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Fahrenheit 451 | Study Guide

Ray Bradbury

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Learn about the characters in Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 with Course Hero’s video study guide.

Fahrenheit 451 | Characters

Character Description
Montag Guy Montag is a fireman who has begun to question the role he serves as a book burner in a repressive society. Read More
Beatty Captain Beatty, Montag's boss at the firehouse, is a literary expert who believes in his mission to destroy books. Read More
Clarisse Clarisse McClellan, Montag's neighbor, is a young nonconformist in a society that does not tolerate nonconformity. Read More
Mildred Mildred, Montag's wife, is a conformist who is obsessed with meaningless television. Read More
Faber Faber, a retired English professor, mentors Montag's rebellion but is unwilling to become a true rebel himself. Read More
Granger Granger, a retired professor, leads a group of literary rebels who hope to rebuild society. Read More
Old woman The old woman is a book owner who burns herself alive rather than watch the firemen burn her hidden stash of books.
Black Black, whose name is symbolic of burning and the dominant society's preference for ignorance over knowledge, is one of Montag's fellow firemen.
Mrs. Bowles Mrs. Bowles, who becomes infuriated and denounces Montag as "nasty," is one of the assembled friends Mildred is entertaining when Montag reads poetry aloud to them.
Fred Clement Before he lost his position, Clement held the Thomas Hardy chair at Cambridge; he's one of the people who has memorized books.
Reverend Padover Reverend Padover is a former minister who lost his position because of his views and is now a member of the rebel group of book lovers.
Mrs. Phelps Mrs. Phelps is one of the group of friends Mildred is hosting when Montag reads aloud poetry, which causes her to sob.
Dr. Simmons Dr. Simmons used to teach philosophy; now he is one of the book lovers and has memorized the works of Marcus Aurelius.
Granger's grandfather Granger's grandfather is an artist and a deep influence on his grandson, to whom he passed along his life principles: see the world with wonder and curiosity; express individuality; and respect all of nature, including human nature.
Clarisse's uncle Clarisse's uncle, a nonconformist who questions society and encourages free thinking, is arrested twice by authorities, once for being a pedestrian and a second time for driving too slowly.
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