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Elizabeth Gilbert

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Eat, Pray, Love | Book 3, Chapters 103–105 | Summary



Book 3, Chapter 103

Felipe and Gilbert decide to get more involved in Wayan's search for a home. They begin using a realtor, but Wayan likes nothing she sees. She steadily reminds Gilbert that it is "not so simple to buy land in Bali .... Can take long time." Gilbert is also surprised at how expensive land is in Bali. Since everything else is so cheap, she thought $18,000 would be more than enough, but that is not proving true. She also learns "it's almost impossible to find out when land is actually for sale." Another complicating factor is that Wayan must assess the taksu—the spirit—of each place and find it pleasing to her before she will consider it. Gilbert feels increasingly frustrated with the whole process.

Book 3, Chapter 104

Gilbert is grateful for how proactive Felipe is being during this house business. It makes her fall in love with him even more. The feeling is mutual, and he says, "I'm wildly in love with you."

As time ticks down on Gilbert's stay, she begins to wonder what will become of her and Felipe. She does not care to live permanently in Bali, nor is she sure she's ready for the level of commitment they are approaching. Then one day she has two dreams in a row. In the first, her guru tells her she has learned everything she needs to know and should "go out in the world and live a happy life." In the second dream she and Felipe are dining in a New York City restaurant, and Swamiji is also there. From across the way, he raises his glass to her in a toast and mouths "Enjoy."

Book 3, Chapter 105

After several weeks, Gilbert finally gets to have a nice, long visit with Liyer. During her time with him, he checks that she is happy, still meditating, being spoiled by and spoiling Felipe in return. He tells her that she is like a daughter to him, and he extracts a promise from her that she will come back to Bali when he dies to be at his "fun" cremation ceremony.

That day Liyer takes Gilbert to a ceremony he conducts to bless a six-month-old baby. Because the Balinese believe that babies are gods who are sent to earth, they do not let their feet touch the ground until they are six months old, at which time a child is "welcomed to the human race." This ceremony is for a little girl nicknamed Putu, and it lasts for hours in the hot Bali sun. But Putu never cries, remaining "fully present for her transformation ceremony."


Gilbert continues to highlight the uniqueness of Balinese customs and beliefs. She admits she has no qualifications whatsoever for navigating the real estate world of Bali, and she does not judge it harshly. She even says the home search is "odd and satisfying fun." She certainly adores the Balinese culture, perhaps best exemplified by the baby ceremony she witnesses. As she explained in a previous lesson about Balinese culture, the complex web that defines Bali means people must be very sure of exactly where they fit in order to maintain the social balance. In watching Putu's feet touch the ground for the first time, Gilbert notices something very important. The child's damp footprints remain even as she is lifted away, "orienting this child at last onto the great Balinese grid, establishing who she was by establishing where she was." As for Gilbert, where she is most content to be right now, at this moment in time, is in Felipe's arms. Her gurus seem to approve, as indicated by her dreams.

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