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Fight Club | Chapter Summaries

See Chapter Summaries Chart

Timeline of Events

  • Encounter with Marla

    Marla shows up at Remaining Men Together.

    Chapter 2
  • Meeting Tyler

    The narrator meets Tyler at a nude beach.

    Chapter 3
  • Confrontation with Marla

    The narrator confronts Marla at a meeting.

    Chapter 4
  • Explosion

    The narrator's condominium blows up.

    Chapter 5
  • First fight

    Tyler and the narrator have a fistfight.

    Chapter 5
  • Moving

    The narrator and Tyler become roommates.

    Chapter 5
  • Fight club starts

    Tyler and the narrator invent fight club.

    Chapter 6
  • Suicide attempt

    Tyler prevents Marla from killing herself.

    Chapter 7
  • Chemical burn

    Tyler burns the narrator's hand.

    Chapter 9
  • Making soap

    Tyler and the narrator use fat to create soap.

    Chapter 11
  • Support group ends

    Remaining Men Together disbands.

    Chapter 12
  • Blackmail scam

    Tyler and the narrator extort their bosses.

    Chapter 15
  • Project Mayhem starts

    Tyler creates Project Mayhem.

    Chapter 1
  • Facing reality

    The narrator learns the truth about Tyler's identity.

    Chapter 22
  • Police shooting

    Officers kill Bob during a Project Mayhem task.

    Chapter 24
  • Boss dies

    Tyler kills the narrator's boss.

    Chapter 26
  • Madden dies

    Tyler kills Patrick Madden.

    Chapter 28
  • Gunfire

    The narrator shoots Tyler and himself.

    Chapter 29
  • Healing

    The narrator wakes up in the hospital.

    Chapter 30
  • Project Mayhem lives

    The narrator learns Project Mayhem continues.

    Chapter 30

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 The unnamed narrator and Tyler Durden have a showdown on the rooftop of an empty office building in an unnamed city in t... Read More
Chapter 2 The narrator goes to his weekly support group for men with testicular cancer, Remaining Men Together. He sobs in the arm... Read More
Chapter 3 The narrator reflects on airplane travel: boring and repetitive. The narrator travels for his job of "recall campaign co... Read More
Chapter 4 The narrator runs into Marla at his weekly brain parasites support group, just as he expected he would. He finds her pre... Read More
Chapter 5 Returning from a business trip, the narrator finds his suitcase was kept back at the Dulles airport. His suitcase vibrat... Read More
Chapter 6 The narrator shows up to work bloodied and bruised; his manager has to make a presentation to Microsoft in his place. Th... Read More
Chapter 7 One morning in the house he shares with Tyler, the narrator finds a used condom floating in the toilet. The narrator won... Read More
Chapter 8 The bite wound inside the narrator's cheek has broken through to the outside; he has a hole in his cheek that won't heal... Read More
Chapter 9 The narrator suffers the pain of the chemical burn; the lye is still on his hand. Tyler talks to him about facing death ... Read More
Chapter 10 Tyler and the narrator wait tables at a banquet thrown by a woman the narrator refers to as "Madam." Tyler urinates in t... Read More
Chapter 11 The narrator and Tyler sleep in a car in a used car lot; they are afraid to go home because Marla might take revenge. Th... Read More
Chapter 12 The narrator coordinates a recall campaign at work. His insomnia is back. His boss finds a copy of fight club's rules th... Read More
Chapter 13 Marla has a cancer scare. She notices a lump in her breast, and she calls the narrator to come check it out. To ease her... Read More
Chapter 14 The narrator says he loved the support groups because "if people thought you were dying, they gave you their full attent... Read More
Chapter 15 "Mister chapter president" of the projectionists' union fires Tyler. Tyler goads the chapter president into punching him... Read More
Chapter 16 The newspaper reports an act of vandalism: Five stories of an office tower's windows were painted to form a smiling face... Read More
Chapter 17 At the narrator's recall campaign job his boss again confronts him about a paper left in the copier. The paper is a list... Read More
Chapter 18 The narrator falls asleep at work on a Friday night. When he wakes he is unsure whether he is dreaming. He's in trouble ... Read More
Chapter 19 Later that same night the narrator, the mechanic, and three other fight club members go on a mission. They plan to steal... Read More
Chapter 20 The narrator holds a gun to the head of Raymond K. Hessel, a stranger, as he is leaving his workplace, a Korner Mart. Ty... Read More
Chapter 21 The narrator flies from city to city on business. Everywhere he goes he sees bruised men he can tell are in fight club. ... Read More
Chapter 22 Later that same night, the narrator's insomnia is back. Just as he falls asleep Tyler wakes him up. Tyler is in the narr... Read More
Chapter 23 Back home at Paper Street, the narrator is afraid to look in the refrigerator. He imagines it full of cut-off testicles,... Read More
Chapter 24 All the fight clubs across the country hold memorial services for Bob, the narrator's old friend from the testicular can... Read More
Chapter 25 Marla and the narrator put their plan for resisting Tyler into action. Marla offers the narrator pills to stay awake. Sh... Read More
Chapter 26 After a restless night staying awake with Marla, the narrator takes a bus to work. The police are there. He somehow know... Read More
Chapter 27 The narrator wakes up in his burned-out condo with his testicles intact. Tyler's army of goons must have left him there.... Read More
Chapter 28 The narrator also has a growing awareness of Tyler's knowledge: "All the things that Tyler knows are all coming back to ... Read More
Chapter 29 The narrator wakes up in his room on Paper Street. Tyler is there, but all the Project Mayhem people are gone, along wit... Read More
Chapter 30 The narrator says he and Tyler died, though he also keeps calling himself a "liar" and "faker." At first he seems to be ... Read More
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