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For Whom the Bell Tolls | Study Guide

Ernest Hemingway

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For Whom the Bell Tolls | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Day 1, morning

    Golz orders Robert Jordan to blow up a bridge near Segovia, sending Anselmo to guide him.

    Chapter 1
  • Several hours later

    Anselmo brings Robert Jordan to find Pablo and meet Pilar, Maria, and guerrillas at Pablo's camp.

    Chapter 1
  • Early that evening

    Pablo won't agree to help blow the bridge; Pilar and the others make him agree to help.

    Chapter 2
  • That evening

    Robert Jordan and Anselmo scout the bridge and plan how to blow it up.

    Chapter 3
  • That night

    Maria comes to Robert Jordan to make love under his sleeping robe.

    Chapter 7
  • Day 2, morning

    Pilar takes Robert Jordan and Maria to meet El Sordo's band and discuss the bridge plan.

    Chapter 10
  • That afternoon

    Robert Jordan and Maria make love, and Maria tells Pilar the earth moved.

    Chapter 13
  • Later that evening

    Pablo changes his mind and decides he will help with the bridge plan.

    Chapter 17
  • That night

    Maria and Robert Jordan make love and decide they are husband and wife.

    Chapter 20
  • Day 3, morning

    Robert Jordan shoots a Fascist soldier.

    Chapter 21
  • Later that morning

    Fascist troops attack El Sordo's band in the hills.

    Chapter 25
  • Afternoon

    Fascist planes bomb El Sordo's band and kill them.

    Chapter 27
  • That evening

    Robert Jordan sends Andrés to get Golz to cancel the attack.

    Chapter 29
  • Day 4, before dawn

    Pablo, who had stolen and abandoned explosives, returns with five men.

    Chapter 38
  • Early morning

    Robert Jordan and Anselmo blow up the bridge, and Anselmo dies.

    Chapter 43
  • Later

    Gomez and Andrés meet Miranda.

    Chapter 40
  • Later

    Marty stops Gomez and Andrés from getting to Golz on time.

    Chapter 42
  • Later that morning

    Pablo returns with the horses, having shot their riders, his own party.

    Chapter 43
  • Later

    Pablo, Pilar, Maria, and the other survivors escape, but Robert Jordan breaks his leg.

    Chapter 43
  • Afternoon

    Robert Jordan stays behind, sending Maria to escape with Agustín and the others.

