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Walter Dean Myers

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Fallen Angels | Chapter Summaries


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Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 On September 15, 1967, Private Richie Perry of the U.S. Army is aboard an army plane bound for Vietnam, where his unit h... Read More
Chapter 2 In Tan Son Nhut, Perry and Peewee wait nine days for their next orders. They play chess, chat with other soldiers who ha... Read More
Chapter 3 Perry, Peewee, and another soldier named Jenkins are assigned to travel to Chu Lai by plane. Upon arrival, they are load... Read More
Chapter 4 Lieutenant Carroll leads the squad in a prayer after the death of Jenkins, telling Perry that he picked up the term "ang... Read More
Chapter 5 Perry and the other members of his squad pass time in the barracks awaiting their next mission for two days while hearin... Read More
Chapter 6 Perry and Lobel take an evening of guard duty, watching the outer perimeter of the camp. They discuss reality and movies... Read More
Chapter 7 Perry meets Jamal, the medic, who delivers malaria pills to their "hooch," or barracks. Jamal tells Perry that the repor... Read More
Chapter 8 Perry is on loan to the fourth platoon of Charlie Company for a patrol, and Lieutenant Doyle assigns him to be an ammuni... Read More
Chapter 9 Perry's platoon is tasked to go to a nearby village on a "pacification mission"—a visit to pass out food and persuade th... Read More
Chapter 10 Perry's squad and a few other squads from the platoon return to the "pacified" village to lay an ambush for the Viet Con... Read More
Chapter 11 While the squad struggles to put Lieutenant Carroll's death behind them, Sergeant Simpson asks Perry to write a letter i... Read More
Chapter 12 The squad gets the mail, including a college catalog for Walowick—which leads a discussion of his future back in the "wo... Read More
Chapter 13 Just before Christmas 1967, the squad believes that the war will be over before the holiday. Walowick is sent away to ge... Read More
Chapter 14 Back at the camp, the squad tries not to think about what happened in the attempted ambush. Monaco receives a letter fro... Read More
Chapter 15 The new base at Tam Ky is even more remote than the one at Chu Lai, and the territory is more dangerous. The squad is se... Read More
Chapter 16 The squad is on the helicopter, with Perry and Brew on the floor receiving medical attention. Perry is aware of them doi... Read More
Chapter 17 Perry rejoins his squad at Tam Ky, where he finds that Johnson cannot accept Brew's death, and Sergeant Simpson has retu... Read More
Chapter 18 A Viet Cong sniper hits a man in the camp, but the soldiers manage to kill the sniper. Alpha Company is scheduled to coo... Read More
Chapter 19 In the village, after the firefight, there are too many dead Americans to be taken out on the helicopters. Lieutenant Ge... Read More
Chapter 20 With the landing zone cleared of North Vietnamese soldiers, Perry's squad finds themselves surrounded by ARVN soldiers t... Read More
Chapter 21 The U.S. soldiers hear rumors that the North Vietnamese are on the retreat, beaten back on all fronts. The squad is sent... Read More
Chapter 22 Perry and Peewee lie together on the top of the ridge, waiting to decide their next move. They hear Vietnamese voices co... Read More
Chapter 23 Perry wakes up in the hospital, where Peewee has already been rushed into surgery. Monaco is there, talking to Perry unt... Read More
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