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Electra | Scene Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Early morning

    Orestes arrives in Mycenae accompanied by his old tutor and friend Pylades, all in disguise.

  • Soon afterward

    Electra and the Chorus discuss her father's death and her long mourning.

  • Next

    After a prophetic nightmare about Agamemnon, Clytemnestra sends Chrysothemis to decorate his grave.

    Episode 1
  • Later

    Clytemnestra defends her murder of Agamemnon and tells Electra to stop mourning him.

    Episode 2
  • Just then

    A messenger (Paedogogus) announces Orestes is dead; Clytemnestra is relieved; Electra despairs.

    Episode 2
  • Afterward

    Electra asks Chrysothemis to help avenge their father; Chrysothemis refuses and advises prudence.

    Episode 3
  • Later

    Orestes admits to Electra he's alive. They plan to carry out their revenge.

    Episode 4
  • Finally

    Orestes kills Clytemnestra and Aegisthus.


Scene Summaries Chart

Scene Summary
Prologos Orestes arrives in Mycenae accompanied by his friend Pylades and his friend and former tutor, Paedagogus. All are in dis... Read More
Parados Electra, dressed as a servant, comes out of the house, mourning her father as she has all the years since his death, abo... Read More
Episode 1 Electra recounts her mother's misdeeds. Not only did Clytemnestra murder her husband, but she and Aegisthus, who helped ... Read More
Stasimon 1 The chorus sings its assurances that justice will come to punish Agamemnon's killers. It then blames the family curse fo... Read More
Episode 2 Clytemnestra comes out of the palace and criticizes Electra for disobeying her when Aegisthus is away. Moreover, Clytemn... Read More
Stasimon 2 The chorus tries to comfort Electra, pointing out that another champion to avenge her father's death may arise. But Elec... Read More
Episode 3 Chrysothemis returns from their father's grave with joyous news: Orestes has returned. Electra scoffs. Chrysothemis expl... Read More
Stasimon 3 In its ode, the chorus wonders why humans do not care for their parents as birds do. It calls Electra "noble," "wise," a... Read More
Episode 4 Orestes arrives with Pylades and two attendants, one of whom carries a funeral urn. All are still in disguise. Orestes a... Read More
Stasimon 4 The chorus sings a short ode looking forward to the conclusion of the long pursuit of vengeance and justice. Read More
Exodos Electra comes out of the palace and tells the chorus that Clytemnestra is decorating Orestes's urn for burial. Electra a... Read More
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