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Eumenides | Characters

Character Description
Orestes Orestes is the son of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra and a member of the House of Atreus. He is considered the tragic hero of the Oresteia cycle because of his central role in the family saga. Read More
Athena Athena is the goddess of wisdom, reason, and military triumph. She's the patron goddess of the city of Athens. Read More
Apollo Apollo is the god of oracles and prophecy. As one of the most powerful Greek gods, he can purify humans of their guilt. Read More
Chorus The Chorus in Eumenides comprises the Furies or Erinyes, ancient goddesses of the underworld. Read More
Athenian citizens The 10 Athenian citizens constitute the jury at Orestes's trial.
Athenian women The Athenian women escort the Furies to their new home as the play ends. They honor the new era in Athens by singing songs of celebration and preparing animals for sacrifice.
Chorus Leader The Chorus Leader speaks individual lines as a representative of the Chorus of Furies.
Clytaemnestra Clytaemnestra is Agamemnon's wife and murderer. She appears in Eumenides as a ghost seeking revenge for her own death.
Hermes Hermes is the messenger god who watches over humans on long journeys and with a reputation as a thief. Apollo calls on Hermes to accompany Orestes as he flees to Athens, but Clytaemnestra accuses him of stealing her quarry. Though Hermes does not speak lines in the play, his role is significant.
Priestess The Priestess is one of Apollo's servants who can prophesy and predict the future. She is also called the Pythia.
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