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Bram Stoker

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Stanley Stepanic, Professor of Slavic Languages & Literatures at the University of Virginia, explains characters in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula.

Dracula | Characters

Character Description
Dracula Dracula is a vampire with ambitions to command a larger realm than the small area of Transylvania, his ancestral home; proud, intelligent, and determined, he invades London to spread vampirism, perhaps in order to bring about a new order in the then modern world. Read More
Van Helsing Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, an expert in multiple fields who continues to learn even at age 72, grasps the evil behind Lucy's illness and becomes the leader of the young Londoners, in addition to Quincey Morris, who oppose Dracula's plans. Read More
John Seward John (Jack) Seward is a man of science, though somewhat unethical, whose understanding of the world is challenged by Dracula's actions in London but who, once convinced, is a tireless enemy of Dracula and defender of Lucy and Mina. Read More
Lucy Westenra Lucy Westenra is Mina's best friend and Holmwood's fiancée. Pretty and childlike, Lucy attracts Dracula, who begins to transform her into a vampire, until Van Helsing saves her soul—though not her body—from that fate. Read More
Mina Murray Mina Murray is a bright, practical, able young woman who trains, informally, to be useful to her future husband, Jonathan Harker, help her husband; a devoted friend, she tries to protect Lucy and later uses her skills to help track Dracula. Read More
Jonathan Harker Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor (lawyer), is diligent and honorable, traits Dracula co-opts in his plan to spread vampirism in England; but when Dracula threatens Mina, Harker's tenacity enables him to endure horrors as he pursues the vampire. Read More
Thomas Bilder Thomas Bilder is a zookeeper at London's Zoological Gardens; he gives an interview to a paper about the odd escape of a wolf from the zoo.
Mr. S.F. Billington Samuel Billington is the lawyer with whom Dracula contracts to get the boxes of earth moved to his London house.
Sam Bloxam Bloxam is a laborer who provides vital information to Harker about nine boxes of earth he moved from Carfax to Piccadilly.
J.M. Caffyn Caffyn is the surgeon called to examine the dead captain lashed to the wheel of the Demeter, the ship that brings Dracula to England.
Captain The Demeter's captain is found dead, tied to the ship's wheel, when it grounds at Whitby; his log reveals the ship's tragic losses.
Clerk This unnamed "prig" won't reveal anything to Harker but gladly informs Lord Godalming (Holmwood) that a "Count de Ville" bought the house in Piccadilly.
Coach driver The driver is a nervous man who makes a last-moment effort to keep Jonathan Harker from keeping his appointment with Dracula on the Borgo Pass.
Crew The Demeter's crew includes a cook, second mate, and five men; the ship's log suggests Dracula kills and feeds on them all.
Donelson Donelson is the Scottish captain of the Czarina Catherine who reports a suspiciously fast voyage from London to the Black Sea.
First Mate The Demeter's first mate is a suspicious man and the only crew member who suspects the evil on the ship for what it is.
Quincey Harker Mina and Jonathan's son is named for Quincey Morris, who dies saving Mina and Jonathan in the final battle with the Szgany (gypsies).
Mr. Peter Hawkins Mr. Hawkins is the lawyer who employs Jonathan Harker and who sends him to Transylvania in his place; the men later become partners.
Dr. Patrick Hennessey Dr. Hennessey is on staff at the asylum run by Dr. Seward and acts on his behalf while he is in Hillingham with Lucy.
Immanuel Hildesheim Hildesheim is the agent in Galatz who receives the box of earth when the Czarina Catherine arrives in port.
Arthur Holmwood Arthur Holmwood is an aristocratic young man engaged to Lucy; kind and easily moved, Holmwood uses his influence and wealth to avenge Lucy's death.
Landlady The landlady is a worried woman who warns Jonathan Harker not to visit the Castle Dracula and gives Harker her crucifix in Bistritz.
Landlord The landlord is a frightened man who wants as little to do with Dracula's guest as possible.
Mr. Marquand Mr. Marquand is Mrs. Westenra's lawyer and comes to Hillingham, after her death, to explain her will.
Quincey Morris Quincey Morris is a friendly Texan, one of Lucy's suitors, a long-time companion of Holmwood and Seward, and a courageous defender of Mina against Dracula.
Renfield R.M. Renfield is Dr. Seward's "zoöphagous" (1897 edition spelling) patient, who eats small animals to "absorb" their "strong life" and who awaits Dracula's arrival in England eagerly.
Seward's attendant A burly man, the assistant cares for Renfield and other patients and helps Seward with his research.
Simmons Simmons is one of the attendants at the lunatic asylum. He discovers Renfield injured and bleeding.
Sister Agatha Sister Agatha is the nun who writes to Mina from the hospital in Buda-Pesth about Jonathan's long illness and fragile recovery.
Petrof Skinsky Skinsky is hired to transfer the box of earth in which Dracula travels from the Czarina Catherine to the river boat; Dracula kills him to hide his trail.
Rufus Smith Rufus Smith, Holmwood's associate at Lloyd's in London, reports to the Vice-Consul in Varna on the Czarina Catherine's progress.
Joseph Smollet Smollet is one of the men Renfield attacks as they cart the boxes of earth to Carfax.
Thomas Snelling Snelling is one of the men Renfield attacks as they cart the boxes of earth to Carfax.
Mr. Swales Mr. Swales is an elderly inhabitant of Whitby who tells Mina stories about deaths, ghosts, and legends.
Szgany workmen These men work for Dracula, likely in return for not being preyed upon by him; yet they fear him all the same.
The three vampire women Two dark-haired women and one fair woman are Dracula's consorts; they appear as a trio and are always ravenous for blood.
Mrs. Westenra Though a minor character, Lucy's mother helps her daughter prepare for her wedding and plays a part in the action leading to her daughter falling to Dracula's powers.
The Westenras' maids Four maids, three adults and one young woman, care for Lucy and her mother but prove somewhat incompetent in the face of Lucy's crisis.
Dr. Vincent Dr. Vincent cares for a child Lucy has bitten near Hampstead; he believes a bat bit the child.
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