna) is Kiprian's mother, Savely's widow, and Nadya's grandmother. She cares for Pasha after his father is exiled.
Savely Tiverzin Savely Tiverzin (also known as Savely Nikitich) is Kiprian Tiverzin's late father.
Lev Tolstoy Lev Tolstoy, commonly known as Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peace, is cited throughout the narrative.
Tomik Tomik is the puppy that barks during the secret Bolshevik meeting in Krestovozdvizhensk.
Agrippina Tuntseva Agrippina Tuntseva (also known as Agrippina Severinovna and Agrafena) is Mikulitsyn's first wife and Liberius's mother. She dies just before the 1919 revolution.
Evodokia Tuntseva Evodokia Tuntseva (also known as Evdokia Severinovna and Avdotya) is Yuriatin's librarian.
Serafima Tuntseva Serafima Tuntseva (also known as Serafima Severinovna, Sima, and Simushka) is the most intelligent of the Tuntseva sisters and is rumored to be slightly insane.
Glafira Tuntseva Glafira Tuntseva (also known as Glafira Severinovna) has held many jobs in Yuriatin, including barber. She is the seamstress who cuts Yuri's hair and shaves his face after he returns from the Forest Brotherhood.
Palasha Tyagunova Palasha Tyagunova (also known as Pelageya Nilovna and Auntie Palasha), the sister of Olga Galuzina, is Prokhor Pritulyev's lover. She follows him on the train to the Ural Mountains, but they are separated during their escape.
Tyshkevich Tyshkevich is the cellist who lives next door to the Guichards before they move into the Montenegro Hotel.
Unnamed Politician Yuri finds the unnamed politician unconscious on the sidewalk and brings him to safety. In return, the unnamed politician gets Yuri out of several tricky situations.
Ustinya 1 Ustinya is the former first cook of Countess Zhabrinskaya and an outspoken defender of justice.
Ustinya 2 Ustinya is the Mikulitsyns' maid.
Nikolai Vedenyapin Nikolai Vedenyapin (also known as Nikolai Nikolaevich) is Yuri's uncle who cares for Yuri after Marya's death.
Vdovichenko Vdovichenko (also known as the Black Banner) is an anarchist who is in political exile in Khodatskoe, then is later killed for trying to sabotage the Forest Brotherhood.
Vitsyn Vitsyn is a White Army commander fighting the Forest Brotherhood.
Rufina Voit-Voitkovskaya Rufina Voit-Voitkovskaya (also known as Rufina Onisimovna and Voitessa) is the friend of Komarovsky who rents a room to Lara after her breakdown at the Sventitskys' Christmas party.
Voroniuk Voroniuk guards the conscripted laborers on the train to the Ural Mountains. He escapes with Pritulyev and Vasya.
Ivan Voskoboinikov Ivan Voskoboinikov (also known as Ivan Ivanovich) is a writer Yuri and Nikolai visit in 1903.
Nil Vyvolochinov Nil Vyvolochinov (also known as Nil Feoktistovich) is the friend of Nikolai Nikolaevich, who asks him to speak at a benefit for political exiles.
Zevorotkina Zevorotkina is one of the Zhivagos' tenants in Moscow.
Countess Zhabrinskaya Countess Zhabrinskaya is the owner of Razdolnoe, the mansion-turned-hospital in Meliuzeevo.
Elder Zhivago The elder Zhivago, Yuri's father, was once a wealthy industrialist. Long estranged from the family, he commits suicide when Yuri is 12.
Kapitolina Zhivago Kapitolina Zhivago (also known as Kapka) is Yuri and Marina's older daughter.
Klavdia Zhivago Klavdia Zhivago (also known as Klashka) is Yuri and Marina's younger daughter.
Marya Zhivago Marya Zhivago (also known as Marya Nikolaevna and Masha) is Yuri's mother, who died of consumption when Yuri was 10 years old.
Sashenka Zhivago Sashenka Zhivago (also known as Shurochka) is Yuri and Tonya's son.
Zhuk Zhuk is a photographer in Krestovozdvizhensk.
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