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Fathers and Sons | Characters

Character Description
Bazarov Yevgeny Vassilievitch Bazarov is the young nihilist whose beliefs are challenged when he unexpectedly falls in love. Read More
Arkady The son of landowning, but not particularly rich, gentry, Arkady Nikolayevitch Kirsanov returns from university under the influence of his nihilistic friend Bazarov. As Arkady's emotional needs strain his friendship with Bazarov, Arkady returns to his real love of nature and art. Read More
Madame Odintsov An elegant, sophisticated, charming, and wealthy 29-year-old widow, Madame Anna Sergyevna Odintsov attracts the romantic attention of Bazarov but is uninterested in returning his affection and thus breaks his heart. Read More
Pavel Pavel Petrovitch Kirsanov is a traditional, conservative gentleman and Arkady's uncle. Pavel Petrovitch Kirsanov represents the gentry who cling to traditional cultural expectations and are reluctant to accept changes from the feudal system still prevalent in Russia. He and Bazarov become ideological antagonists. Read More
Father Alexei Father Alexei is the priest in Bazarov's village.
Anfisushka Anfisushka is the one-eyed servant at Vassily and Arina's house.
Arina Vlassevna Bazarov Arina is Bazarov's mother. Superstitious and loving, she is heartbroken by Bazarov's absences and lives in fear of pushing him farther away.
Vassily Ivanovitch Bazarov Bazarov's devoted father, Vassily Ivanovitch Bazarov, an army surgeon, remains devoted to his son despite years of estrangement and disrespect.
Dunyasha Dunyasha is a young servant at Maryino with whom Bazarov flirts.
Fenitchka The daughter of Nikolai's late housemaid, Fenitchka took over her mother's role but soon became Nikolai's lover, mother of his child, and at the end of the novel, his wife.
Matvy Ilyich Kolyazin Uncle Matvy is the charming, wealthy, and well-connected relative whom Arkady and Bazarov visit when they grow bored at Maryino. He invites them to the governor's ball given in his honor, where they meet Madame Odintsov.
Madame Avdotya Nikitishna Kukshin Madame Kukshin is a grasping pseudo-intellectual social climber who Sitnikov believes represents intelligent feminism. Bazarov, however, finds her unbearably contrived and out of place in higher circles.
Katya Sergyevna Lokteva Katya (Katerina) is Madame Odintsov's younger and more sincere sister who has deeper emotions. Katya and Arkady form a close friendship and eventually marry.
Masha Arkady's deceased mother, Masha is Nikolai's first wife, about whom he often daydreams.
Mitya Mitya is the infant son of Nikolai and Fenitchka, Arkady's half brother.
Nikolai Arkady's devoted, loving father, Nikolai Petrovitch Kirsanov loves nature, music, and poetry. Well-meaning but ineffectual at managing his lands, he initially thinks he has lost his son forever to Bazarov's nihilistic influence.
Porfiry Platonovitch Porfiry Platonovitch is Madame Odintsov's neighbor who regularly comes over to play cards.
Piotr Nikolai's servant, Piotr represents the new generation of servants who show more independence and less reliance on customs than in former times.
Princess R— Princess R— is the married woman who broke Pavel's heart years ago.
Princess X— Princess X— is Madame Odintsov's elderly and surly aunt who came to live on the estate after Madame Odintsov's parents died.
Prokofitch Prokofitch is Pavel's servant who, like his master, adheres to feudal social customs and class expectations.
Viktor Sitnikov A superficial follower of Bazarov's preaching, Sitnikov is a rich businessman's son looking to advance socially by ingratiating himself with those he believes have high connections. Bazarov considers him a "dolt" as do others.
Timofeich Vassily Bazarov's servant, Timofeich fetches Bazarov from Madame Odintsov's house.
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