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Fight Club | Chapter 10 | Summary



Tyler and the narrator wait tables at a banquet thrown by a woman the narrator refers to as "Madam." Tyler urinates in the soup before serving it; he tells the narrator to turn away, saying, "Don't look at me, or I can't go." The narrator says he and Tyler are '"the guerilla terrorists of the service industry" and "dinner party saboteurs." Although Tyler has been doing these things "for years," the narrator calls this Tyler's "first mission as a service industry terrorist."

Tyler leaves a note in Madam's perfume bottles, saying he has urinated into one of the many bottles of perfumes. He tells the other waiters he didn't really urinate in the perfume; he just left the note to irritate her. Madam is so upset she faints in the bathroom, "behind the toilet." Albert, another waiter, helps her and calls an ambulance.

Tyler talks to the other waiters about the justness of the act. Whales are killed to make Madam's expensive perfumes. He points out the prep cook Leslie lives in poor conditions while Madam's perfumes cost more than all of them make in a year.

The narrator asks a doctor where he could get his "hands on some of these hepatitis bugs." He asks because he's thinking of other acts of sabotage. The doctor is drunk; he laughs and says, "everything ends up in the medical waste dump."


This chapter is first to show the narrator on the job Tyler said would "stoke" his "class hatred." The narrator and Tyler describe their actions variously as "sabotage" and "terrorism." In terrorism the targets are usually civilian; rather than attack an army head on, terrorists strike at ordinary people, seeking to demoralize and frighten them. Sabotage is often a tactic of labor struggles; by working slowly or breaking tools and machinery, workers can hurt their employers economically. Sabotage can also be used in war; resistance fighters in World War II blew up bridges and factories.

The urine in the soup seems to have no immediate payoff as an act of sabotage or terrorism. No one knows about it except Tyler and the narrator. The note in the perfume bottles does unleash terror, at least for Madam. As with the pranks in the movie theater, the reaction of the victim is important. However, there seems to be no clear strategy for Tyler's tactics. He does try to recruit his fellow workers, but he issues no demands for better working conditions. He and the narrator don't convince anyone to join them; they remain an isolated army of two at this point.

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