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August Wilson

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Fences | Scene Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Friday night, 1957

    Bono accuses Troy of having an affair with Alberta.

    Act 1, Scene 1
  • The next morning

    Troy and Rose argue about their son, Cory. Gabriel visits.

    Act 1, Scene 2
  • Later that day

    Cory tells Troy he quit his job and will not resume it until after football season. Troy is furious.

    Act 1, Scene 3
  • Friday, two weeks later

    Troy talks about his father. Cory is mad at Troy for getting him removed from the football team.

    Act 1, Scene 4
  • The next morning

    Troy and Rose fight about his pregnant mistress. Troy grabs Rose, and Cory hits him.

    Act 2, Scene 1
  • Six months later

    Alberta dies in childbirth. Troy has Gabriel committed to an institution.

    Act 2, Scene 2
  • Three days later

    Troy brings home the baby, Raynell; Rose agrees to raise her but tells Troy he is a "womanless man."

    Act 2, Scene 3
  • The next day

    Troy picks a fight with Cory and throws him out of the house.

    Act 2, Scene 4
  • Seven years later

    Cory returns; Rose convinces him to go to Troy's funeral. Gabriel opens the gates of heaven to Troy.

    Act 2, Scene 5

Scene Summaries Chart

Scene Summary
Act 1, Scene 1 The play opens on a Friday evening as Troy, a powerfully built 53-year-old black man, and Jim Bono, his longtime friend,... Read More
Act 1, Scene 2 The next morning while hanging laundry, Rose sings a song about Jesus building a fence around her for protection. Troy c... Read More
Act 1, Scene 3 A few hours later Cory returns home, and Rose warns him Troy is angry because he expected Cory to help build the fence. ... Read More
Act 1, Scene 4 On a Friday night two weeks later, Cory sneaks off to play football, with Rose's complicity. Troy and Bono come from wor... Read More
Act 2, Scene 1 The next morning Cory tells Rose he is not quitting the team no matter what Troy says. As Cory goes into the house, Troy... Read More
Act 2, Scene 2 Scene 2 takes place six months later with Rose and Troy on the porch. Rose complains that although Troy comes home each ... Read More
Act 2, Scene 3 Three days later Troy brings Raynell to the house. After talking to the baby, Troy addresses Rose and says he cannot den... Read More
Act 2, Scene 4 Two months later Lyons stops by hurridly to pay back his father the 20 dollars he owes him. While there, Lyons talks to ... Read More
Act 2, Scene 5 Seven years have passed, and it is the day of Troy's funeral. Raynell is in the front yard looking after her little gard... Read More
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