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Fight Club | Characters

Character Description
The narrator An isolated insomniac, the narrator can't connect to others except in group rituals: the illness support groups and fight club. Deep down he has a moral compass. Read More
Tyler Brash, charismatic, and courageous, Tyler Durden is committed to his vision of a better world. He has no qualms about killing to achieve that vision. Read More
Marla Marla Singer is scornful and amoral; she steals from the poor and the aged without batting an eye. Read More
Albert Albert is a waiter who works with Tyler at Madam's dinner party; he helps Madam when Tyler upsets her with his pranks.
Bob Robert "Bob" Paulsen, also known as Big Bob, is a kindhearted man. A former bodybuilder who now has cancer, Bob has enlarged breasts from overusing testosterone.
Chloe The narrator meets Chloe in the brain parasites support group. Skeletally thin and very ill, she wants to have sex again before she dies, but she doesn't find a partner.
The detective The detective investigates the explosion in the narrator's condominium. He never discovers the identity of the bomber.
The doctor The doctor advises the narrator to attend support groups for people with serious illnesses so he can get some perspective on his own minor ailments.
Raymond K. Hessel Raymond gave up on his youthful ambition to be a veterinarian and settled for a job in a convenience store.
The host The host is Madam's husband; together they host the dinner party at which Tyler, serving as a waiter, wreaks havoc.
Jerry Jerry is a waiter at Madam's dinner party.
Len Len is a waiter at Madam's dinner party.
Leslie Leslie is a prep cook at Madam's dinner party.
Madam Madam is the hostess of a dinner party at which Tyler serves as a waiter and wreaks havoc.
Patrick Madden Patrick Madden is a special envoy to the mayor in the unnamed city where the narrator lives. He is investigating fight club when Tyler murders him at a banquet.
Marla's mother Marla's mother saves fat from her liposuction procedures and sends it to Marla; the narrator and Tyler use the fat to make soap.
The mechanic The mechanic is a fiercely committed member of Project Mayhem.
Mister angel face Beautiful and eager to belong to Project Mayhem, mister angel face is savagely beaten by the narrator at fight club.
Mister chapter president Mister chapter president is Tyler's boss in the projectionists' union; he tries to fire Tyler but lacks the nerve to follow through.
The narrator's boss The narrator's boss is disgusted by the narrator's appearance and conduct, and he's scornful of fight club's rules. Tyler murders him.
Space monkeys The space monkeys are Tyler's unthinkingly obedient followers.
Walter Walter has "perfect teeth and clear skin"; he works for Microsoft. The narrator suspects Walter inwardly longs for something like fight club.
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