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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Experience | Glossary


adroitly: (adv) done in a skillful, clever, or resourceful way

capricious: (n) impulsive or unpredictable

disparage: (v) to depreciate or speak dismissively about

evanescence: (adj) impermanence or transience

expediency: (n) the quality or state of being suited to the end in view

indigence: (n) deep poverty in which hardship is suffered

inscrutable: (adj) not readily investigated, interpreted, or understood

languidly: (adv) done in a slow, sluggish, or exhausted way

odious: (adj) causing or deserving hatred

proclivity: (n) an inclination or predisposition toward something

querulous: (adj) habitually complaining

satiating: (adj) satisfying or filling a desire or appetite completely

sensualism: (n) persistent or excessive pursuit of sensual pleasures and interests

temperament: (n) characteristic or habitual inclination, disposition, or personality

transcendent: (adj) extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience

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