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Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War | Study Guide

David D. Laitin, James D. Fearon

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Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War | Glossary


anocracy: (n) political system that is a mix of democracy and an autocracy

ascriptive: (n) assigned status based on a predetermined factor like ethnicity, age, or race

coercive: (adj) describing use of force or threats

comparative politics: (n) a field in political science that compares the governments of countries

culturalist perspective: (n) a model used in political science that interprets culture as an organizing force in human affairs

determinant: (n) something that determines the nature of something or the outcome of a given situation

dichotomous: (n) dividing into two different parts

ex ante: (adj) not based on facts or data but on an estimate or prediction

Gini coefficient: (n) a measure of income distributed across the population

guerrilla: (adj) describing or related to a group of rebels or revolutionaries

interpolated: (v) add something of a different nature into something else

insurgency: (n) an uprising

interstate war: (n) violence or war between two different nations

intranational war: (adj) a war within one existing nation

logit analysis: (n) statistical model used to calculate the probability of something

neotrusteeship: (n) a combination of domestic and international domestic organizations that come together to rebuild failed states

nonmonotonic: (adj) referring to a form of logic used in philosophy

perennialist: (adj) everlasting or enduring

proxies: (n) acting as representatives for someone or something else

tautology: (n) communicating something twice using different words or repetition

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