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Hans Christian Andersen

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Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (Selected) | Story Summaries


Story Summaries Chart

Story Summary
The Tinder Box This story begins on the open road, as a soldier is returning home from the wars. Next to an old tree by the side of the... Read More
Little Claus and Big Claus Little Claus is so poor he and his one horse must work for Big Claus six days a week just so Big Claus will let him have... Read More
The Princess and the Pea The prince is determined to marry only a genuine princess: nothing less will do. When he returns home from his search wi... Read More
Little Ida's Flowers When Little Ida asks the visiting student why her flowers look ill, he informs her they are all tired from dancing throu... Read More
Thumbelina A delightful little girl named Thumbelina, who is no bigger than a thumb, is stolen by an ugly old toad to become her so... Read More
The Traveling Companion Poor John has a dream of fortune, but when he wakes, he realizes he must make his own way in the world without any resou... Read More
The Little Mermaid The youngest of six mermaid princesses, the little mermaid is not only the most beautiful, but the most introspective an... Read More
The Emperor's New Clothes A powerful emperor obsessed with new clothes provides an opportunity for two clever swindlers to spread rumors around th... Read More
The Galoshes of Fortune As the story opens, two maids are waiting in a cloakroom during a party, but these are not ordinary maids. One is Dame... Read More
The Steadfast Tin Soldier A box filled with 25 tin soldiers is given to a little boy, but for lack of enough tin, the last soldier must stand on o... Read More
The Wild Swans Elisa and her 11 brothers are happy until the arrival of the wicked queen as their stepmother. She soon begins to mistre... Read More
Ole Lukoie Ole Lukoie is the kindly dream-being who brings a week of dreams to the little boy Hajmar. On Monday Ole Lukoie "puts th... Read More
The Swineherd A poor but resourceful prince is determined to marry a neighboring princess. The best gifts he can think of to give her ... Read More
The Nightingale Word reaches the emperor of China that although travelers to his realm praise the many wonders they find there, the most... Read More
The Ugly Duckling The patient mother duck has hatched all her duckling eggs except one larger than the others. When the old duck comes to ... Read More
The Sweethearts A toy top has fallen in love with a red Moroccan leather ball, even though the ball is quite vain over the elegant mater... Read More
The Fir Tree Just like an impatient child, the little fir tree in the woods is anxious to quickly grow up to become an impressive, ta... Read More
The Snow Queen A particularly horrible hobgoblin creates a large mirror that reflects everything that is good and beautiful as distor... Read More
The Red Shoes Karen goes barefoot in the summer and wears heavy wooden clogs without stockings that hurt her feet in the winter, but t... Read More
The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep A mahogany-carved faun on a parlor chest is called General Headquarters-Hindquarters-Gives-Orders-Front-and-Rear-Sergean... Read More
The Little Match Girl One cold and snowy New Year's Eve, a poor little match girl wanders the streets of the city without her shoes, carrying ... Read More
The Shadow A young and clever scholar from the northern countries travels to the South, where both he and his shadow decline in the... Read More
The Old House When his parents tell their boy the old man living across the street from them is very lonely, he takes one of his tin s... Read More
The Child in the Grave A mother has lost her youngest child, a little boy. Despite the inevitability of his death and all attempts by her famil... Read More
The Snow Man The snow man is determined to stick around as long as possible, despite the fact he has no idea he isn't the most import... Read More
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