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Eat, Pray, Love | Characters

Character Description
Elizabeth Gilbert Elizabeth "Liz" Gilbert is the author of the memoir Eat, Pray, Love. She writes about an important year in her life when she travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia and finds herself. She reveals intimate details of her journey and provides an unflinching look at earlier events in her life leading to her depression. Read More
Ketut Liyer Ketut Liyer is an elderly, highly respected medicine man Gilbert meets while she is on a writing assignment in Bali. He accurately reads her palm and tells her she must come back to Bali some time and stay several months. Gilbert builds her trip around her belief in his knowledge of her destiny. Read More
David David is the lover Gilbert takes immediately upon leaving her unnamed husband. He is an extraordinarily handsome actor and writer who draws Gilbert to him like a magnet, but who withdraws as her emotional stability diminishes. Read More
Richard Richard is Gilbert's friend and advisor at the ashram in India. From Texas, he has lived a turbulent life and is full of earthy advice. Read More
Felipe Felipe is the older Brazilian man Gilbert takes as a lover in Bali and then gets into a committed relationship with. He is deeply romantic and wise, and he treats her like a queen. Read More
Wayan Nuriyasih Wayan Nuriyasih is the beautiful young Bali healer whom Gilbert befriends and raises money for so she can buy a house. Wayan is divorced and has an eight-year-old daughter and two orphans she has taken in; she is a strong and unusual Balinese woman. Read More
Luca Spaghetti Luca Spaghetti is the tax accountant in his 30s who befriends Gilbert in Italy. He enjoys taking her to restaurants and soccer games, and he is very kind to her. Read More
Adam Adam is a young, hip screenwriter from Los Angeles whom Gilbert and Felipe meet in Bali. He comes to Gilbert's 35th birthday party at Wayan's.
Ann Ann is the pretty, young wife of Yudhi who is left behind in New York when he is deported back to Indonesia after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
Armenia Armenia is the gorgeous Brazilian friend of Wayan who invites Gilbert to Felipe's party in Bali. She runs a global marketing business.
Arturo Arturo is the young Mexican journalist who welcomes Gilbert to the Indian ashram.
Big Ketut Big Ketut is the elder of the two orphan girls Wayan takes into her home.
Bob Bob is a friend of Gilbert's from Utah. A neuroscientist, and a yoga enthusiast, he explains his understanding of chakras to her. He also points out the significance of Tutti's name.
Catherine Catherine is Gilbert's older sister, whom she idolized in an unhealthy way as a child, and who now gives her all the love and support she could ever need.
Celeste Celeste is a tiny, elderly woman with whom Gilbert has a brief conversation in a park when she first arrives in Italy.
Corella Corella is Gilbert's first roommate at the Indian ashram. Gilbert seeks her advice about her meditation difficulties, but Corella cannot relate to Gilbert's problems since meditation comes easily to her.
Dario Dario is the twin brother of Giovanni, but is more "razzle-dazzle" than his brother. He starts dating Sofie when Gilbert introduces them in Italy.
Deborah Deborah is Gilbert's friend, a noted psychologist and feminist writer who comes from Philadelphia to Rome to celebrate Thanksgiving with her.
Delia Delia is Gilbert's second roommate at the Indian ashram. She accidentally locks Gilbert in their room so that she has to jump out of a window.
Elizabeth 1 Elizabeth 1 is one of the first friends Gilbert makes in Italy. She is an American novelist.
Elizabeth 2 Elizabeth 2 is an American food writer who becomes one of Gilbert's early friends in Italy. She knows all the best restaurants in Rome.
Gale Gale is the second wife of Gilbert's grandfather, who shares with her the story of her romance in Italy in the 1930s.
Gilbert's father Gilbert's father is a rather solitary man who often seems to leave the world and go off in his own universe. He works hard at farming, but not so hard at relationships, yet Gilbert loves him more than anyone else.
Gilbert's husband Gilbert never names her husband, to whom she was married for six years when they separate. She does not disclose many details about him except for his hostility during the divorce, but she refrains from bashing him, saying their relationship was complicated.
