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Bram Stoker

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Dracula | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Early May

    Harker arrives in Transylvania to meet Dracula and assist him as a lawyer.

    Chapter 1
  • May

    Harker realizes he is Dracula's prisoner.

    Chapter 2
  • July

    Harker escapes from Dracula's castle.

    Chapter 4
  • Late April–May

    Lucy accepts Holmwood's proposal.

    Chapter 5
  • June

    Dejected after Lucy rejects him, Seward focuses on diagnosing Renfield.

    Chapter 5
  • July

    Mina and Lucy vacation in Whitby.

    Chapter 6
  • August

    Dracula arrives in Whitby and begins his attacks on Lucy.

    Chapter 7
  • September

    Back in London, Van Helsing and Seward treat Lucy's illness, but because of mistakes, she grows worse.

    Chapter 10
  • September

    Mina brings Harker, shaken and fragile, home to England.

    Chapter 12
  • September

    Lucy succumbs to Dracula's curse.

    Chapter 13
  • Late September

    Van Helsing and the young men destroy Un-Dead Lucy.

    Chapter 16
  • Late September

    Mina begins to organize notes at the asylum.

    Chapter 17
  • Early October

    Dracula begins to attack Mina.

    Chapter 19
  • Early October

    Renfield warns the others, who are busy locating Dracula's lairs.

    Chapter 20
  • October

    Dracula kills Renfield and flees England.

    Chapter 21
  • October

    Mina resists the curse and helps the men plot the pursuit.

    Chapter 23
  • Late October

    Van Helsing leads the team to Castle Dracula to kill the vampires.

    Chapter 23
  • November

    The men destroy Dracula and release Mina from the curse.

    Chapter 27

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Headnote In an introductory note to readers, the writer—possibly one of the heroes who faced and defeated Dracula—explains the ri... Read More
Chapter 1 Harker's May 3rd entry describes his journey to Transylvania in the remote Carpathians. Harker adds notes from his studi... Read More
Chapter 2 Harker adds to his May 5th entry. At the castle, the driver helps Harker out of the carriage and drives away, leaving Ha... Read More
Chapter 3 The May 8th entry continues: Harker frantically runs through the castle, checking doors and windows for an exit. Calming... Read More
Chapter 4 Later on May 16th, Harker wakes in the guest bed. His clothes are neatly folded nearby, and his watch is unwound—these a... Read More
Chapter 5 Mina's May 9th letter to Lucy opens with an apology: A busy assistant schoolmistress, she's also been learning shorthand... Read More
Chapter 6 On July 24th Mina joins Lucy and her mother at the seaside resort of Whitby. Mina adds to her journal on August 1st. She... Read More
Chapter 7 Mina pastes an article by a Whitby correspondent in her journal. The article describes a sudden August storm and its odd... Read More
Chapter 8 Mina adds to her August 10th entry late that night. She and Lucy return tired from a long walk. Lucy seems to sleep well... Read More
Chapter 9 On August 24th Mina writes to Lucy from Buda-Pesth, where she finds Jonathan thin and sick. He seems uncertain of himsel... Read More
Chapter 10 Seward dispatches a brief letter to Holmwood on September 6th: Lucy's condition is worse, but Mrs. Westenra has confiden... Read More
Chapter 11 Before she sleeps on September 12th, Lucy records her gratitude for Van Helsing's help. She has been torn between "the p... Read More
Chapter 12 On September 18th Seward hurries to Hillingham in the morning and knocks, but no one answers. When Van Helsing arrives, ... Read More
Chapter 13 The woman who prepares Lucy's body for burial, Seward reports, is amazed by her beauty in death, saying, "It's quite a p... Read More
Chapter 14 Mina writes, on September 23rd, how proud she is of Jonathan's efforts to take up Mr. Hawkins' tasks. Since he must work... Read More
Chapter 15 Van Helsing's accusation infuriates Seward, but Van Helsing explains that his long path to the truth was meant to spare ... Read More
Chapter 16 Seward's diary continues. Just before midnight, Van Helsing and the young men arrive at the tomb, where Seward confirms ... Read More
Chapter 17 Seward returns with Van Helsing to his hotel to find a telegram from Mina Harker saying she's on the way with news. Van ... Read More
Chapter 18 Seward's September 30th entry describes how he finds Morris and Holmwood at the asylum studying the transcripts Harker's... Read More
Chapter 19 At five a.m. on October 1st, Harker writes that he goes to Carfax with less anxiety because Mina, having made her contri... Read More
Chapter 20 Jonathan records, on the evening of October 1st, his meetings with the men who carted the boxes to Carfax, Joseph Smolle... Read More
Chapter 21 Seward attempts, in his October 3rd entry, to record every detail calmly. He finds Renfield bloody on the floor, his fac... Read More
Chapter 22 Harker's October 3rd entry records his deep distress and disordered thoughts after Dracula's attack on Mina. Before Drac... Read More
Chapter 23 Seward's October 3rd entry supplements Harker's. Seward records how Van Helsing tries to help Harker endure the lull bef... Read More
Chapter 24 Van Helsing leaves a message for Harker on Seward's phonograph telling Harker to guard Mina while he and the other young... Read More
Chapter 25 On October 11th Seward writes in his diary on behalf of Harker, who wants the details of recent events recorded but is t... Read More
Chapter 26 Seward writes while on the train to Galatz, early on October 29th. They know through Mina's trance that Dracula's box is... Read More
Chapter 27 On November 1st Mina records her travels toward Castle Dracula with Van Helsing. Though the people they encounter are pl... Read More
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