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Elizabeth Gilbert

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Eat, Pray, Love | Book 3, Chapters 97–99 | Summary



Book 3, Chapter 97

The night after she denies Felipe, Gilbert becomes his lover. He tells her that all he seeks is "permission to adore [her] for as long as [she] wanted him to." Gilbert describes her memory of that night, best represented by the white mosquito netting that to her looks like a parachute to "escort me out of the side exit of the solid, disciplined airplane which had been flying me during these few years." This parachute drops her safely down in a beautiful place between her past and her future, where all she hears is "beautiful, beautiful, beautiful."

Book 3, Chapter 98

In the morning Gilbert departs on a long-planned weeklong trip around Bali with Yudhi. When he sees her, Yudhi notices a difference, and he is happy when he hears her news. Then they go about the business of having a wonderful time on their "fake American road trip across Bali." Sticking to the coastline, teasingly insulting each other all day long in American slang, they eat junk food, sing American songs, and pretend they are back in America. They swim, drink beer, make friends with everyone they meet, and participate in several ceremonies. Each day Gilbert talks to Felipe on the phone and listens to him telling her that he is falling in love with her. On the last day of their trip, Gilbert and Yudhi transport themselves to New York City in their minds. They talk about places they have both been and feel homesick. But Gilbert knows she can go back to New York any time she wants, whereas Yudhi cannot.

Book 3, Chapter 99

When she returns to Ubud, Gilbert goes straight to Felipe's house and falls fully into their love affair. They happily learn that they "are a perfectly matched, genetically engineered belly-to-belly success story." She feels more relaxed than she ever has in her life. She finds it easy to slide into meditation each morning and to give thanks while wondering why her life ever seemed difficult.


The Gilbert of these chapters is so different from the Gilbert readers met at the start of Eat, Pray, Love. She truly has evolved into a person who can accept her life without pushing against it, who can accept the goodness she is given without feeling she somehow does not deserve it. When she visits Liyer and he quizzes her about how Felipe is treating her, he confirms how much she deserves all good things. She should be loved; she should be spoiled. He also reminds her that she should continue to meditate. That does not seem to be in question for Gilbert because meditation has now become a natural, easy part of her life.

The one sadness in these chapters is Yudhi's situation. Perhaps Gilbert needs to be reminded that life is not easy for everyone, even though she can't seem to remember why her life became so difficult. This notion comes up again when she talks to her best friend, Susan, on the phone and seems to dismiss her complaints rather carelessly. The last thing Gilbert should become is cavalier about her hard-won happiness.

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