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Fathers and Sons | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • May 20, 1859

    Arkady and Bazarov arrive at Maryino from university.

    Chapter 2
  • The next day

    Arkady welcomes Fenitchka and Mitya into his family.

    Chapter 5
  • Two weeks later

    Arkady and Bazarov meet Madame Odintsov at the governor's ball.

    Chapter 14
  • Three days later

    The young men visit Madame Odintsov's estate.

    Chapter 16
  • Two weeks later

    Bazarov professes his love for Madame Odintsov.

    Chapter 18
  • The next day

    Bazarov and Arkady retreat to Bazarov's parents' house.

    Chapter 20
  • Three days later

    The young men return to Maryino via Nikolskoe.

    Chapter 22
  • 10 days later

    Arkady rides back to Nikolskoe to be with Katya.

    Chapter 22
  • Shortly after

    Pavel sees Bazarov kiss Fenitchka.

    Chapter 23
  • That evening

    Bazarov accepts Pavel's challenge to a duel.

    Chapter 24
  • The next morning

    Bazarov injures Pavel in the duel.

    Chapter 24
  • Shortly after

    Bazarov returns home and contracts typhus.

    Chapter 27
  • A few days later

    At the dying Bazarov's request, Odintsov visits him.

    Chapter 27
  • Six months later

    Arkady and Katya are married as are Nikolai and Fenitchka.

    Chapter 28
  • Six months later

    Pavel moves to Moscow.

    Chapter 28

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Landowner Nikolai Petrovitch Kirsanov, "wearing a dusty overcoat and checked trousers," waits eagerly at the gate for hi... Read More
Chapter 2 Somewhat less excited to see his father, Arkady jokes he must shake the dust off his coat before hugging his eager fathe... Read More
Chapter 3 Driving toward Maryino Nikolai and Arkady catch up on family news, with Arkady eager to "turn the conversation from the ... Read More
Chapter 4 The carriages arrive at Maryino where Nikolai's elegantly fashionable brother, Pavel Petrovitch Kirsanov, greets Arkady ... Read More
Chapter 5 Bazarov wakes early in the morning, walks around the estate, unimpressed, and sets out with some servant boys in search ... Read More
Chapter 6 Bazarov returns from hunting frogs and almost immediately engages in an argumentative conversation about science. Bazaro... Read More
Chapter 7 Educated at home like his brother, as a young man Pavel rose in society as a handsome, self-confident, and intelligent m... Read More
Chapter 8 In his room Pavel considers the money he has given Nikolai over the years to keep the farm afloat. He wishes his brother... Read More
Chapter 9 Bazarov walks through the garden commenting on the trees Arkady's father has planted. He nudges Arkady and comments on N... Read More
Chapter 10 Two weeks pass as everyone in the house adjusts to Bazarov's and Arkady's presence. Arkady does nothing much, but Bazaro... Read More
Chapter 11 Lamenting the clear distance between him and his son, Nikolai recalls his vain attempts to stay current on philosophical... Read More
Chapter 12 The narrator gives some background about Matvy Ilyich Kolyazin, a vain man successful in business and with political asp... Read More
Chapter 13 The three men arrive unannounced at Madame Kukshin's house. With "rather disheveled" hair and a "not perfectly tidy" sil... Read More
Chapter 14 At the governor's ball a few days later Uncle Matvy displays all his social charm, and everyone clamors to talk and danc... Read More
Chapter 15 Having been invited Arkady and Bazarov go to Madame Odintsov's hotel for a visit. Immediately Arkady notices Bazarov see... Read More
Chapter 16 At Nikolskoe, an impressive home, Madame Odintsov tries to convince the young men to pay her a long visit, citing her si... Read More
Chapter 17 Two weeks pass, and the group falls into a daily routine. Arkady admits to himself he's in love with Madame Odintsov, al... Read More
Chapter 18 The next morning Bazarov and Madame Odintsov barely look at each other over breakfast. Madame Odintsov retires to her ro... Read More
Chapter 19 Dinner that evening progresses awkwardly as Bazarov never lifts his eyes from the floor. After the meal he apologizes to... Read More
Chapter 20 The two friends arrive at Bazarov's parents house where Bazarov's father, Vassily Ivanovitch Bazarov, warmly embraces hi... Read More
Chapter 21 The next morning Vassily privately corners Arkady to question what he truly thinks of Bazarov. Arkady's response the hig... Read More
Chapter 22 Arkady and Bazarov's carriage reaches a fork in the road. The left leads to Nikolskoe, the right to Maryino. Arkady murm... Read More
Chapter 23 With Arkady gone Bazarov sinks into solitude with his experiments. He rarely interacts with anyone and doesn't even enga... Read More
Chapter 24 Two hours later Pavel knocks at Bazarov's door to apologize for interrupting his "scientific pursuits." He asks Bazarov ... Read More
Chapter 25 Arkady and Katya sit in the garden at Nikolskoe feeding swallows. Once again Arkady talks about the foliage, but unlike ... Read More
Chapter 26 The next day Arkady and Katya sit in the garden. Arkady tries to confess his love to her, but he stammers awkwardly thro... Read More
Chapter 27 Bazarov returns home to his parents' delight, deciding to stay for six weeks to do research, if his parents agree not to... Read More
Chapter 28 Six months have passed. Newlyweds Arkady and Katya, and Nikolai and Fenitchka, join for a congenial dinner to bid farewe... Read More
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