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Walter Dean Myers

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Fallen Angels | Characters

Character Description
Perry Private Richie Perry is an African American soldier from Harlem, in New York City. He has an injured knee that should prevent him from serving in the infantry, but his medical profile is delayed, and he serves months on the front lines. Read More
Peewee Peewee is an African American soldier from Chicago who meets Perry on their flight to Vietnam and is assigned to the same squad. He is a jokester who uses his cleverness to confront soldiers who are larger and stronger than him. Read More
Monaco Monaco is an Italian American soldier in the same squad as Perry. He prefers to take the lead on the squad's patrols. Read More
Johnson Johnson is a large African American soldier who carries the biggest machine gun for the squad: the M-60. He comes to be viewed by the rest of the squad as the de facto leader, even though Brunner and others outrank him. Read More
Lieutenant Carroll Lieutenant Carroll is the trusted, caring leader of the platoon that includes Perry's squad. Lieutenant Carroll dies after the squad ambushes Viet Cong soldiers near a village they had visited on a pacification mission. Read More
Sergeant Simpson Sergeant Simpson is the leader of Perry's squad. He is a gruff, efficient leader and trusted by the men. Read More
Lieutenant Gearhart Lieutenant Gearhart is Lieutenant Carroll's replacement. He is trained in long-range surveillance, but he is placed with Perry's platoon when the army experiences a shortage of officers. Read More
Brunner Brunner is a white soldier who starts out as a corporal and is promoted to sergeant. He makes racist comments to Johnson and fails to earn the trust of the rest of the squad.
Walowick Walowick is a white soldier who gets along well with the rest of the squad.
Lobel Lobel is a Jewish soldier who likes to compare the war to a movie. He starts out as a corporal and is promoted to sergeant at the same time as Brunner.
Brew Brewster is a white soldier in Perry's squad who aspires to go to theology school when he leaves the army. He is killed during the firefight where Perry is first injured.
Captain Stewart Captain Stewart is in charge of Alpha Company. He is disliked by the majority of the soldiers in Perry's platoon, who feel that he sends them on dangerous missions in an effort to improve his chances at a promotion.
Sergeant Dongan Sergeant Dongan is the replacement for Sergeant Simpson. Sergeant Dongan is regarded as a racist by the majority of Perry's squad.
Jenkins Jenkins is a soldier who arrives in Vietnam with Perry and Peewee and is assigned to join them in Alpha Company. He is killed by a mine as the squad returns from their first patrol.
Mama Mama is Perry's mother, who lives in Harlem and raises Kenny. She drinks frequently and has a complicated relationship with Perry.
Kenny Kenny is Perry's younger brother who still lives in Harlem. Perry sends him money and birthday gifts, trying to make Kenny's childhood a little easier than his own.
Judy Duncan Judy Duncan is the nurse who Perry meets on the plane to Vietnam and in whom Perry is romantically interested.
An Linh An Linh is a young Vietnamese girl in a village that the soldiers visit on a pacification mission.
Jamal Jamal is the medic stationed with Alpha Company. He is sometimes assigned to join Perry's squad on patrols and missions.
Nate Turner Nate Turner is an African American soldier who joins Perry's squad after Lieutenant Carroll dies. Turner dies on his first mission.
Darren Lewis Darren Lewis is an African American soldier on Perry's squad. He is assigned to the squad at the same time as Nate Turner.
Lieutenant Doyle Lieutenant Doyle is an officer with Charlie Company to whose command Perry is lent for one patrol. Lieutenant Doyle assigns Perry to feed ammunition to the machine gunner Scotty.
Scotty Scotty is a machine gunner with Charlie Company. Perry is assigned to feed Scotty ammunition when Lieutenant Carroll loans him to Charlie Company for one patrol.
An unnamed captain The unnamed captain is Perry's commanding officer while he is stationed in Germany. He sends Perry on to Vietnam because the medical profile has not yet been processed.
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