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Elizabeth Gilbert

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Eat, Pray, Love | Book 3, Chapters 82–84 | Summary



Book 3, Chapter 82

Liyer's wife, whom he calls Nyomo, is very suspicious of Gilbert. This bothers Gilbert because she always makes friends so readily. But Nyomo's distrustful attitude changes when Gilbert begins to photocopy all of Liyer's precious healing notebooks so that they will be preserved. When Gilbert brings the fresh copies to him, he is overjoyed and wants his wife to look at them with him. She studies them carefully, and the next time Gilbert comes to visit, Nyomo presents her with hot coffee. She continues bringing her small gifts like this from that day forward. And in a gesture that Gilbert finds incredibly moving, she one day takes one of Gilbert's hands in her own and gives it a "deep, long squeeze ... her love pulsing through her power grip, right up into my arm and all the way down into my guts."

Book 3, Chapter 83

Gilbert makes a friend named Yudhi, who works for the owner of the house she is renting, taking care of the property. He is Indonesian, 27 years old, and a wonderful musician.

As a teenager Yudhi was able to get a job on a cruise ship that landed him exactly where he wanted to go, New York City, where he hoped to work in show business. He lived in New Jersey, working hard at dead-end jobs but still loving the fact he was there. He fell in love with an American girl, Ann, and they married and moved to Brooklyn. He was so happy., but then the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 happened and Yudhi's dreams of citizenship were ripped away from him. So was his happiness. He was deported to Indonesia and had not seen his wife since. As a result, their marriage is on the rocks.

Book 3, Chapter 84

When Gilbert asks Liyer to explain why the world is such a crazy place, he just laughs and tells her, "worry about your craziness only." Then he teaches her a new meditation known as Four Brothers Meditation. It is based on the Balinese belief that each person enters the world with four invisible brothers. They first appear as the placenta, the amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord, and the wax on the baby's skin. When a baby is born, as much of these four things as possible is collected and buried in a coconut by the baby's family's front door, to be tended like a shrine.

All Balinese children are taught that these four brothers are always with them and will protect them. The brothers are represented by four virtues—intelligence, friendship, strength, and poetry—and can be called upon at any time. When a person dies, the brothers take their soul to heaven.

Liyer teaches Gilbert the names of her four brothers and advises her to talk to them throughout the day. At night she should call on them to shield her from demons and nightmares. When she describes a recurrent nightmare she has to Liyer, in which a man with a knife is standing beside her bed, he points out that this is not a nightmare, but confirmation that her brother who represents strength is there to guard her. He lets her know that she is very lucky to be able to see a brother because it is a very rare gift.


Gilbert's experiences in Bali seem somehow familiar. She is proceeding through her life there in the same way she did in Italy and India. She is learning lessons that are helpful to her on her quest; she is making friends and empathetically listening to their stories (she is even able to gain the love of Liyer's distrustful wife); she is expanding her worldview.

As she has throughout all her travels, Gilbert finds ways to apply her new lessons as she acquires them. The day she learns the Four Brothers Meditation, she comes across a big male monkey who threatens her as she rides her bicycle. "Back off, Jack," she says, advising the monkey that she has four brothers protecting her. Also, as she has throughout her journey, she treasures the important new words she collects. She delights in knowing the names of the four brothers and the name they know her by (Lagoh Prano, or "Happy Body"). She perfects her skillful way of capturing the ways people talk, whether it is Liyer's broken English or Yudhi's California-surfer-dude banter.

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