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Orson Scott Card

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Ender's Game | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Early in Ender's life

    Ender's tracking monitor is removed.

    Chapter 1
  • Later that day

    Ender fights with Stilson.

    Chapter 1
  • The next day

    Ender is recruited to Battle School.

    Chapter 3
  • A few days later

    Ender breaks Bernard's arm on the shuttle to Battle School.

    Chapter 4
  • A few weeks later

    Ender makes friends with Alai.

    Chapter 6
  • Months later

    Ender disobeys Bonzo's directive not to practice with another group.

    Chapter 7
  • Much later

    Ender takes command of Dragon Army.

    Chapter 10
  • One month later

    Dragon Army remains undefeated.

    Chapter 11
  • Later that day

    Bonzo attacks Ender but loses the fight.

    Chapter 12
  • Three months later

    Valentine persuades Ender to keep fighting.

    Chapter 13
  • After a long space voyage

    Ender is trained by Mazer Rackham.

    Chapter 14
  • Later that day

    Ender's friends become his subordinate officers.

    Chapter 14
  • Months later

    Ender's "final examination" is an attack on the bugger home world.

    Chapter 14
  • After the war

    Ender watches Graff's trial and learns what he has done.

    Chapter 15
  • Months later

    Ender agrees to travel with Valentine.

    Chapter 15
  • Many years later

    Inspired by the buggers, Ender becomes Speaker for the Dead.

    Chapter 15

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Two unnamed people are talking about a child who could be "the one" to save the world from "buggers." This child is Andr... Read More
Chapter 2 Two unidentified voices, soldiers, discuss Ender. They praise his violence against Stilson and compare him to someone na... Read More
Chapter 3 The unidentified voices speak again. They identify Valentine as Ender's "weak link," because he will not want to leave h... Read More
Chapter 4 The unidentified voices talk about Ender. They agree Ender needs to be isolated so "he remains creative," but they also ... Read More
Chapter 5 Two unidentified voices—presumably Colonel Graff and another person—discuss Ender. Graff did not intend for the broken a... Read More
Chapter 6 Two unidentified voices discuss Ender again. One is concerned because he is "stuck at the Giant's Drink in the mind game... Read More
Chapter 7 Unidentified voices discuss Ender and the Giant's Drink. One voice is disturbed by Ender's violent response, while the o... Read More
Chapter 8 Colonel Graff and another officer, Major Anderson, discuss the games. Graff has ordered Anderson to create more challeng... Read More
Chapter 9 Colonel Graff demands to know how Peter's photo got in the game. Ender has apparently gone past the programmed section o... Read More
Chapter 10 After Colonel Graff and Anderson agree to it, Ender is promoted to commander at age nine-and-a-half. He will command Dra... Read More
Chapter 11 Colonel Graff and Major Anderson discuss putting Ender's Dragon Army into battles with less than a month of practice. Gr... Read More
Chapter 12 Dap, Ender's old "mom" from his Launchie days, reports Bonzo is organizing a group of students to attack Ender. When ask... Read More
Chapter 13 Two unidentified voices discuss the true identities of Locke and Demosthenes, relatives of "the (sic) Wiggin." One doubt... Read More
Chapter 14 Colonel Graff and Admiral Chamrajnagar discuss plans for Ender's continuing education at Command School. Graff suggests ... Read More
Chapter 15 One year later Colonel Graff is put on trial for what he did to Ender. He talks with Anderson after being acquitted. Gra... Read More
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