    Chapter 43

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 The first chapter of For Whom the Bell Tolls opens in the Pyrenees, near Segovia, Spain. Robert Jordan, an American teac... Read More
Chapter 2 Robert Jordan is introduced to Rafael, the gypsy who traps animals for their meat; Maria, the girl the guerrillas found ... Read More
Chapter 3 Robert Jordan and Anselmo go to check out the bridge, and Jordan makes sketches so that he knows exactly how to set up t... Read More
Chapter 4 Robert Jordan and Anselmo are at the camp, and it becomes clear to Jordan that Pablo has been talking about him with the... Read More
Chapter 5 Robert Jordan goes outside to get some air, and Rafael follows him. Rafael asks him quietly, "Why didst thou not kill Pa... Read More
Chapter 6 Chapter 6 opens inside the cave with Robert Jordan sitting next to the fire, talking to Pilar and Maria. Pilar wonders w... Read More
Chapter 7 This chapter is a love scene between Maria and Robert Jordan. Maria comes to his sleeping robe and is barefoot but dress... Read More
Chapter 8 It is the morning of the second day, and Robert Jordan sees Fascist planes flying overhead: first Fiats coming three at ... Read More
Chapter 9 Three more fighter planes fly over the treetops, close enough that everyone can see the pilots' faces. This is extremely... Read More
Chapter 10 Pilar, Robert Jordan, and Maria walk to El Sordo's camp, but Pilar needs to stop partway to soak her feet in a stream. J... Read More
Chapter 11 Pilar, Maria, and Robert Jordan visit El Sordo and his band. They first meet up with Joaquín, who teases Maria about the... Read More
Chapter 12 On the way back to their camp, Pilar apologizes to Maria for being rude, and when they rest, has Maria lay in her lap. S... Read More
Chapter 13 Maria and Robert Jordan walk in the heather together, hand in hand, and Jordan kisses her, holding her tight. They end u... Read More
Chapter 14 The snow is coming down, but the two men at their posts have returned. Robert Jordan wants to go find them, as he told b... Read More
Chapter 15 Fernando and Robert Jordan go to find Anselmo, who is still at his post. Anselmo sees motorcars going by and records the... Read More
Chapter 16 Maria takes care of Robert Jordan and Anselmo, and Pablo begins to insult Jordan, insisting that he wears skirts. Primit... Read More
Chapter 17 The entire band votes on whether to kill Pablo, and they all want to. Robert Jordan and Anselmo are exempt from the vote... Read More
Chapter 18 Robert Jordan plans the bridge attack while Pablo supposedly plans the escape, but is actually getting very drunk. Jorda... Read More
Chapter 19 The band asks questions about Kashkin, wondering if Robert Jordan believes that a man can know what will happen in advan... Read More
Chapter 20 Robert Jordan goes outside to go to bed, and makes a bed of pine boughs to put his sleeping robe on. He waits for Maria ... Read More
Chapter 21 Robert Jordan has to shoot a cavalryman first thing in the morning, and then hears a plane overhead. Rafael was supposed... Read More
Chapter 22 Robert Jordan has to reposition the machine gun and teach Agustín how to shoot it properly, where to aim, and how far aw... Read More
Chapter 23 Four horsemen ride past, following the tracks of Pablo's horse. They stop and look directly where the machine gun is hid... Read More
Chapter 24 Agustín talks with Jordan about Maria, telling him that Maria does not sleep with him lightly. She has had a rough life ... Read More
Chapter 25 Robert Jordan leaves Anselmo with Agustín and the gun and goes to Primitivo to explain why they can't help El Sordo. The... Read More
Chapter 26 Robert Jordan reads the letters that were in the pocket of the cavalryman he killed. The boy was from Talfalla, and Jord... Read More
Chapter 27 This chapter relates the battle against El Sordo on the hill where he and his men are hiding. The horses are dead or wou... Read More
Chapter 28 This chapter begins with Pilar's band eating lunch, but they aren't hungry knowing that El Sordo and his band are dead. ... Read More
Chapter 29 Robert Jordan sends Andrés to find General Golz and the Estado Mayor of the Division, which is a hideout the general has... Read More
Chapter 30 Robert Jordan thinks of his grandfather, and wishes that he were there to advise him. Jordan is ashamed of his father fo... Read More
Chapter 31 Maria is in the sleeping robe with Robert Jordan and they talk about living in Madrid together, and what their lives wil... Read More
Chapter 32 Karkov learns that the Fascists are fighting amongst themselves near Segovia and are attacking each other. La Pasionaria... Read More
Chapter 33 Pilar reports to Robert Jordan at two in the morning that Pablo has disappeared, there is a slit in each of the two sack... Read More
Chapter 34 This chapter reports the interior monologue of Andrés, who is crossing Fascist lines to get a message to General Golz. T... Read More
Chapter 35 Robert Jordan is awake, in bed with Maria, who is still sleeping and doesn't know what has happened yet. Jordan is think... Read More
Chapter 36 This chapter begins Andrés's adventures with trying to get anyone to believe he is to get a message to General Golz. His... Read More
Chapter 37 Robert Jordan ends up making love with Maria in the early hours of the morning, and he thinks about how he may not have ... Read More
Chapter 38 Pilar tells Robert Jordan that the palm reading she did was "gypsy nonsense" and doesn't want him to worry. Jordan lets ... Read More
Chapter 39 Pablo tells Robert Jordan the men he has brought with him are not so great but he has horses. Pilar asks him about the m... Read More
Chapter 40 Lieutenant Miranda meets with Andrés and gives him a paper that will allow him to see Golz, but not before Andrés is con... Read More
Chapter 41 Robert Jordan says goodbye to everyone as he goes to clear the sentry and wire the bridge with Anselmo and Agustín. Pabl... Read More
Chapter 42 Gomez and Andrés finally get to where Golz is, but they are stopped by André Marty, a French commissary, who decides to ... Read More
Chapter 43 At the beginning of this chapter, Anselmo and Robert Jordan both kill guards, and the bombs are falling from the Republi... Read More
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