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Edwin Abbott Abbott

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Flatland | Characters

Character Description
A Square A Square is a two-dimensional mathematician who travels to lands of one, three, and no dimensions. He is unable to explain his revelations to his countrymen and is imprisoned for heresy. Read More
Sphere Sphere is a three-dimensional being who shows A Square three-dimensional space and inspires his visions of Lineland and Pointland. Despite working to open A Square's mind to the possibility of three dimensions, he becomes angry when A Square suggests there might be a fourth dimension. Read More
A Square's brother A Square's brother is the chief clerk at the council hall where Sphere manifests. He is imprisoned so he may not tell anyone what he has seen.
A Square's grandson A Square's grandson is a bright hexagon who initially tries to talk to A Square about the possibility of numbers to a third power. However, once it becomes clear that such talk is illegal, he declares that it was all a joke and runs away.
A Square's wife A Square's wife, like all women in Flatland, is a straight line with a needle-sharp point on one end who is assumed to have little intellectual capacity.
Chromatistes Chromatistes is a Pentagon who invents the capacity to paint, leading to an artistic and social revolution in Flatland.
The King of Lineland The King of Lineland is a straight line who can only perceive other beings as single points. He cannot understand A Square's description of two dimensions and attacks when A Square refuses to concede he is wrong.
Pantocyclus Pantocyclus is the Chief Circle who puts down the color revolt and introduces the doctrine of configuration, which states that shape, not will, is the source of moral action.
The Point The Point is the sole inhabitant of Pointland and cannot conceive of other beings outside of itself. When A Square speaks to it, it assumes that it is hearing its own thoughts.
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