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Hunter S. Thompson

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas | Characters

Character Description
Raoul Duke Raoul Duke is a journalist assigned to cover the Mint 400 and the National District Attorney's Conference in Las Vegas. He takes these assignments as an opportunity to engage in an all-expenses paid drug-fueled search for the American dream. Read More
Dr. Gonzo Dr. Gonzo is Raoul Duke's friend and attorney who accompanies him on his trip to Las Vegas under the pretense of offering legal advice, but he is along for the drugs and the adventure. Read More
Alice Alice is a housekeeper at the Flamingo hotel who discovers Dr. Gonzo during a drug binge. He turns on her, and Duke must convince her they are undercover drug agents to prevent her from reporting them to the real authorities.
Dr. E.R. Bloomquist Dr. E.R. Bloomquist is the keynote speaker at the District Attorneys' Drug Conference, presented as an expert on drugs who, according to Duke, knows little of the realities of drug use.
California Highway Patrol Officer An officer from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) pulls Duke over for speeding near Baker, and cuts Duke a break despite the beer in his lap at the time.
Clerk at the Flamingo Duke sees the desk clerk at the Flamingo hotel enjoying the authority he has over the district attorneys and police officers attending the drug conference in Las Vegas.
Clerk at the Mint As Duke attempts to escape his hotel bill at the Mint, a clerk approaches him with a telegram from Dr. Gonzo and many uncomfortable questions about Dr. Gonzo's whereabouts.
District Attorney from Georgia Duke and Dr. Gonzo meet a DA from Georgia who fears the spread of drug menace into his jurisdiction, especially after Duke and Dr. Gonzo fill his head with numerous (fictional) horror stories from California.
Dr. _____ Dr. _____, whose name is withheld for legal reasons, is an acid guru neighbor of Duke's who refuses to interrupt his transcendental serenity to speak with Duke.
Mr. Heem Mr. Heem is the manager of the Mint hotel who wants to meet Dr. Gonzo and may find his and Duke's activities suspicious.
Hitchhiker In the desert Duke and Dr. Gonzo pick up a young hitchhiker who becomes terrified of their drug-addled state and eventually makes a run for civilization.
Bruce Innes Bruce Innes is a friend of Duke's who tries to help him purchase an ape at Circus-Circus casino.
Lacerda Lacerda is the sports photographer assigned to help Duke cover the Mint 400 for the New York sports magazine.
Life reporter Duke meets a reporter from Life magazine at the Mint 400 as the reporter tries to rebuff an aggressive woman trying to pick him up.
Lou Lou cooks at a taco stand outside Las Vegas and tries to give Duke and Dr. Gonzo directions to find the American dream.
Lucy Lucy is a teenage runaway Dr. Gonzo meets on the plane from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. He gives her LSD and has sex with her, prompting him and Duke to hatch a scheme to get her away from them without her pressing charges.
Savage Henry Savage Henry is a "scag baron," also known as a heroin dealer, Duke and Dr. Gonzo reference to threaten other people with their connections; whether Savage Henry is a real person, either within the novel or in Thompson's real-life experience, is not documented.
Waitress at North Star Coffee Lounge She is a waitress at the North Star Coffee Lounge whom Dr. Gonzo terrifies when he slips her a note alluding to anal sex.
Waitress at the taco stand A waitress at a Boulder City taco stand who also attempts to tell Duke and Dr. Gonzo where they can find the American dream.
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