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Orson Scott Card

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Ender's Game | Characters

Character Description
Ender Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is a child and genius military strategist. He is groomed for military leadership from a young age and—although unaware of what he is doing—eventually succeeds in totally destroying the alien race known as buggers. Read More
Valentine Valentine Wiggin, Ender's older sister, is the only person Ender loves and the only one who loves him. She protects him from Peter, but they are separated when he goes to Battle School. Valentine ends up working with her brother Peter to create new identities "on the nets," but she never forgets her baby brother. Read More
Peter Peter Wiggin, Ender's older brother, is an extremely intelligent but violent child who frequently abuses Ender. In later years Peter works with his sister Valentine to create new identities "on the nets," presenting himself as "Locke" and eventually becoming a world leader. Read More
Colonel Graff Colonel Hyrum Graff is the head of Battle School who is later removed from his position so he can tend solely to Ender's development. Read More
Mazer Rackham An international hero who saved the world from the buggers in the last war, Mazer becomes Ender's coach. Read More
Abra Abra is a boy raised on the colony where Ender is governor. It is Abra who finds the Giant's Drink scenes the buggers built to communicate with Ender.
Alai Ender's first real friend, Alai is a member of Ender's launch squad and later one of his squadron leaders at Command School. When they are separated, Alai shares a secret message with Ender that binds them together.
Major Anderson The International Fleet officer in charge of Battle School, Major Anderson repeatedly argues with Colonel Graff about Ender. In the last chapter, Anderson acknowledges Graff was right about Ender.
Bean A very small, very young child in Ender's Dragon Army, Bean resents Ender's attitude toward him. Ender pushes Bean, who becomes a remarkable tactician—almost as good as Ender himself—and eventually one of Ender's squadron leaders.
Bernard A member of Ender's launch squad, Bernard begins harassing Ender in the shuttle on the way to Battle School. Ender retaliates and unintentionally breaks Bernard's arm. This makes Bernard angry, but Ender ensures Bernard has limited power over him in the future.
Bonzo Ender's first commander, Bonzo (pronounced Bone-so), is a passionate Spanish boy with a need for personal honor. Resentful of Ender because Ender is so obviously important despite his youth, Bonzo misuses Ender when Ender is under his command, trades him as soon as possible to another army, and later tries to kill him.
Admiral Chamrajnagar Leader of the fleet and Command School, Admiral Chamrajnagar criticizes Graff for taking so long to get Ender to Command School.
Dap "Mom" of Ender's launch squad, Dap is responsible for the initial training of "Launchies." Later, Dap informs his superiors of Bonzo's plot to beat and possibly kill Ender.
Dink Ender's first toon (platoon) leader, Dink Meeker noticed Ender and asked to have him in the toon. Dink is an excellent toon leader, but although he loves "the game," he won't participate in anything more battle-like because he believes the buggers are no longer a threat.
Hive-Queen The last bugger queen waits for Ender in the Giant's Drink scene the buggers built. When they meet, she shows Ender the buggers' side of the story.
General Pace General Pace is the head of the International Fleet military police. While he can advise Colonel Graff on how to run Battle School, he cannot command him.
Petra One of the few girls in Battle School, Petra Arkanian is a sharpshooter and becomes Ender's friend and shooting coach. In Command School Petra becomes one of Ender's squadron leaders, but she makes a serious mistake in battle, losing many of her ships.
Rose the Nose Ender's second commander, Rose, is extremely proud of his Jewish ancestry because Jewish commanders are believed to be very effective in battle. Nevertheless, Rose is a lazy commander who succeeds largely because of one of his toon leaders, Dink Meeker.
Shen A small boy who is a member of Ender's launch squad at Battle School, Shen becomes a target of Bernard's bullying. Ender and Shen become friends because Bernard hates both of them.
Stilson At Ender's original school, when the bully Stilson attacks Ender, Ender retaliates. Later it is revealed Ender killed Stilson during their fight.
Mrs. Wiggin Ender's mother loves all her children but feels uneasy about their "Third," Ender, because his existence is based on the consent of the IF. She is secretly religious even though religions have been outlawed, and Ender has a dim memory of her praying over him when he was young.
Mr. Wiggin Ender's father loves his children, but having a "Third" makes him uneasy. Colonel Graff points out Ender's dad named all his children after saints even though religions have been outlawed.
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