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Elizabeth Gilbert

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Eat, Pray, Love | Book 3, Chapters 73–75 | Summary



Book 3, Chapter 73

Many surprises await Gilbert when she arrives in Bali. As she says, "I've never had less of a plan in my life than I do upon arrival in Bali." One of the biggest surprises is that her tourist visa only entitles her to remain in Bali for one month. Suddenly, she doubts her belief in what she views as the prophecy of Ketut Liyer. What exactly did the medicine man say to her?

Book 3, Chapter 74

Gilbert does remember that Liyer lives near the town of Ubud, so she takes a taxi there. She checks into a "small and pretty hotel" that costs less than $10.00 a day, breakfast included. Gilbert describes Ubud as a cultural center, with classy tourists, and decides she will be happy here even if she has been wrong about Liyer's invitation.

Gilbert unpacks and decides to walk around town. But first she stops to ask the worker at the hotel desk, Mario, if he knows anything about Ketut Liyer. She has already befriended Mario (whose real name is Nyoman, one of the four names used by everyone in Bali) because he loves all things Italian and is eager to hear about her time there. Mario does know Liyer, and he says he will take her to his house.

Book 3, Chapter 75

When Gilbert arrives at Liyer's house, he has no idea who she is, even when she tries to jog his memory. Gilbert feels horribly alarmed and desperately rattles off everything she remembers about her previous visit. Finally, when she says she's a book writer, he remembers: "YOU! I remember YOU!" Her relief is huge.

Liyer explains that she looks very different now. He is glad she is happier and suggests they can start working on his English immediately. She reads aloud some letters he has received. Then he updates her on his life. He is married and is busy with his Balinese patients, but because of the terrorist bombings in Bali, his business with tourists has fallen way off. He wants Gilbert to come every day to help him learn English, and he thinks he can teach her Balinese meditation in about three or four months.


Readers might remember what Liyer told Gilbert when they first met several years ago: "You have more good luck than anyone I've ever met." That certainly seems true now, since she finds him so easily. Many people would be unable to travel as casually as Gilbert, to "follow their hearts" the way she can. But as has been clearly established in the first two books of her memoir, she has a level of faith and trust in the universe and destiny that makes travel natural for her. Her nearly magical ability to make friends is also obvious here. Although she stresses the legendary friendliness of the Balinese people, she still has moved with remarkable speed to have a friend in Mario.

This book has two subtitles: "Even in My Underpants, I Feel Different" and "36 Tales About the Pursuit of Balance." Readers should know by now that these subtitles will make more sense as the book unfolds—these subtitles are direct quotes that will appear in episodes Gilbert details throughout the Book 3. However, readers should also bear in mind that the third word in the main title of the memoir is Love. The reference to underpants hints at sexuality and romance, and the fact that this part of her journey is about balance but also seems to be about love indicates that perhaps Gilbert will finally find a way to have a balanced love life.

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