Gilbert's mother Gilbert's mother is a hardworking farmer and nurse and is very organized in the way she runs the household. She has to be independent because Gilbert's father often neglects her. Gilbert is shocked when her mother tells her she has always wished she could count more on her husband's affection.
Giovanni Giovanni is the handsome, rather shy Italian who is Gilbert's "Tandem Exchange Partner" as they help each other learn conversational English and Italian. She develops a crush on him but does not act on it, preferring to stay his buddy.
Giulia Giulia is one of the 12-year-old twin daughters of Mario and Simona, the couple who hosts Luca Spaghetti's Thanksgiving/birthday party in Italy.
Giuliana Giuliana is the girlfriend of Luca Spaghetti. She is in her 30s and has been with him since their teen years. Luca says he loves her "sweet innocence."
Giulio Giulio is an Italian filmmaker who becomes a good friend of Gilbert while she is in Italy. He teaches her the Italian concept of each city and person having a defining word.
God God is a definite character for Gilbert as she struggles to define her spirituality. She talks to God and writes to God all the way through her memoir, describing God as an "all-inclusive and unspeakable entity" and "an experience of supreme love" not associated with any particular belief system.
Hairdresser When Gilbert works as the Key Hostess at the Indian ashram, she shares an office with a former New York City hairdresser who has a great sense of humor.
Ian Ian is a sophisticated, good-looking Welshman. Gilbert finds him alluring. She meets him the same night she meets Felipe.
Indian guru Gilbert never names her Indian guru, but she describes her as physically beautiful, internationally renowned, and spiritually powerful since childhood.
Iva Iva is Gilbert's Lebanese friend who travels with her on a publicity tour and talks her into petitioning God to ask that her divorce be finalized. Within hours, it is.
John John is a seven-year-old, half-American boy who comes to Wayan's birthday party for Gilbert. He speaks German and Indonesian and is fascinated by the United States, where he has never been.
Linda Linda is Gilbert's free-spirited friend from Seattle. They meet on Gilbert's first trip to Bali. She manages a software development team, loves to travel, and meets Gilbert in Venice for a vacation.
Little Ketut Little Ketut is the younger of the two orphans Wayan takes into her home.
Maria Maria is the sexy, hot-tempered, American wife of Giulio. She speaks four languages and yet won't help him learn English because they would argue too much. Gilbert and Giulio practice their conversational English and Italian together, with Maria's blessing.
Mario in Bali Mario, born with the Balinese name Nyoman, is the worker at the hotel Gilbert stays in when first in Bali who helps her find Ketut Liyer and move to the house she rents. He loves everything Italian, which is why he has chosen his nickname.
Mario in Italy Mario in Italy and his wife, Simona, host the Thanksgiving/birthday party for Luca Spaghetti at their home in the mountains outside Rome. He is grateful for his beautiful home and family.
Patrick McDevitt Patrick McDevitt is Gilbert's college friend, who tells her how to get in touch with his good friend Luca Spaghetti in Italy.
Mike Mike is Gilbert's friend who works as a wildlife filmmaker. When he writes to tell her about all the brave people he has met in the Explorers' Club, she decides the Indian ashram retreat attendees are even more courageous.
Monk The unnamed monk is Gilbert's favorite teacher at the Indian ashram and the one she goes to for help regarding her distaste for chanting the Gurugita. He is originally from the United States, easy to talk to, and practical with his advice.
Nick Nick is Gilbert's high-strung, eight-year-old nephew, to whom she decides to dedicate her chanting in order to help him sleep. A week later, her sister confirms that Nick has suddenly stopped having sleeping difficulties.
Nyomo Nyomo is Ketut Liyer's plump, arthritic wife, who has a "fierce old lady look" and is suspicious of Gilbert until Gilbert begins photocopying Liyer's notebooks. Then she becomes very warm and giving toward Gilbert.
Mr. Panicar Mr. Panicar is a tailor in the village near the Indian ashram who always greets Richard and Gilbert with, "Congratulations to meet you!"
Paolo Paolo is a friend of Luca Spaghetti's who goes to soccer games with him and comes to his Thanksgiving/birthday party. He helps clean up after the party.
