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James Joyce

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Dubliners | Characters

Character Description
Child narrator ("Araby") The child narrator in "Araby" is a young boy who wants to impress a girl he likes with a special gift. Read More
Eveline Eveline in "Eveline" is a young woman who longs to escape her oppressive father but fears the unknown. Read More
Little Chandler Little Chandler in "A Little Cloud" works a desk job but wonders what else life might have to offer him. Read More
Mrs. Mooney Mrs. Mooney owns a boarding house where she pressures one of the tenants into marrying her daughter after they have an affair in "The Boarding House." Read More
Maria Maria in "Clay" works in a laundry and loves her surrogate family but fears dying alone. Read More
Tom Kernan Tom Kernan is a tea merchant whose drinking has become a serious problem in "Grace." Read More
Gabriel Conroy Gabriel Conroy is a professor who questions his beliefs and ponders his mortality after a party in "The Dead." Read More
Mr. Alleyne Mr. Alleyne is Farrington's demanding boss in "Counterparts."
Alphy Alphy is one of the boys Maria nursed as a child in "Clay."
Annie Annie is Little Chandler's overwhelmed wife and mother to their child in "A Little Cloud."
Aunt Kate Aunt Kate is one of Gabriel Conroy's aunts who hosts an annual party in "The Dead."
Aunt Julia Aunt Julia is one of Gabriel Conroy's aunts, known for her singing voice in "The Dead."
Gretta Conroy Gretta Conroy is Gabriel Conroy's wife in "The Dead."
Corley Corley is a young man who seduces a housemaid and convinces her to steal money for him in "Two Gallants."
Mr. Cotter Mr. Cotter is a neighbor to the narrator in "The Sisters," who brings the news of Father Flynn's death and speculates as to the dead priest's peculiar behavior.
Mr. Crofton Mr. Crofton is a political conservative working on the Tierney campaign in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room."
Mr. Cunningham Mr. Cunningham takes charge of the plan to get Tom Kernan to stop drinking in "Grace."
Miss Delacour Miss Delacour is a law client who becomes the object of Farrington's wrath in "Counterparts."
Leo Dillon Leo Dillon is one of the friends slated to skip school in "An Encounter," but he does not join his friends for their day out.
Mrs. Donnelly Mrs. Donnelly is Joe's wife who treats Maria with total kindness in "Clay."
Mr. Doran Mr. Doran is a young man who has an affair with his landlady Mrs. Mooney's daughter in "The Boarding House."
Mr. Duffy Mr. James Duffy in "A Painful Case" is a moral but lonely man who ends his friendship with a married woman out of fear.
Eliza Eliza is one of Father Flynn's sisters in "The Sisters," who talks about her brother's past with the narrator and his aunt.
Eveline's father Eveline's father is a violent and stingy man who oppresses his daughter in "Eveline."
Farley Farley is a wealthy American who hosts his friends on his yacht for drinking and cards in "After the Race."
Farrington Farrington is a law clerk who forgets his troubles by drinking in pubs and beating his children in "Counterparts."
Mr. Fitzpatrick Mr. Fitzpatrick is a secretary for the arts society that refuses to pay Mrs. Kearney in "A Mother."
Father Flynn The narrator's friend, Father Flynn, is a retired (possibly disgraced) priest who has a stroke and dies in "The Sisters."
Mr. Fogarty Mr. Fogarty is a grocer and friend of Tom Kernan in "Grace."
Frank Frank is a young man who asks Eveline to leave Dublin and come live with him as his wife in Buenos Ayres [sic] in "Eveline."
Michael Furey In "The Dead," Michael Furey is Gretta Conroy's first love who died at age 17.
Gallaher Gallaher is a friend of Little Chandler who makes it big as a reporter in London in "A Little Cloud."
Mr. Henchy Mr. Henchy believes a visit from the king might be good for Ireland in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room."
Mr. Holohan Mr. Holohan is a secretary for the arts society whose good relationship with Mrs. Kearney deteriorates quickly in "A Mother."
