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Fahrenheit 451 | Study Guide

Ray Bradbury

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Part 3 | Montag Visits Faber

Course Hero’s video study guide provides in-depth summary and analysis of Part 3 | Burning Bright (Montag Visits Faber) of Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451.

Fahrenheit 451 | Part 3 (Montag Visits Faber) : Burning Bright | Summary



Trying to carry out his idea for bringing the firemen down by making it look as if they are hoarding books, Montag plants his rescued books at the home of a former colleague, a fireman named Black. After calling in a fire alarm he goes to Faber's house, where Faber reassures Montag that he did what he had to do and helps him plan his next actions. Faber tells him that near the railroad tracks are "hobo camps," gatherings of men who are book lovers. Montag is to find these men and meet Faber at a future date.

When Faber and Montag get a televised update on the search for Montag, they realize Montag has put Faber in danger by visiting him. A new Mechanical Hound is looking for Montag, and since it tracks by scent Faber and Montag try to eliminate all traces of Montag's smell from the house. Montag has Faber pack a suitcase with Faber's clothes so Montag can leave a fake scent trail.


Faber's words "I feel alive for the first time in years" show how the effect of Montag's transformation is starting to spread. When the two men turn on the television and hear updates on the search for Montag, readers learn about the second Mechanical Hound. The description makes the Hound sound like a mythological monster, something impossible to defeat. When Montag takes the suitcase with him, it is to fool the Hound, but it also symbolizes how close the two men have become. Montag may be running for his life, but he's carrying Faber with him.

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