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Fahrenheit 451 | Study Guide

Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 | Part Summaries

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Timeline of Events

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Part Summary
Part 1 (Montag's Encounter with Clarisse) Fahrenheit 451 includes an epigraph by Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez: "If they give you ruled paper, write the other w... Read More
Part 1 (Mildred Overdoses) As Montag goes home alone, he thinks about Clarisse's final question about whether he's happy. Although he concludes tha... Read More
Part 1 (Montag Talks to Mildred and Clarisse) When Montag wakes the next morning, Mildred is already up. She doesn't remember anything from the night before and so do... Read More
Part 1 (Montag at the Firehouse) Montag goes to work. He greets the Mechanical Hound, a sleeping killer android that resembles a dog. When Montag touches... Read More
Part 1 (Burning the Old Woman's House) A week passes, then another, and then Clarisse mysteriously disappears. Montag is at work, playing cards. In the regimen... Read More
Part 1 (Montag Gets Sick and Reads a Book) At home Montag hides the book he stole. He watches Mildred sleep and feels as though he doesn't know his wife at all. La... Read More
Part 2 (Montag and Mildred Read and Talk) As Part 2 begins, Montag and his wife read through the afternoon. Mildred prefers her TV screens, but Montag keeps wrest... Read More
Part 2 (Montag Talks with Faber) When Montag arrives at Faber's house, Faber hesitates before letting him in because he knows Montag is a fireman. After ... Read More
Part 2 (Montag Reads Poetry to Mildred/Friends) Montag is home eating dinner when Mildred's friends Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Phelps arrive. The women are watching televisio... Read More
Part 2 (Beatty Taunts Montag) Montag leaves his house and makes his way to the firehouse. As he does, Faber talks to him, reassuring him it is okay to... Read More
Part 3 (Montag Burns His House) Part 3 takes its name from a poem by Romantic poet William Blake, "The Tyger." The first lines are "Tyger, tyger, burnin... Read More
Part 3 (Montag Goes on the Run) After rescuing some books from his yard, Montag runs away, although his leg is in pain. As he flees he realizes Beatty w... Read More
Part 3 (Montag Visits Faber) Trying to carry out his idea for bringing the firemen down by making it look as if they are hoarding books, Montag plant... Read More
Part 3 (Montag Joins the Outcasts) Montag runs again. The Mechanical Hound almost catches him and hesitates near Faber's house before going off in another ... Read More
Part 3 (Civilization Is Bombed) The group accepts Montag, and he joins them. Montag and Granger talk about what they have lost. Montag tells him that he... Read More
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