Mr. Hynes Other campaign workers suspect Mr. Hynes might be a spy for the other candidate and question his Nationalist leanings in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room."
Miss Ivors Miss Ivors is a party guest who questions Gabriel Conroy's patriotism in "The Dead."
Jimmy Jimmy is a student of comparatively limited means who tries to fit in with extremely wealthy friends in "After the Race."
Joe Maria nursed Joe as a child, and he treats her as family, even as a married adult in "Clay."
Kathleen Mrs. Kearney's daughter Kathleen performs as a piano accompanist in "A Mother."
Mrs. Kearney Mrs. Kearney, in "A Mother," sabotages her own ambitions to have her daughter's piano talents raise her family's social standing.
Mrs. Kernan Mrs. Kernan worries about her husband's drinking and the injuries he incurs in "Grace."
Lenehan Lenehan is a young man who works little and womanizes a lot, but wonders if there might be more to life in "Two Gallants."
Lily Lily is the aunts' housemaid, recently jilted by her boyfriend, in "The Dead."
Mr. Lyons Mr. Lyons is a Conservative worker on the Tierney campaign in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room."
Mahony Mahony accompanies the narrator on a day out in the city in "An Encounter."
Freddy Malins Freddy Malins is a guest at the Christmas party in "The Dead," and is generally dismissed as a drunken buffoon.
Mangan's sister Mangan's sister is the object of the narrator's crush in "Araby."
Mary Jane Mary Jane is Gabriel Conroy's cousin, a talented musician raised by their aunts in "The Dead."
Mr. M'Coy Mr. M'Coy joins the efforts to help Tom Kernan stop drinking in "Grace."
Polly Mooney Polly Mooney has an affair with one of her mother's boarders and must therefore marry him in "The Boarding House."
Nannie Nannie is one of Father Flynn's sisters in "The Sisters," who seems to have been his primary caretaker.
Child narrator ("An Encounter") The child narrator of "An Encounter" is excited to skip school and see the city until he and his friend meet a creepy old man.
Child narrator ("The Sisters") The child narrator in "The Sisters" struggles to understand the death of a priest who was his friend.
Narrator's aunt ("The Sisters") In "The Sisters," the narrator's aunt sends the narrator to visit Father Flynn when he is alive and takes the narrator to pay respects after Father Flynn dies.
Narrator's uncle ("The Sisters") In "The Sisters," the narrator's uncle believes the boy should be outside playing with other children instead of hanging around with an old priest.
Mr. O'Connor Mr. O'Connor is a Tierney campaign worker frustrated about not being paid, which leads him to question the candidate's character in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room."
Old Jack Old Jack is a caretaker at the committee room where Mr. Tierney's campaign staff meet in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room."
The old man Two school boys meet an old man in a field in "An Encounter." His actions are not entirely clear, but the boys find him profoundly unsettling.
Mr. Power Mr. Power brings Tom Kernan home after his accident in the pub and hatches the plan to help him stop drinking in "Grace."
Father Purdon Father Purdon is the priest who delivers the sermon at the religious retreat in "Grace."
Routh Routh is an English friend of Charles Ségouin and the others who get into an argument with Jimmy in "After the Race."
Charles Ségouin Charles Ségouin a wealthy French student who leads a social circle in "After the Race."
Captain Sinico Captain Sinico is a merchant ship captain who ignores his wife in "A Painful Case."
Mrs. Sinico Mrs. Sinico is a lonely wife who is hit by a train after her friendship with a bachelor ends in "A Painful Case."
Mr. Tierney Mr. Tierney is a candidate for city office whose position on Nationalism and the king's upcoming visit are unclear to his supporters in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room."
Tom Tom, Farrington's son in "Counterparts," takes a severe beating when his father comes home drunk.
Villona Villona is a Hungarian student, very poor and obsessed with music, in "After the Race."
Weathers Weathers beats Farrington at arm wrestling in "Counterparts," which stokes Farrington's rage before he goes home.
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