Plumber A plumber from New Zealand who is also a poet becomes a friend of Gilbert's at the Indian ashram. He gives her a set of instructions helping her finally forgive her ex-husband and put the relationship behind her.
Punk When Gilbert visits the tiny island of Gili Meno off Bali for the first time to give herself a retreat of absolute silence, a nine-year-old punk harasses her daily on the beach with questions like, "Why don't you talk?" He eventually becomes her comic relief, which is what she needs as she struggles with her inner work.
Putu Putu is the nickname of the six-month-old Balinese baby girl whose ceremony—allowing her feet to touch the ground for the first time—Gilbert watches Liyer perform in Bali. Putu is never distracted or fussy during the whole four hours.
Rob Rob is Gilbert's friend who works with autistic patients and has told her of their typical obsession with wishing time could stand still.
Sara Sara is one of the 12-year-old, twin daughters of Mario and Simona, who host Luca Spaghetti's Thanksgiving/birthday party. She says she is thankful that everyone at the party treats her so well because people at school have been bullying her lately.
Sean Sean is a friend Gilbert meets at the Indian ashram. He is an Irish dairy farmer who constantly seeks inner peace.
Seva Office woman The Seva Office runs the business end of the Indian ashram. The unnamed woman who works there advises Gilbert of her new work assignment as Key Hostess.
Simona Simona, who hosts Luca Spaghetti's Thanksgiving/birthday party with her husband, Mario, cries in gratitude for having had such a celebration in her home.
Sofie Sofie is the cute, young Swedish woman Gilbert gets close to in Italy. Like Gilbert, Sofie is in Italy simply because she wants to learn how to speak Italian, but unlike Gilbert, she also has a love affair there—with Giovanni's twin brother, Dario.
Stefania Stefania is a lively young Italian girl Gilbert meets in Bali and befriends. They dance together at the party where Gilbert meets Felipe.
Susan Susan is Gilbert's best friend, the one she tells everything to and turns to for help. Susan is the one who finally gets Gilbert to a psychiatrist to get appropriate help for her depression.
Swamiji Swamiji is the name Gilbert uses to refer to her guru's powerful guru, now deceased. Born wealthy, he adopted a spiritual life of wandering at a young age and eventually became internationally known as a gifted, controversial, demanding, world-changing leader in the Yogic community.
Syracuse fishmonger In the town of Syracuse, in Sicily, Gilbert watches a fishmonger gut fish and asks him where she should eat. He sends her to a fabulous restaurant with no name.
Taormina policeman A policeman in the town of Taormina, in Sicily, gives Gilbert directions to a restaurant where she enjoys a superb meal—her favorite in all of Italy.
Taormina proprietress The friendly, elderly proprietress of the restaurant in Taormina that serves Gilbert's favorite meal in Italy is delighted at Gilbert's suggestion that she "just bring me the best food possible."
Teenage Indian boy Gilbert is fascinated by a teenage Indian boy at the ashram who is very skinny and only has one outfit. He is a gifted drum player and the son of an impoverished local family.
Tulsi Tulsi is the adventure-seeking, 17-year-old Indian girl who scrubs the temple floors with Gilbert. She is devoted to God but rebels against Indian customs, especially those focused on marrying girls off at 18.
Tutti Tutti is Wayan's lovely, nine-year-old daughter, whose deep desire for her own home ultimately drives Gilbert to take action and raise money for the family.
Venetian proprietress A young restaurant owner in Venice, at whose locale Gilbert and Linda dine more than once, is miserable living in the city. After her lover leaves her with three children, she feels doomed to life in the "tomb" of a city where she grew up.
Vivian Vivian is an older woman at the Indian ashram who becomes Gilbert's friend. She is a wise ex-nun with a wonderful sense of humor.
Young shop lady The young shop lady who helps Gilbert find a larger pair of jeans near the end of her time in Italy is very kind and professional.
Yudhi Yudhi is a 27-year-old native Indonesian musician who becomes one of Gilbert's best friends in Bali. They take a vacation all around the island together. Yudhi lived in New York for a while but was deported back to Indonesia after September 11, 2001, leaving his wife behind. He longs to be back in the United States with her and to try to make it as a performer.
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